Oct 9 2012

CBC RADIO: "As Mayors from across British Columbia give overwhelming approval to the push to decriminalize the province's most - inhalable - crop, some American states are thinking higher with ballot initiatives in the November elections to Legalize and Tax the marijuana industry. Is this more than a pipe dream? We hear what's behind the plan and what it might mean for Canada."
Oct 9 2012

"Lot of talk lately about the herb."
Oct 4 2012

Many of the USA's problems could be helped or solved by the legalization of marijuana and hemp, but a discussion of cannabis was no where to be found at last nights Presidential debate.
Sep 27 2012

The Vancouver Sun: "B.C. municipal leaders voted Wednesday for a resolution that calls for the decriminalization of marijuana, but they’re facing a major hurdle: convincing Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government to change the law."
Sep 23 2012

The Vancouver Sun/Canadian Press on former CC editor Dana Larsen: "One of British Columbia's leading marijuana advocates says he's going to raise an army of well-trained, disciplined volunteers for his effort to decriminalize possession and use of cannabis by adults."

Sep 18 2012

Sam Chapman of Oregonians for Law Reform: "Ending prohibition is an idea whose time has come, again. We will urge voters to rally behind Measure 80, not get bogged down in the typical pro and con rhetoric around the details of an initiative. We must show our support for this measure to help build momentum for victory, either in November or some time soon."

Sep 12 2012

"Ryan woke up on Friday as a congressman with a firmly anti-marijuana voting record. He abandoned that view during a trip to a swing state where the marijuana issue is hot, and then backtracked the very next day."
Jul 19 2012

AP: "A third former official in the Los Angeles suburb of Cudahy will plead guilty to accepting a $7,000 bribe for agreeing to support a medical marijuana dispensary in the small city, federal prosecutors said on Wednesday."
Jul 19 2012

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi: “It would be hard for anyone to agree with the fact that someone who has HIV/AIDS or has cancer and they find relief from pain in medicinal marijuana that should be something that should be a priority to raid on the part of the Justice Department. Going along with that, we need to address some of the penalties for any non-violent crime that are out there.”
Jul 19 2012

Jury nullifiers in marijuana cases "part of a proud tradition of American jurors who helped make our laws fairer."