New York State Just Granted Five Medical Marijuana Licenses

Medical marijuana is one step closer to being available in New York. The New York State Department of Health announced Friday afternoon the names of the five companies that will be permitted to sell medical marijuana in the state, the New York Times reports.


How a Young Man Changed My Mind on Cannabis

There are some things that stay with you no matter how much time passes. Almost a year ago, I met a young man named Dan Haslam, and the look in his eyes that day is something that will remain with me always.

By David Malmo-Levine on

Impairment of Memory: A Response to the City of Vancouver’s Proposed Medical Marijuana Regulations

CANNABIS CULTURE - If we settle for irrational rules now, we'll settle for irrational rules later. The City of Vancouver is relying on two out-dated, discredited reports to justify treating cannabis more like hard drugs such as pharma and alcohol, rather than the soft drug that it is. These reports – the City will have us believe – are enough justification to do the following: