Children with Epilepsy the First for Medical Cannabis

Approved growers would be able to cultivate medicinal cannabis and pharmacists to dispense marijuana products to treat ­people with chronic illness under landmark changes to Victorian law aimed at helping children and adults with otherwise untreatable conditions.


How Cannabis Could Help Solve the Substance Abuse Epidemic

I realize that headline might come off as contradictory to anyone who sees cannabis as a part of the substance abuse problem at large, but if you were to entertain the irony of it for a moment, you might find yourself surprised by the ways cannabis is helping this epidemic.

By David Malmo-Levine on

Impairment of Memory: A Response to the City of Vancouver’s Proposed Medical Marijuana Regulations

CANNABIS CULTURE - If we settle for irrational rules now, we'll settle for irrational rules later. The City of Vancouver is relying on two out-dated, discredited reports to justify treating cannabis more like hard drugs such as pharma and alcohol, rather than the soft drug that it is. These reports – the City will have us believe – are enough justification to do the following: