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CANNABIS CULTURE - Cannabis activist and BC Marijuana Party candidate Mik Mann (also known as Opus) presents his LIVE show on the Pot TV Network. In this episode: Mik talks about 'White Poppies' and the Harper Conservatives stifling debate on important legislation. Plus growing tips and bong hitting!

CANNABIS CULTURE - November 11 is known as Remembrance Day in Canada, the UK and other Commonwealth countries, and Veterans Day in the US; a day of mourning for soldiers and civilians lost in international conflicts and a recognition of the sacrifices made by all victims of war.

It is hard to escape the dual-symbolism of the poppy in relation to the Afghanistan conflict, as the massive illicit profits from poppy fields fuel the violence and help destabilize the entire region.

The simple fact of war – the fact missing from the Remembrance Day ritual and History Television, the most important fact of all – is that war is big business.