Medical Marijuana School Teaches Growing

Organizers of a medical marijuana "university" in Oregon said the program has helped dozens of people learn how to grow cannabis and use it to manage illness.

The Oregon Medical Cannabis University, which opened last month in Hillsboro, offers classes and contains community centers where students can access the drug, KPTV, Portland, Ore., reported Wednesday.

"We've had people with cancer, Parkinson's, broken bones. We had a guy with hip surgery who was in a wheelchair when he came here and (now) he's walking around with a cane," said Claudia Lavander, the university's president.

Lavander said owners currently fund the school but they hope to eventually fund the classes with membership payments.

- Article from UPI.

Go to the Oregon Medical Cannabis University Website.


For those with a computer its a waste of money

It's great that they have these schools. However for those with a computer it's a waste of money when everything you want to know can be found online.

Everything I know about growing...

Everything I know about growing came from Ed Rosenthal, CC magazine, with some small contribution from the internet.



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