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CANNABIS CULTURE-  Last week, United States Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) introduced legislation to federally regulate the $6.7 billion US cannabis industry.  In the bill, Booker details the combined injustice forcing the industry to operate in cash and making producers vulnerable to both criminal prosecution and tax rates as high as 70 percent.

CANNABIS CULTURE-  Marco Troiani is a lab scientist with with cannabis research firm, Digamma Consulting. In the following piece, Troiani explains how the decarboxylation process helps create safe, potent, quality cannabis extracts.

An open invite from The New Smoker to President Trump and Attorney General Sessions.   Dear President Trump, I read the recent comments Attorney General Jeff Sessions made about recreational cannabis, and I was alarmed that your administration may be planning on putting hardworking American farmers, and many ancillary businesses, out of work, especially atRead More

On The Mernahuana Zone 135 Resolve To Toke More Marijuana we had an excellent Interview with Mark Gobuty, CEO & Founder of Peace Naturals. Mark A. Gobuty has had extensive experience at the Executive level, as well as Sales functions within Tier 1 Consumer Packaged Goods Companies in Canada. He has been a pioneer in the Functional Health Foods industry for the past ten years and has founded a number of Canada’s leading health food and Superfood brands.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Making great hash is easier than you think! This article outlines some of the most popular and easy ways.

CANNABIS CULTURE - If you want the most fragrant, delicious pot on the planet, use organic nutrients and flush your buds.