Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett has been researching the historical role of cannabis in magic and religion for over a quarter century, his books include 'Green Gold the tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic and Religion' (1995); 'Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible' (2001); 'Cannabis and the Soma Solution' (2010. He Currently resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where he runs his ethnobotanical shop The Urban Shaman.

CANNABIS CULTURE – Did Jesus and his disciples use cannabis and other drugs in magical ceremonies? Author and cannabis historian Chris Bennett takes us through some of the startling ancient evidence of early Christianity’s drug-fuelled rituals.

CANNABIS CULTURE – Lately I have been working on my new book, Liber 420: Cannabis Arcanum. This will be my 4th book detailing the fascinating history of cannabis in magic and religion. In this new book the focus will be on the use of cannabis in the occult traditions, such as alchemy and magic, fromRead More

CANNABIS CULTURE – Lately, I have been researching all sorts of 19th and early 20th century occult material on the use of cannabis by a variety of occultists, for my forthcoming book ‘Liber 420: Cannabis Arcanum’ . I thought this little gem from a 1925 Occult periodical, was worth sharing in its completed form. TheRead More

CANNABIS CULTURE – The idea that Jesus could have healed with cannabis, at first glance, seems preposterous, yet, it becomes more believable, the more you look into it. Moreover, this information has garnered international media attention, in reputable news sources like the BBC, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Vice, and other media. In a 2014Read More

CANNABIS CULTURE – The myths and philosophy of ancient Greece have influenced Western Society and Sciences in many profound ways. Considering the metropolitan nature of Greece, it would is hard to believe that they too, would not have come under the spell of a magical plant that was so clearly popular in the ancient world andRead More

CANNABIS CULTURE – I often get asked about Buddha’s one hemp seed a day diet. This tradition can be traced back to a number of ancient sources”. In the Text and Commentary of the Memorial of Sakya Buddha Tathagata, by Wong Puh (Translated from the Chinese by the Rev. S. Beal.) which appeared in theRead More

CANNABIS CULTURE – Gnostic and Zoroastrian influences on later Alchemy have been long suggested. An important figure in this transition, is Zosimos, the Alchemist, who lived on either side of 300 AD. Interestingly, surviving translation of Zosimos work, have the ancient sage identify references to cannabis infused wines and beers. “…wines can be made inRead More

Here are two recent lectures I gave for Ted Smith's Hempology 101, discussing cannabis and hemp in the ancient world. Here are two recent lectures I gave for Ted Smith's Hempology 101, discussing cannabis and hemp in the ancient world.
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