Weed Courier Leads the Canadian Crop of Mail Order Cannabis

Times are a’changing in the world of weed. With the looming legalization of recreational marijuana, the Canadian government is debating the best course of action to ensure quality purchases through safe and secure avenues. The mail-order marijuana system that Canada has in place has always been the safest and most effective sales channel. Since the 90s, Canadians have been buying weed via the web. This way of purchasing will continue to be at the forefront of legalization discussions as the marketplace matures.

Though the risk of being arrested for possession (within legal limits soon to be set) is obsolete, with the boom of e-commerce in the marijuana industry, the threat of low-quality goods is ever present. Have no fear, bud believers. The issue of low quality goods and uncertain delivery methods is where the leading player of the Canadian crop of cannabis websites comes into play– Weed Courier.

Weed Courier is a premier mail-order cannabis website that provides the best quality high you can buy. With a quick and secure purchase, your gorgeous green buds; delectable edibles; and golden shatter is mailed directly to your door. Weed Courier’s straightforward and direct buying protocol and its fast delivery times have secured it’s spot at the top of the mail-order marijuana hierarchy.

Much like their products, the Weed Courier website has been cultivated and organically grown into a user-friendly bud buying experience. The entire purchasing experience is 100% evolving based on you, the buyer’s recommendations. It’s easy to access and easy to use; remember you must be over the age of 19 to access and buy.

Once signed in to the Weed Courier website, all of the products are clearly laid out for your perusal. Weed Courier offers a wide variety of flowers and strains. These buds are high quality and high potency.

Weed Courier provides top of the line indica strains to help create a sedative, full body high. Indica strains are great for helping combat anxiety, insomnia, and body pains. It is also a strain that is great for helping with nausea, lupus, and fibromyalgia. Indicas are great for nighttime use. Try the always-stocked Blue Cheese or Northern Lights if this sounds like something you need.

They also carry top of the line sativa strains, like Lemon Haze or Chocolope. These flowers tend to uplift and create a cerebral high. They are perfect for mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and OCD. People suffering from ADD and fatigue can also benefit from this strain. Sativa strains have even been helpful to cancer patients and people recovering from anorexia, as they promote hunger. These strains are often utilized during the day, or “working hours.”

Hybrids, or combination strains, are always in stock, too. Do you feel as if you could benefit from some effects of both Indica and Sativa strains? Hybrids are well-stocked at Weed Courier too. Peruse the Hybrid section to get detailed effects lists for each strain. Still not sure which would be best, or feeling overwhelmed from the influx of information? Feel free to contact a specialist working with Weed Courier through their standby messenger system on the website. They can help you determine if an indica, a sativa, or a hybrid would suit you best. If those descriptors intimidate you, Weed Courier even has articles that discuss the strains in depth to enlighten and inform. All of this is to ensure your safe, optimal high.

If the leafy green stuff really isn’t your cup of tea, Weed Courier also provides edibles. Edibles are great because the high lasts much longer. You don’t feel as tired when you come down, and the high is more evenly distributed. Edibles are great for pain management. Bakery fresh brownies can be delivered directly to your door. Gummy bears for your snacking pleasure are also available. Take it easy with edibles at first, because it can take up to an hour for the effects to be felt.

Shatter and hash are also available to further your high times. Concentrates are way more potent than the average bud. A little goes a long way. They are great if you are wanting to avoid the tar and carbon created from burning plant matter. The highs are generally cleaner, too.

Weed Courier is always adding things to its menu and determining what fits their customers needs best. Weed Courier takes suggestions and preferences from its consumers very seriously. If you would like them to stock product they do not currently have, they would love to do that for you.

Once you have all your goodies in your basket, Weed Courier provides a simple and most importantly secure purchasing process via an Interac E-Transfer. This process takes no more than 5 minutes once you receive the link in your email.

Once Weed Courier accepts the Interac E-Transfer, your purchase will be processed. This processing time can take up to 24 hours, so if your stash is starting to get low, hop on over to our site and start ordering, today. All of their packages are sent in vacuum sealed containers, with non-descript labeling. This is just another step in ensuring your privacy and safety.

Alongside security and safety, Weed Courier also offers some of the fastest delivery times as well as lowest prices, guaranteed. All of the strains are covered under set pricing. So there is no need to shop around and choose a strain based on the price. You can have that top dollar experience for reasonable prices. Their transparency, security and dedication to offering a great end-to-end user experience is what sets Weed Courier apart from all the other mail-order marijuana websites.

Your purchases are at your doorstep within two to three days, weekends excluded.

Weed Courier provides a one stop weed experience – from purchasing to educating. Not only do they like to get you lit, they also like to inform you, the buyer. Take a moment to peruse the articles. Weed Courier covers everything from the latest legalization efforts to the chemical breakdowns of THC.

If you’re interested in learning more about what goes on at Weed Courier, they offer information via the chat feature, email or by phone. Weed Courier even offers consultations. They are here to ensure you have a top dollar experience for reasonable prices. So, get in touch today so Weed Courier can help personalize a weed buying strategy for your day-to-day marijuana needs.

Visit on the Web: WeedCourier.ca

Or call toll-free: 1-855-U-GET-LIT