US Approves Marc Emery's Transfer Home to Canada

CANNABIS CULTURE - The US government has approved a prisoner transfer application for Marc Emery, the Canadian marijuana activist serving a five year sentence in the US for selling marijuana seeds to fund pot legalization activism.

The transfer must also be approved by Canadian authorities before Emery would be eligible to return to Canada.

Emery's legal council has confirmed to his wife Jodie that US authorities have approved his transfer home.

"It's great news that the US Department of Justice has approved Marc's transfer home," Jodie Emery told Cannabis Culture. "I hope the Canadian Conservative government quickly approves the paperwork on their end so it becomes official and Marc can come home to Canada."

Canadian authorities have, so far, made no comment.

Watch Cannabis Culture for more breaking information about Marc's possible transfer home.

Find out more about Marc Emery, including why the DEA targeted him for his political activism, at

Read about this story at the CBC, the Montreal Gazette, the Metro, the Surrey North Delta Leader, and the Vancouver Sun.


Congratulations and thank you, Marc and Jodie!!

Congratulations Marc and Jodie!!!

Thank you for all that you've sacrificed. No doubt your efforts have been one of the primary reasons that the U.S. is on the fast track toward legalization. Countless lives will be improved due to your efforts, and billions of dollars will be taken from the pockets of corporate thugs who are currently profiting from the war on drug users.

When legalization does happen, your names will be at the top of the list of people who made it possible.

Thank you,

Average American pothead

Free Marc

Sanity prevails. Now it's up to the Canadian Govt. to do their bit. Wellcome home Marc



Be less ignorant. It would be

Be less ignorant. It would be appreciated by all

Keep Canadian politics away

Keep Canadian politics away from America, I dont support those who supported bad cannabis laws in Washington and Colorado...honest people are getting arrested at an I creasing rate for dui, which Jodie lobbied hard to get and in a country she doesn't live in....STICK TO CANADA, LEAVE AMERICA FOR AMERICANS WHO LIVE HERE AND HAVE TO DEAL WITH THESE FUCKED UP LAWS.

Is this more crying from the failed Sensible crowd?

You know, I volunteered my time for your efforts before I502 was ever spoken about. But the lack of money and organization doomed Sensible Wa's effort from the beginning.

So I then volunteered my time and money for I502. Is it perfect? No. But legalization had to start somewhere.

Stop crying, and start working toward making things MORE legal.

Have you ever thought of

Have you ever thought of writing your memoirs?

by fucked up laws... you must

by fucked up laws... you must be talking about the American global prohibition of marijuana. I suppose we could leave it alone if it was an American only prohibition. The problem is the Americans are the ones who think they need to govern what adults do in the privacy of their own homes in other countries. So I guess if you want to fuck with us and tell us what to do with our minds and bodies. Then we will be forced to fuck with your stupid ignorant fucked up war on drugs or "war on personal freedoms". As for duis every one knows that social pressure is what really reduces the rate of duis. Not slapping people with criminal records dumbass

That's great, and surprising

That's great, and surprising news. I guess he no longer poses the threat to society he did a couple of year ago. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the Canadian government turns him down. After all, they gave him up to the US in the first place.

Great News

They may try to keep Marc in jail a little longer but when he gets out they know he will be a very powerful force for legalisation. I am so grateful for Marc's sacrifice and the patience and dedication of his wife Jodie. Can't wait to see what he does as a free man. Thanks again to all of you involved in this

I can't wait to hear from him

I'm really glad my government has approved his transfer. I miss hearing his thoughts and opinions on pot and the drug war. An I look forward to what he has planned for the movement when he goes back to Canada. As well as the musical performance with Tommy Chong that Jodie's been talking about.

Congratulations! It Can't Happen Soon Enough



There is a double standard when it comes to the justice system. A defendant is obligated by law to tell the truth yet lawyers, judges, police, the judiciary are not held to the same standards and can outright lie to you. And very often do. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you don't know the law then how can you tell if what the professionals are saying to you is a lie or a truth?

Go Marc!!

Nice nice work to all that contributed!! Much love to all. We need national attention now and pressure on whomever to act -is Toews still at the injustice dept?

Good news for Marc.I

Good news for Marc.I personally wrote President Obama in the past and asked him to free my friend.I like to believe that my little infinitesimal marijuana activism helped a little bit there.So, ACTIVISTS : never loose hope.Your tiny little contribution can make things go very far and in the end change the world

Marc: You have one foot out the door.

This is great news and a long time coming. Marc and Jodie must feel like they just won the lottery but will have to wait a while to collect. Dealing with the system is an exorcise in frustration to put it mildly. Let's hope that our mean spirited government has a heartbeat and doesn't prolong something that should have never happened to begin with. We are all still fighting for freedom from the control of religious ideology which our morality laws are based on although the majority of us Canadians are secular, but spiritual in our own way which doesn't make people like The Emery's and the rest of us bad people. The exact opposite.


America is bigger than politics and that includes Canada.

Bless you,

Great news.

That's fantastic. Congratulations to both of you.


Congratulations Marc!

Jody and Marc;

Just saw the news. I am so joyful beyond words. "the times they are a changing"
hugs to you both,

THANKS MARC - A step into the history books!

Congratulations Marc, I've been a fan and supporter for a long while. Damn I wish I'd been a billionaire and bankrolled your initial fight, but shit that's just history now.

A slightly nicer collection of cellmates may wait you at home, but don't worry the wait won't be too long before the masses really start to notice your case as cannabis is progressively legalized in the USA (following the resounding successes {lack of change + heaps of tax $$$} in Colarado and Washington) - followed by Canada, Spain, Australia, U.K. etc who are all swaying one way and another with conservative politicians battling the majority/changing opinion (in most countries) of the masses to stop wasting money with persecution and start making it to hand back to the people rather than supporting organized criminals all the way to the level of terrorism!

You paid your honest earned tax $$$ legally selling (in your country) one of the healthiest foods known to humankind and was extradited for it to another country for their citizens petty crimes!
History forgets and distorts many things, but this won't be one of them - your deeds to humankind will benefit humankind in eternity...

Thanks Marc, if only more people had your courage...

Congrats Marc History will

Congrats Marc
History will remember you as one of the fighters for freedom.
The persecutors will not be remembered.
American Dept. of justice---what a evil joke it is.

How long before the Cdn govt gives an answer?

As the subject heading say: How long before our pos federal govt gives their answer?

Someone commented that the Cdn govt will have to say yes since the American govt said yes -and in effect is saying: "Take him back now".

So how long before we know?

U.S. Plain Old Wrong

This excerpt from High Times illustrates how fucking full of shit the feds are.

"When Emery was arrested in 2005, DEA administrator Karen Tandy stated that his arrest was “…a significant blow… to the marijuana legalization movement.” However, since then, legalization initiatives for both recreational and medical marijuana have thrived, and a majority of Americans favor outright legalization of cannabis."

Prohibitionist statements like this aren't fooling any thinking person anymore.

You have to be severely mentally retarded Not to see that more states have legalized medical marijuana and two states have legalized adult recreational use since 2005, meaning it wasn't a significant blow. Tandy, Haag, the rest of them are some fucking full of shit.

Obama, they're wrong and wasting money. Grow a pair of balls and put a stop to this federal shit.


any update on marc coming home?

Canadian Govt.

I guess the Canadian Govt. doesn't want him back!

This is an improvement but

This is an improvement but Marc should never have been in prison in the first place.



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