Medical Marijuana-Hating Assemblyman Caught With Marijuana Gets Charges Dismissed

NY State Assemblyman Steve Katz, who was arrested for alleged pot possession last month after voting against the legalization of medical marijuana last year, apparently won't be forced to feel the full weight of his hypocrisy: an upstate judge has dismissed his case thanks to a plea deal.

In March, Katz was pulled over at a car stop in Albany, and officers found less than 25 grams of pot in his vehicle. But the charge—a violation carrying up to $285 in fines—will be dropped, provided Katz completes 20 hours of community service and refrains from law-breaking for a year.

"We said from the beginning that this would be quickly resolved, and it was. And we’re very happy this is done,” Katz's lawyer, Susan Chana Lask, told reporters yesterday. “[Katz is] more interested in doing his work for the people and the state as a civil servant and moving forward."

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call him 518-455-5783 & ask him

 how feels about medical marijuana 

AMEN!!! Thats exactly how I

AMEN!!! Thats exactly how I feel!


Its amazing how Government and State Offisals can do whatever they want and get away with it but you let one of us get caught with any and its straight to jail no questions ask    its total bullshit


Only the poor and middle

Only the poor and middle class do jail time.

How long until this bothers them enough to revolt?

Coming Out

Helluva way to come out.  He was obviously in the cannabis closet, afraid to vote for it & draw attention.  Prohibitionists count on that happening.  Looks like when this happened and he was outed it was time for them to scratch hsi back for a change.






I would hope this guy isn't re elected.



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