Why Republicans Should Support Marijuana Reform

Democrats in Congress may be taking the lead on marijuana reform, but Colorado Rep. Jared Polis, the Democrat who introduced a bill this week that would make the federal government treat marijuana the way it treats alcohol, says Republicans should see a lot to like in his bill.

First, there’s the appeal to fiscal conservatives. “Anybody who cares about the budget deficit needs to look at all potential sources of revenue,” Polis told Salon in an interview. Polis and fellow co-sponsor Rep. Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat from Oregon, estimate their proposal could raise $20 billion a year in new taxes on marijuana sales.

“I think it’s part of the overall budget fix that we need to balance the budget and restore fiscal integrity. This is an area where it turns it from a liability and a cost center, in terms of fighting the drug war, into a revenue source to help fund schools, to help close the budget deficit, and to help ensure that other programs don’t need to be cut as much,” Polis continued, sounding much liked a deficit hawk.

Then there’s the whole issue of states’ rights and local control. “Somebody can want to keep marijuana illegal in their state or in their county, but all this does is keep the federal government out of it and lets states and counties decide how to treat it within their borders. That’s really the focus of our effort,” he explained.

– Read the entire article at Salon Magazine.



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  184. beatnik on

    The Republicans?? OH don’t hold your breath. These guys love ‘ law and order,’ ‘tough on crime,’
    and “support our Police.” This is the group that wants to spend spend spend on more cops and more prisons. They would rather spend money on prisons and police and military than have an orgasm. In fact those two combined give Republicans an orgasm.
    Think of Harper and Law and Order Vic. Yes this gruesome twosome is getting behind cannabis.
    Not likely.

  185. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    The facts are irrelevant for a good majority of Republicans when it comes to cannabis. Republicans are often like oil and water; they just don’t mix. They’re all about telling other people how to live their lives, and they make it the law of the land: cannabis, vaginal probes (ouch!) yet tout personal responsibility…go get an assault rifle!…oh,you don’t have health insurance, well stop whining and die quickly. Oh, you got hit by Sandy and now you’re getting hit by Nemo, suck it up and paste your wrecked house and life together all by yourself. If you’re a rich Republican it’s every man for himself. Oh, so you’re not rich. Well, that’s too damn bad if you ask a Republican, you must be one of them thar 47% folks.

    What they miss is that everyone can’t get rich. If everyone made the same money and had the same standard of living there would be no rich. If everyone earned about the same, that is called communism, you know, where it’s spread evenly.

    The rich and leaders in a Nietschian sense are slaves to the people beneath them, charged not only with exploiting them to become and remain rich, but as the so-called masters the ones who fear the uprising of the ones they use to serve them, namely the little people like me, the everyman, the everywoman, who goes to work and does the monotonous work, does the shitwork, the diry jobs that enable rich people not to get their hands dirty.

    Some rich people have a social conscious, and I like them. However, those without a social conscious do not deserve to keep the position they have in society, don’t deserve my respect. Now, I really respect George Soros and other people like him who have a social conscience. Not much use for the I got mine bunch.

  186. Anonymous on

    Sure does…yuck!

  187. Bhonze on

    I agree; If Republicans want votes back from Moderate conseratives they need to wash their hands of this and give the choice back to the states. This is something I beleive most could agree on.

  188. Anonymous on

    that bud looks loaded with mites…

  189. jammerk65 on

    its one of the primeary reasons they lost the eletion! the people want mmj! listen to the people or loose!