Belize Asks Canada to Help Fight Spillover of Mexican Drug War

MP Chris Alexander says Canada working with Americas to prevent spread of drug trade

Spillover from Mexico's violent drug war is prompting the Harper government and the Canadian military to become more involved in helping defend the tiny, Central American country of Belize.

A series of internal reports, obtained by The Canadian Press under the access to information law, show the government has quietly increased co-operation with the Commonwealth nation, formerly known as British Honduras.

Canada is providing non-lethal equipment for security services and helping with strategic planning and the training of soldiers.

The documents, all dated from the spring of last year, describe the situation in Belize as deteriorating in the face of ultra-violent drug cartels that are battling not only Mexican and U.S. law enforcement, but each other as well

"Belize is of growing importance to the Canadian government due to the increasingly precarious security situation in Central America, particularly along the Belize-Mexico border," said a March 23, 2012, briefing note prepared for Defence Minister Peter MacKay.

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Home Grown

Just Grow your own and you won't have to worry about Spillover!!!

If at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again

When will they ever learn...

One simple way to end the reign of thugs and cartels, legalize all drugs. Legalizing drugs will end the drug war and then we could start the real work of helping people with addiction and abuse, protecting children and stabilizing Mexico.

If they continue the drug war then the cartels will continue to be a menace, innocents will continue to die, violence will continue to increase and nothing will be accomplished. Why is this so difficult to see?

I'd rather solve addiction and drug abuse with doctors instead of soldiers, police and corrections officers.

They want it to be like this.

They want it to be like this. So they can keep their jobs.

It`s just that simple.



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