NeverGetBusted: Tips To Fool Drug Dogs

CANNABIS CULTURE – K-9s cannot smell through material. Odors permeate out and create a scent cone that the dog detects. Almost everything has pores for odors to permeate. Even plastic baggies have tiny, microscopic pores.

To prove this to yourself, place tuna inside a plastic baggie and sniff the outside of the bag. You will notice you cannot smell the fish. Wait a few hours and you will notice you can smell the permeated fish odor on the outside of the baggie.

Lead is a heavy metal and non-porous but if you hide your stash in a lead box, the K-9 handler will become suspicious.

Temperatures affect permeation. Colder temperatures slow permeation so freezing your stash in a block of ice slows the permeation to almost nothing but blocks of ice could make a smart K-9 handler suspicious.

The trick is to secret your stash in materials that have a slow permeation rate without contaminating the outside of the packaging. You must then hurry and transport your stash before the pot odors have time to permeate and develop a scent cone on the outside of the packaging.

Foil, glass, oils and cold temperatures are all good to use.

But remember, trying to mask odors does not work! K-9s smell like humans see. When presented with a bowl of stew, humans see all the ingredients but only smell one odor … stew. Dogs can separate odors with their supernatural snouts. When a K-9 sniffs the same bowl, she smells onions, pepper, tomatoes, beef, beans, etc. So if you place your herb in a plastic baggie, spray it with perfume, then seal it in plastic tubing and drop it in your auto’s fuel tank, a scent cone will develop on the outside of the fuel tank. The K-9 will enter this scent cone and smell the plastic baggie, the gasoline, the perfume, the plastic tubing and the marijuana.

This explains how my K-9 detected hundreds of pounds of marijuana hidden in gasoline tanks.

K-9s are trained to detect marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. They are not trained to detect mushrooms or LSD.

I hope this information keeps you out of a human cage, which is far worse than the cages kops keep their dogs in.

Read more in the article “Understanding Police Drug Dogs” by Barry Cooper on Cannabis Culture.

Barry Cooper is a former Texas narcotics officer and current marijuana activist, filmmaker, entrepreneur and regular contributor to Cannabis Culture. Find his work at



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  168. Anonymous on

    Or they are hitting on the part of the car the pigs touched. Happened to me.

  169. billybob on

    just a hater barry would like some private advice off you though if you could email me pal

  170. Anonymous on

    Drown the animal with scent. Powder up some product, toss a pound onto the road, and wait a couple of hours.

  171. Anonymous on

    so really the question is how long does residue like that stay on your door handle?

  172. Anonymous on

    The glass is 1200 plus degrees f and would boil oil and explode the glass lol but good idea though

  173. Anonymous on

    Could i vacuum seal 5 times right before a flight?

  174. Anonymous on

    They can’t do that legally. That would be a violation of their rights

  175. Anonymous on

    What about small amounts of weed 5 grams .How easy is it to detect in baggage ?
    There was a program on UK TV that showed a dog in a metro station that could detect weed on your sweat and breath .

  176. Anonymous on

    You now they don’t want to take drugs off the street if so they would infiltrate the Crips and the Bloods and take 500,000 of them off the street in six months.

  177. Anonymous on

    Barry, Just like they make a big deal about marijuana they do the same thing with hemp. Hemp is the best product to make so much stuff you can’t list them all and you have to wonder if it isn’t the same thing with marijuana. But the doctors that cure cancer go through the same thing. Cancer has been cured. but big pharma can’t make money on these cures. The people who created the solar panels went trough the same threats with the oil companies.
    I believe the prison system is like everything else. They need more and more prisoners so they got these draconian laws for marijuana and they can be assured of all the prisoners. Look at the money building prisons, feeding them, transporting them, guarding them.

  178. Anonymous on

    Have the cops resorted to planting anything in your car? People can really get a good idea of how things work in th government. This false positive stuff is a bitch. Somebody has a few joints from a weed and go to jail. I can see it now you got your whole family in the car and you go to jail.

  179. Anonymous on

    I would put several cats, weasel, dogs and put a few drops of eer, fox urine then if you could get the scent of female dogs in heat and sprinkle it all around. But like he said if you go in the rain and the best thin would be like a mini van.
    But let’s say yu are going away for a week and you want a dozenjoints. Just putthe joints in container and stick them in your butt

  180. Anonymous on

    Let’s be reasonable if you put pot in baggie then three vaccum sealed bag, then in baggie ith coffee, then baggie with with cayenne pepper, then baggie with black pepper, then baggie with garlic powder, then baggie with concentrated grape powder, then another baggie thn another bggie, then in sealed jar of peanut butter I think it would be safe to assume it could not be detected.

  181. Anonymous on

    I’ve owned and trained dogs all of my life. Nobody ever seems to really understand how a dog actually deals with the world. Dogs don’t have people properties. They don’t judge right from wrong and are trained as though finding the drugs is a game. If it’s a game then they don’t take it nearly as seriously as people do. People have a moral compass…dogs, not so much. Dogs become bored after a short time, especially if they don’t find something right away. Their noses don’t keep working for an infinite time. Ever walked into a smelly place and pretty soon you don’t smell it any more? After about 5 minutes they don’t really want to keep looking. They’re getting bored. The only exception is a hound dog whose job it is to follow a scent over miles…but they’re not the right dog for this job. Another thing to note: dogs are ground-sniffers. They don’t sniff over a certain height. Mostly this is waist high or so. If you understand dogs you understand their weaknesses.

  182. Anonymous on

    I used to transport in excess of at least 10 pounds of Mexican brick weed at a time, every week for close to three years until my connection got narced out. The Mexicans had an assembly line of plastic wrap, an oil or grease layer, then more layers of plastic wrap. The last person to touch the outside layer never touches any drugs. When you see dogs on Cops hitting cars, they usually hit around the door handle. Reason being.. they’re not smelling through the door, into your pocket.. they’re smelling the leftover residue you rubbed on the door handle, from where you grabbed the drug tainted bag, shoved it in your pocket, and rubbed all that sure residue on the car.

  183. NeverGetbusted on

    Mr. Anonymous,

    It’s evident you are a kop or want to be one. Can you give me your email address so we can talk? I would like to discuss why you have a Barry fetish. It’s a bit weird that you are following all over the Internet and posting everywhere I share my tips.


  184. NeverGetbusted on

    Sorry. I could have included more tips or changed the article title to: Understand Police Dogs

    However, this tip is in the article:

    ‘The trick is to secret your stash in materials that have a slow permeation rate without contaminating the outside of the packaging. You must then hurry and transport your stash before the pot odors have time to permeate and develop a scent cone on the outside of the packaging.”

    And the reader can think of dozens of ways to fool a drug dog after understanding how a drug dog works.

    Thanks for your input.



  185. 2buds on

    I appreciate you’re raising awareness with the tips, Thanks. I’ve often thought glass would work well to hide the smell. 2 ways I can think of come to mind. I use canning jars to store my weed. For long term storage I carefully pack the weed in the jar, fill with nitrogen and screw the lid on loose. Put it in the toaster oven on 120 degrees for 5 min or until the glass is hot. Pull it out and tighten the lid. As the jar cools, the lid seals creating a vacuum in the jar. Then I paint the jar black and go bury it in the woods just over my property line. Like I said – long term storage. I only vape and my stash can last forever. With a few jars buried I don’t worry so much anymore.

    Secondly – for mailing. Theoretical here as I don’t own glass blowing equip. I think reducing to RSO or honey oil, filling a long glass beaker style tube, perhaps tube in a tube, heating and twisting the end would also vacuum seal in a really large qty of weed extract. Then the glass end would have to be broken off to access the extract inner stoppered tube. The beaker would be in a vacuum state for transport – negative pressure inside. Obviously wash the outside with a degreaser to remove any residue.

    I also like the comment about tincture and wounder about dog training. Will a trained dog indicate off of Hemp? Canadian legal industrial hemp? If so – why not make up a hemp oil tincture, put it into a sprayer and spray the hell out of all the cop cars and official cars and buildings we can. Legal hemp oil (not seed oil) for US possession if you’re caught. Spray public transport… Spray the world.

    Thanks again

  186. Anonymous on

    You worked for Texas law enforcement AND THIS ISN’T THE FIRST DAMN TIME YOU HAVE PUT OUT BAD INFORMATION! You are trying to get people in trouble on purpose!! Someone get this fool off of cannabis culture!!!

  187. NeverGetbusted on

    If you use what I teach in this article, your imagination can come up with hundreds of ideas how to fool the dogs.


  188. NeverGetbusted on

    My dog would walk past hamburgers and hot dogs to find marijuana. The good dogs are trained to ignore food so “case isn’t closed.”

    Peace and Love,


  189. Anonymous on

    Next time you transport mj, stop buy a sub shop or pick up a good old fashioned hot dog, and the smell will drive the dog nuts, they can’t think of anything else but food….case closed.

  190. Anonymous on

    Next time you transport mj, stop buy a sub shop or pick up a good old fashioned hot dog, and the smell will drive the dog nuts, they can’t think of anything else but food….case closed.

  191. Bud Grinder on

    Thanks for the tip, Barry… but the headline promised “fool drug dogs” but there isn’t a word of that, just a treatise on how the dog smells the dope.