Are We On the Verge of An American Hemp Renaissance?

Advocates for hemp legalization are building pressure, with the biggest push in Kentucky.

Kentucky was America’s leading hemp producer in the early 19th century. Now, 200 years later, after a historic election for drug policy has led to a shift for marijuana policy reform in America, Kentucky lawmakers are taking steps to revive the crop.

While advocates for hemp legalization say the plant could bring a wealth of green jobs to Kentucky, deep-rooted drug stigma and conflict with federal law have made passing the legislation unlikely. Nonetheless, two state bills are in the works, while a federal proposal aims to clear the way for state legalization. Lawmakers suggest the bills could at least open up the conversation about hemp, and clear up misconceptions about its use.

Because hemp is increasingly imported from Canada, growing and making it in the US could save the US money and create green jobs at home. Aside from soy, no other plant has shown the potential to create so many different products -- from hemp soap to paper and oil. Hemp rarely requires pesticides, can be grown in the same fields over several consecutive years, and produces biodegradable plastics and biofuels. Lightweight and dense, hemp-lime is a building material that is known to be an efficient insulator leaving behind a minimal carbon footprint.

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Rand Paul

Yeah, maybe if Rand Paul can get the rest of the teapartiers to make some noise in support of changing the laws to make it happen. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, and the rest of the Republicans are intimidated like hell by the teapartiers. I don't think he'll do it, but it'd be nice to see him go beyond filling his dad's shoes, beyond what his dad tried to do for cannabis.

Hemp is far superior to

Hemp is far superior to agriculture than soy. Soy contains enzyme inhibitors that actually work against the body, harming those using soy as a food source. Hemp is full of great nutrition and you can consume as much as you'd like and not get high.

Hemp/cannabis: God's plants

You could stand inside a field of burning hemp for hours and not even get a buzz. Maybe It looks good, smells good but non toxic. One Oxycontin pill would give you more of a high than smoking a kilo of hemp all in one sitting. It's by products even safe for children to consume. LoL.

Kentucky: push forward

Kentucky: Good on you. You should just go ahead with your plan against the unjust and out of date laws enforced by the feds. By keeping hemp illegal and carrying on the drug war through cannabis prohibition they really at war against their own citizens while denying the little guy to profit from capitalism. Presently only big business profits from it. The DuPont nylon and synthetics industry come to mind. All poison and non biodegradable.

No need for hemp crops

Grow high value THC crops and use the stalks and seed just like you use low-THC hemp. WHAT WE DO NOT NEED IS LOW-THC HEMP POLLEN SPREADING ACROSS THE USA AND RUINING OUR MEDICAL CROPS!!!
Hemp is a drug war friend in that it ruins the high-THC genetics we've worked so hard to create. High-THC crops can do everything hemp crops can do, and more.



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