How To Pass A Drug Test

CANNABIS CULTURE – Unfortunately, the United States is not a free country, and citizens are often forced to give urine or hair samples to their bosses as part of employment agreements or to police during the enforcement of draconian laws. Thankfully, it is very easy to pass these tests.

If a urine sample is requested, simply go to the nearest head shop and ask the clerk for the most powerful or popular detoxifier they have. It’s important not to use words such as “drug test” or “probation” or “employment” because it’s likely the clerk will refuse to sell you the detoxifier. Strict laws prohibit the sale of systems that aid in passing a drug test and if you use these words, the clerk may think you are an undercover agent attempting to make a sting.

The most expensive detoxifier is usually the best. Follow the directions exactly as instructed in the packaging. Some detoxifiers come with a toll-free number so if you have any questions, you can call for help. I’ve called these numbers and they’re always eager to help you find success with their product.

If you follow the directions exactly, you will pass your test.

If a hair sample is required, you can usually purchase detoxifying shampoos from the same head shop. Again, follow the directions exactly and you will pass. Bleaching your hair prior to the test is also a good method. I know at least a dozen people who have passed their tests by bleaching their hair and/or using the detoxifying shampoos.

Always make sure you have ingested the urine cleaner before walking into any court appearance. It has recently become the habit of the U.S. courts to surprise-test defendants when they arrive for their hearings.

Sometimes, when a person has been arrested, as part of their bond agreement, they are instructed to immediately report for a drug test after leaving the jail. If this happens to you, go directly to a head shop, purchase the detoxifier and then go take the test.

Using these instructions will ensure you say employed and out of a cage.

UPDATE with more info

When under the jurisdiction of courts, fake organs, synthetic urines or using another person’s urine does not work because the tester watches the
pee go in the cup. If the officer notices a fake penis, balloon or anything unnatural, the citizen is immediately arrested and charged with tampering and the sample is considered dirty, which violates the probation.

If nothing unnatural is observed, the sample is tested with a strip and if it’s clean, the urine is flushed and is not sent to a costly lab for further testing. If the strip indicates drug use, the sample is sent to the lab for confirmation. If used properly, the detoxifying drinks always trick the test strips and often trick the labs.

Many urinalyses for employment purposes bypass the strip test and send the sample directly to the lab. In this case and if time allows, I recommend total abstinence from any drug use unless you know you are not going to be watched … then it is safe to use synthetic urines.

To insure you purchased the correct detoxifier and are using it properly, test yourself with a home drug testing kit before submitting a urine sample to the government.

The method described above worked for me over a dozen times in the year I was on pre-trial probation. At the time, I smoked marijuana every day. This method has also worked for dozens of my friends and tens of thousands of Americans.

Barry Cooper is a former Texas narcotics officer and current marijuana activist, filmmaker, entrepreneur and regular contributor to Cannabis Culture. Find his work at

Find detox kits at the CCHQ Online Store or in-person at 307 W. Hastings St. in Vancouver.



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  743. Anonymous on

    it’s not in your hair. it is the oil released from your body that is “on” the hair. My brother passed a hair test with a stripping shampooo

  744. Tiffany on

    Four months ago I started drinking that Palo Azul Tea stuff for my probation and I pass my pee test every time!! Don’t get the cheap stuff though!! go to

  745. Anonymous on

    I did copius amounts of water on the day two galloons in six vpurs WILL DO IT ..I KNOW J HAVE PASSED

  746. passdrugtest on

    thank you for article, if you want know my story with passing drug test just look here

  747. Anonymous on

    Dude, that is patently ridiculous that coffee and water will pass a drug test. I’m betting you’re high right now. Very high.

  748. Kris on

    Used the red colored juice bottle for $55 at GNC. Night b4 I smoked drank it that day took test three hours later , and passed. It’s timing. It’s knowing have to test. So on.

  749. Anonymous on

    What’s up your ass hater!

  750. Anonymous on

    Was just wondering are you an avid weed smoker and what country do you live in?! I take neem leaf powder supplements as well as DE(silicia) and moringa tea supplements. Does the been work better in tea form?

  751. Anonymous on

    Was just wondering are you an avid weed smoker and what country do you live in?! I take neem leaf powder supplements as well as DE(silicia) and moringa tea supplements. Does the been work better in tea form?

  752. Anonymous on

    Was just wondering are you an avid weed smoker and what country do you live in?! I take neem leaf powder supplements as well as DE(silicia) and moringa tea supplements. Does the been work better in tea form?

  753. Anonymous on

    Was just wondering are you an avid weed smoker and what country do you live in?! I take neem leaf powder supplements as well as DE(silicia) and moringa tea supplements. Does the been work better in tea form?

  754. Anonymous on

    Was just wondering are you an avid weed smoker and what country do you live in?! I take neem leaf powder supplements as well as DE(silicia) and moringa tea supplements. Does the been work better in tea form?

  755. Bushmaster69 on

    Different tests, different approach.
    Understanding and knowing the type of test to be used is the first step in beating the test. There are several different “test strips” not just a single on, some of them don’t even test for the METABOLITES of cannabis, while other do. Most of these test strips have “cutoff” (or sensitivity) level, that is, there has to be a specific amount of the drug or chemical present to produce a positive. Measured in ng/ml. the cheaper test strips generally have a higher threshold, making them easier to beat with fake urine or masking agents. (they do not ALL have a masking agent identifer, but many do nowadays)

    Basically it comes down to the more important it is for them to know, the more accurate the test. For most pre-employment tests and most court supervided tests, they use the cheaper test strips. (cost is an important factor for employers and some jurisdictions) For these dilution (drinks, water, tea’s etc.) masking chemicals and fake urine will work, but only if they are used correctly AND if at all possible you reduce – through abstinance – the amount of cannabis metabolites in your system.

    Salive tests are being used more frequently, but are still less accurate than other tests, but can generally detect use up to 24-48 hours. (note that as they are improving these tests every year the time they can test for gets longer.

    Blood tests in general, are most commly used to detect current intoxication levels and can be used out to about 72 hours for chronic users. These tests detect actual THC levels and not the metabolites. So while accurate, time is the only way to beat blood tests.

    Hair folical tests, well, you can shave all you want, but generally speaking, they test the hair folical – the part beneath the skin. Casual smokers, occasional smokers may be able to pass these tests if the average levels of the matabolites in their system remain low enough over time. Hair tests are accurate. Again abstinance and time are your friends here. Shampoos, are an argument I won’t even bother with, suffice to say that they will remove any residue that has accumilated ON the hair itself. You can decide if the special shampoos are worth the expense.

    Here is a website that has one of the most accurate publications i’ve seen to date. Although it is now several years old, and the drug testing industry continues to improve accuracy.


  756. NeverGetBusted on

    As far as I know, non-use is the only way to pass a blood test. Sorry.


  757. Anonymous+ on

    I’m telling you guys not to drink detox drinks because you will not pass a lab test if you drink these products. You might trick a over the counter test strip but you do not want to take that risk. I’m telling you to wait until after your test to smoke weed. Sorry if its a month or 2 years. I was in the military and I did not smoke weed. I waited until I was out to start smoking again. I’m a veteran and a happy pot smoker. If can do it, you can too.

    I just want to add that you are the pig Barry Cooper.
    Barry Cooper is a former Texas narcotics officer and current marijuana activist, filmmaker, entrepreneur and regular contributor to Cannabis Culture. Find his work at


  758. Anonymous on

    Shave your head, eliminate the hair sample.

  759. Dirty Harry on

    I have “some” faith in the detox drinks. I wouldn’t bet money on them but know of people who used them and passed. I am not sure if it was luck or the detox. The more time away from the substance increases your chances you will pass.
    My issue is I have NEVER hear of one story from a person who passed a hair test, being dirty, who used a hair cleaner. The drug is not on your hair, but IN your hair. Hair tests chemically breaks down the hair and they can analyze every trace chemical and element that gas spectrum chromatography can detect.

  760. vibe_in on


  761. Anonymous on

    Lol, Chill out man! If you drink enough water and coffee, it dilutes your urine enough that the cannabinoid metabolites are undetectable.
    Source “Ive passed a drug test at a laboratory after smoking the day before”
    Just because you don’t believe something doesn’t mean its a lie.

  762. Dingle on

    All the negative comments were written by the same person pretending he was different people

  763. Dingle on

    Barry is right

    This Anonymous+ must be a pig

  764. Frankk on

    I’ve used drug test masking kits for years and they have always worked for me.

    Like Barry said, make sure you follow the instructions precisely and it will work.

    This article is full of good advice! I think the commenters complaining here don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

  765. NeverGetBusted on


    Please read my post below that explains why you are totally wrong.

    Peace and Love,

    Barry Cooper

  766. NeverGetBusted on

    My method described worked for me over a dozen times in the year and half I was on pre-trial probation. It has also worked for dozens of my friends. When under the jurisdiction of courts, synthetic urines or using another person’s urine does not work because the probation officer watches the pee go in the cup. The sample is then tested with a strip. If it’s clean, the sample is thrown away and the citizen goes home. If it’s dirty, the sample is sent to the lab. The detoxifying drinks trick the test strip and often trick the labs.

    If you don’t believe me, test my method for yourself by purchasing a detox drink, follow the directions and test yourself with a home drug test kit. You will pass!

    I’m 100% positive what I wrote is the truth. I’ll have CC made an addition to the article that explains what I just explained here.

    But whoever is accusing me of wanting people to get busted is crazy, mean and unfair…sounds like the police to me.


    Barry Cooper

  767. Anony on

    I agree. That article should not have been posted here.

  768. Anonymous+ on

    Enough said.

  769. Anonymous+ on

    I don’t believe you guys. You are swearing that drinks work but you haven’t named the product you used? Because you are just making it up. The best thing a person can do is to quit smoking until said piss test is over. Marijuana is non-addictive anyways. I could even prove it. If someone offered me a joint today I would turn it so I can pass a drug test. Like I said, If I can do it anyone can.

  770. Sir Marcus on

    What is with all the bitching? I know the drinks work. My friend would drink one a hour before while smoking a blunt with us and always passed and this went on for 2-3 years of probation for him. Now I knew it worked and felt him smoking with the drink was pushing the limit but no- it works. This was like one a month for 2-3 solid years too- you can’t argue other wise with me

  771. Tomcat on

    He hasn’t given the best advice but you can pass if you use the proper mask for your body weight and use it properly. More often than not the instructions the products come with aren’t specific enough but some headshops that have been selling detox products for awhile can be helpful with better instructions. I’ve seen many people pass using masks like vale and strip, even with the samples going to the lab. Vale and strip appear in your system as a daily multi-vitamin and they don’t fail people for using centrum. Using someone else’s urine in a balloon with no temperature gauge is a big risk, there are products available with temperature gauges that would be more ideal.

  772. Anonymous on

    In my country we use the neem plant for that. Simply draw a tea from the leaves and drink it the night before the test. The next time you urinate should clear most traces of thc. Now I’m not an expert on it, but nobody here seems to have ever had any problems with this method.

  773. Anonymous+ on

    This article is bull**** and Barry Cooper is trying to make people fail their drug test on purpose! You can’t pass a drug test with these over the counter detox if your sample gets sent to a lab. They test for over the counter products. Can’t drink a bunch of water either, because marijuana stores in the fat cells of your body and is slowly released. I can’t believe cannabisculture actually posted this. Who side are you people on? Anyone with a peanut for a brain knows it is almost impossible to pass a drug test. Your best bet is to use someones clean urine in a ballon. By using a ballon you keep the urine warm next to your body so you cant fail for the piss being cold and it is clean. The person you get the urine from must be the same sex too. Your best bet is just quit the weed if you are going to get a job. I’ve been clean myself for over a month and I love marijuana. If I can do it anyone can!!

  774. vibe_in on

    Honestly if you are not going to be watched while you pee I would use fake urine. I’ve never had to use it thankfully I was on unsupervised probation for a year but had this site on standby if I ever found out I would be having to take a drug test. Also works perfect for jobs that test you and they even have a product that can be used for supervised urine tests. I would recommend this.