Colorado Reps Seek State Exemption From Federal Pot Prohibition Laws

In the wake of this week’s historic vote to legalize marijuana in Colorado, the state’s three Democratic U.S. House members are drafting legislation aimed at easing the tension between the new state law and longstanding federal prohibition of the drug.

Congressional staffers told the Independent that Colorado Reps Diana DeGette (CD1), Ed Perlmutter (CD7) and Jared Polis (CD2) are working independently and together on bills that would exempt states where pot has been legalized from the Controlled Substances Act.

DeGette Chief of Staff Lisa Cohen told the Independent that proposals the representatives are working on would alter section 903 of the act to allow states to establish their own marijuana laws free from federal preemption.

Colorado’s Amendment 64 passed by a wide margin on Election Day. It legalizes adult use and possession here and would establish retail marijuana sales.

The state legalized medical marijuana years ago and the industry has boomed in recent years.

– Read the entire article at The Colorado Independent.



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  145. moldy on

    One thing to think about is that now the state(s) will be running the “shops” with state employees and keep in mind that this is their OWN state’s revenue stream. That is quite a bit different than playing wack-o-moe with dispensaries that are privately owned. A 55% margin is a lot of political capital for the people of those two states. I don’t think I’d want to be the guy that orders the goons in and we know that would be Obama even though we know he’ll pretend not to know about it.

  146. animan425 on

    Apparently what has happened in CA was the DEA waved the prospect of all that easy money for the taking in the faces of the local cops and they went for it, violating their own state laws (passed by popular vote) with the excuse that they were being forced to support federal laws. This was just a B-S excuse for helping the DEA steal all those cannabis shop profits because it was the easiest theft (perfect crime?) ever.

    After all, they’re the law and they wear uniforms, and they knew how easy it was to move in and just take over any old cannabis shop they felt like whenever. None of the owners and operators ever wanted any trouble and never put up any kind of defensive fight.

    If CO and WA want to avoid similar treatment by the DEA, they should find a way to pay the local cops to NOT support the DEA. Maybe some kind of special tax on cannabis that would go directly to the police, I dunno. Because if something like that isn’t done, the DEA will wave all that easy money in the cops faces and start spouting “federal” justifications for theft and ignoring state laws.