Outrage Erupts: Why Are US 6th Graders Being Drug Tested?

Critics say that drug tests of middle school students, implemented in at least 9 states, violate the civil liberties of young people.

Drug tests on high school, college and professional athletes have become normalized and ingrained in American culture. But revelations that middle school students are being asked to undergo drug tests to participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities are turning some heads and sparking lawsuits.

That middle school students have been asked to pee in cups to participate in sports was the subject of an eye-opening New York Times article published September 22. The states of “Florida, Alabama, Missouri, West Virginia, Arkansas, Ohio, New Jersey and Texas” conduct drug testing on middle school students, the New York Times reported.

Proponents of drug testing middle school students argue that it serves as a deterrent to drug abuse by young people. But “there are no known instances of a middle school student testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs,” the Times notes, and critics call the tests multi-billion dollar industry with dubious results that violate the civil liberties of young people.

Typically, here’s how the test goes: “Students are generally given little, if any, advance notice and are pulled away from class and asked to urinate in a cup — unsupervised, to comply with privacy laws,” the Times reports.

The federal government is also in on the business. According to the Times report, “in 2003, the Department of Education started a program that offered federal money for drug testing in grades 6 through 12.”

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Caffeine is a performance enhancing drug!

So their solution for kids who use drugs is to remove the option of participating in sports that might build character and a sense of self worth? Caffeine is a performance enhancing drug, alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana are not. If caffeine isn’t their number one concern then the whole drug testing thing is misguided nonsense that only has to do with forcing conformity without identifying the problem, or if there is a problem at all.

Big Pharma

It is well known that prescription drugs, vacines and drug testing are profitable methods for Big Pharma. In the US we are inundated with commercials that scare people into using prescription drugs and vacines whether we need them or not. Even medical procedures are being recommended, colon exams, on routine schedules as preventative mesures, moving healthy patients through hospitals like cattle in order to make a buck. Once a group of the population has assimilated into the program they must find another group to exploit (same method is even being used on veterinarian care - even Fido isn't safe).

It is all about profit. Big Pharma does not care about the ramifications of their actions and the irreparable damage that can be caused by false positives even though they may state they are doing this for the kids. Everyone should be wary of a corporation that states that they are concerned about the welfare and wellbeing of children when they market and lobby their products and services.

It is time for children, parents of children, to just say NO to drug testing.

Prison Planet

I blame the drug war for everything that's wrong with the world today.
We live on a police, prison planet because of the drug war.
We have to end the drug war and we get a chance at it on Nov 6.
A vote to legalize in any one state will render federal and international law null and void and nations drowning in blood or debt will just go ahead and legalize cause America did it first and prohibition will fall like a Berlin Wall.
Register to vote for marijuana ballot initiatives in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Montana.
And any marijuana reform friendly politician.
Gary Johnson for President.
War is Over!

Government is funding drug

Government is funding drug testing as a way to funnel tax dollars into bank accts. of their business partners.
The US government does not care about kids any more than the thousands being killed in Mexico.
Follow the money and you will find the real criminals of the world.



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