Goodbye, Michelle Rainey… Rest in Peace.

Michelle and Jodie, February 2008Michelle and Jodie, February 2008I cried all day long at our Cannabis Culture Headquarters yesterday, seeing our friends come by to share hugs and try to come to terms with the loss of Michelle Rainey, who succumbed to cancer on Wednesday, October 20th. I couldn’t stop the tears and my heart ached. I’m just so sad she really passed away. When I got home, I bawled my eyes out and couldn’t stop crying for hours. I’m still crying today.

I feel I don’t have appropriate words to express the deep, heartbreaking sadness I feel knowing that Michelle is actually gone, and that her poor husband and mother had to see her go.

Marc will be just as devastated when he finds out, and I dread breaking the news to him in our first phone call from his new prison, whenever he gets phone access… He and I shed tears for Michelle a few times this past month, knowing her health had taken a turn for the worse. We spoke of her often, with sadness, and hoped that her condition would improve. It’s deeply upsetting to know we’ll never see her again…

Feeling that I needed to take action somehow to stop the tears from flowing, I made a video tribute to pay my respects to Michelle — and even though we were not close in the last year or two, I have great memories of many fun times we had together in the years prior, and I was proud to have her as my maid of honour at my wedding to Marc, among many other roles she played in my life.

It was a truly special relationship we shared, and I am crushed to know that she kept me and so many friends away in her final days… we tried to reach out, but she wanted to be alone… and though we respect her wishes, we’re certainly all very sad that we couldn’t say goodbye.

Please watch and share this message of love I put together for a truly brave and passionate woman… I can’t believe she’s gone, and I will never forget the wonderful times we had.

Rest in Peace, Michy. We all miss you terribly…

With sincere grief and sorrow…
Jodie Emery

Watch Michelle’s inspiring and educational videos at

Visit her website and get her famous “Medicinal” t-shirt at

A memorial night to celebrate Michelle’s life will be held at the BC Marijuana Party Headquarters on Thursday, October 28th.

Come upstairs to the BCMP and pay your respects to her beautiful life at 307 West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver. People welcome starting at 6pm, tribute begins at 7pm.

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



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  490. Dondi on

    I am in complete shock and have been crying all day since learning of this horrible news. I wish I had not taken a break from the net for the last year and had known about this when it happened so that I could have at least sent some flowers, however Michelle was so influential in my life that I would have flown all the way to Vancouver from Australia to attend her Memorial, I am so sorry I missed it.

    Michelle was a good friend of mine when I lived in Vancouver, we worked together and socialised at the British Columbia Marijuana Party, she was one of the most amazing and wonderful people I had ever met. You would never know she had cancer as she was always so full of energy, passion, enthusiasm and fighting the good fight. Without her the BCMP and the cannabis legalization scene in Vancouver in general would not have existed as well as it did or made as many hurdles. One thing I always noticed about her was that no matter how tired, over-worked or sick from her cancer she was always dressed up to the nines with her hair done up and makeup on like she was going to a fancy event, always ready to present her self on camera and look like a sexy, confidant and powerful woman. She always maintained a glow about her that shown through her exuberant eyes and shining smile from her trade mark red lips. When you were around Michelle you just felt good and when you knew she was organizing and handling an event, party, press conference, rally or anything that it would go off without a hitch and be professional.

    I am definitely going to be spending a lot of time thinking about how much I miss her. I feel really bad that the last time I was in Vancouver that I had not been able to meet up with her, I tried, but we were never at the same place at the same time and now we never will be. I still can’t get over the fact that our last time togeather was our last.

    I only have one photo of us togeather from a halloween party at the BCMP, but I know there are more photos out there, I hope I can find them, so that I can always have a little memorial to her here.

    She did give me as a gift, a beautiful storage box with hundred of hand cut, polished and inlaid decorative stones completely covering it, it is just beautiful and I have always treasured it as a gift from her, my good friend, and I will treasure it even more forever now.

    Goodbye Michelle *hug*

    I am cross posting this to the various articles about Michelle’s passing, hope that does not bother anyone, I just feel so bad upon hearing this that I want to post everywhere.

  491. Anonymous on

    For years I have followed the activism, and compassion of Michelle Rainey (sp?) .She was the best……

    Dearest Michelle, Find peace with God and Jesus, marijuana is abundant in heaven as it is Gods herb. Love and Peace be with your soul. God loves beautiful souls and your soul is well in heaven.
    In my prayers, and loving wishes…..


  492. andy on

    I am so sad to hear about this, but seeing her so happy and always smiling in that video brightened up my day


  493. Blue on

    I love the tribute video,( good job Jodi) Michelle was a great Woman full of spirit. Definably A true Canadian Icon for the Medical Marijuana Movement. I would love a too see New Millennium shirts with a picture of Michelle wearing the Free Marc Emery t shirt!! Southern Cali MMJ patient here. Yes I and I will ride my Rasta beach cruiser to the beach and make a Karine for Michelle on the marrow. Much love in the wind!!!

  494. Peter on

    A Commemorative Stamp! Hell, with Emily Murphy pictured on the reverse of Canada’s 50-dollar-bills, Michelle would be a great Canadian icon representing the New-Millenium Medical-Marijuana movement.

  495. Peter on

    The beautiful video brought tears to my eyes. As one of the “Vancouver 3” Michelle will go down in History, and I suggest nominating her for a Canadian postage-stamp. In the meantime, ‘Christmas Seal’ type stamps could be designed for this year (In Memory of… tho’ people might not want to draw attention to themselves with ‘marijuana-message mail’)

  496. Randy on

    I look at all of the world’s problems and things seem to be getting worse. I see some of the darkest times, but we live and remember.

  497. Travois on

    I feel much the way you do, I wish we had the freedom to enjoy the herb without persecution. I have watched people like Mark and Michelle for years and follow the progress we have made on CC daily. Fear of loss of job or community standing has kept me on the sidelines for years watching and hoping, but I fear doing little. Over the last year I have begun to take some baby steps towards being useful, such as attending rallies and coming out of the cannabis closet to my boss and friends (the response was, duh you don’t drink or smoke so you had to be doing something). Keep up the good works and continue to show us the strength to join the fight so that we may live out our time without fear. Peace and Love Travois

  498. gre williams on

    I found your words to be very appropriate and very honest.

    Take a good look around you. In doing so you will see Michelle and the love that surrounds. Being ” alone” and being ” lonely” are two different things.

    peace, love, anarchy

    greg williams
    san francisco california

  499. Covey69 on

    I cried when I read about Michelle, I cannot believe that so much tragedy can befall everyone trying to make change, it seems hopeless at times and I want to give up on my feelings yet I know what You and Marc must be going through is torture beyond, I have lost love ones to Cancer and in the Recent years.
    Please if you ever have the time can you help me, lead me to someone here in Edmonton, I do not have the strength to lead people yet but I wish to follow and learn.
    I’m sick of sitting idly by and all my kids have grown and moved and I have 6 grand kids, so I have to help make change. How do I get people to listen, How do I get involved here.
    I’m so sick of the way things to be going and I have a voice but I have fear holding me back, I hate that I was so new when I went to Irwin Cottler protest and entered with Niel (I think his that was his name) and I was their with all those people staring in the building sitting and watching Irwin and waiting for something and I was so fucked up from you’re guys grade A shit I smoked with Renee Boje and Chris Bennett in my minivan. I wanted to speak out and say something but even though I have smoked for years your guys shit put me on my butt and I was scared shitless and was hoping someone to lead but I think Niel was waiting for me.
    I seen Michelle and her speech and she helped me see that even she had fear of speaking in public, yet seemed to have over come it, She’s inspired me and I need this, for 420 next year. I WANT to speak out, I NEED to speak out..
    If you know someone could you email me and I’ll give you my phone number here in Edmonton, Please, It’s time for me to speak out for Marc and you and everyone who needs to hear this. Everyone I speak to on the street, most still have not heard of most new truths and still only know old propaganda.
    I have no one I know with my beliefs and most people I know want it to stay illegal for commerce gain, I just want more people to hear the new updated knowledge being found everyday.