Marc Emery’s US Federal Prison blog #6

I’ve been keeping myself very busy since being let out of solitary confinement on June 24th. I have many books, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, and letters to keep me occupied, so the days sometimes fly by as I read and write back to people.

Inmates here who have family come visit from out-of-state are allowed to apply for extended visits, of 3 to 5 hours (visits are normally 2 hours long). It took a while for me to get a response from my application to have Jodie get extended visits, since she comes from out-of-country, but I finally got a response on July 14th; I can have an extended 5-hour visit with Jodie one day every month, but only if I don’t have any other visits for the rest of the month. Well, I’ll certainly take two two-hour visits every week instead of one 5-hour visit a month!

One day, the C.O. (correctional officer) on our range was sarcastic about all my mail. I came to his office in the middle of the range and asked him a question, and he said “You’ve got no time for that, you’d better get to all your mail and deal with that.” He had to make four trips delivering it all to my cell: first the batch of newspapers, then the magazines, then two trips with ExpressPost envelopes and then regular letter mail. He later came to my cell and said, “Emery, do I look like your mailman? Do I? Tell all your people they can only send you letters on Saturdays.” I said, “Yes, sir”. There was a long pause, then he said, “Emery, I’m messin’ with ya’!” Well, they certainly can “mess with” inmates, because we’re under their authority in here.

I was showing an artistic inmate some of the photos of Jodie and I together for him to draw. He decided to draw a picture of us smiling at the camera in the sunlight at a rocky beach in Vancouver, with the caption “Fun in the sun at Acadia Beach”. In the final drawing the inmate did, I look way too young; he took my age lines out, but I actually like how I look at 51 years old in that photo (it’s from last year; I’m 52 now). The C.O. who joked he was messing with me over being “my mailman” saw the drawing and asked me, “Is Acadia Beach a nude beach?” I explained about Wreck & Acadia being the two clothing optional beaches in Vancouver, one immensely popular (Wreck) and the other very small and private. He said he went to a nude beach in Spain, which he very much liked. So, conversations with a C.O. can range quite widely here.

Jodie’s wonderful love for me and activism has opened up my supporter base of family folks, children, grandparents, especially mothers – a great many letters to me are from women, mostly mothers with children, who admire me and Jodie and find common ground with us. That’s very good to read! Only a minority of letters are from “stoners”. I have 8 pictures of families with kids, so people obviously feel I am a representative for their children, to bring about a world of peace and liberty so they can grow up in safety and freedom. It’s darn flattering people think of me as their representative for their rights and the good cause, so I really appreciate that, possibly more than any other accolade.

On June 20th, the Sunday edition of the Calgary Herald ran a full-sized FREE MARC logo on the front page of section 3, with the article from the LA Times taking up a whole page inside. It was incredible! Wowzer! That blew my mind. The inmates loved it here; they started a “Free Marc and his friends!” chant, and I had to shoosh them! I’m so pleased with the clipping I received of it. That’s prime media space we could never afford to purchase.

These two guys in Newfoundland, Colin and his dad Terry, have printed up 5″ x 8″ maxi-cards with the FREE MARC logo on one side and GOOGLE MARC EMERY on the other side. Colin said that hearing I was in solitary made him angry, so he printed up 1,000 cards that he puts in “price holders” on the shelves of supermarkets and stores. He made 250 fridge magnets of the FREE MARC logo, 1,000 giant postcards that he puts in peoples mailboxes as he walks down various streets in St. John’s (I spoke there at Bannerman Park on my Farewell Tour with Jodie last year), and 6 giant outdoor FREE MARC EMERY and GOOGLE MARC EMERY outdoor banners. They put the Free Marc fridge magnets on restaurant fridges and even made giant magnet images (12″ wide!) for the sides of cars and fast food restaurant drive-thru signs. They’re quite excited to help out, and wow, that is some serious Newfie activism going on!

On July 1st, we got locked down and had a surprise inspection of everyone’s cell (which has happened a few times since). The whole morning was taken up with that, a lot of C.O.’s going from cell to cell and looking through everything, while we were all in the gym area waiting for them to finish. Any rule you broke you were reprimanded or lost something; I was told my cell was very good (clean, no contraband), so nothing happened to me.

It was really hot in the prison in early July, but they fixed the air conditioning so now it’s not nearly so overwhelming. With no fresh air and limited air circulation, it’s good to have the AC on when the summer heat hits. They also fixed the ice machine, so I can cool down the water I drink. I never have soda pop or any juices, because everything except water makes you thirstier!

Here is our daily prison routine:

5:40 am: Cells unlocked
6:00 am: Breakfast, free range time*
6:45 am – 7:30 am: Lockdown
7:30 am: Cells unlocked, free range time
10:45 am – 11:15 am: Lunch
11:15 am – 11:45 am: Out of bounds**
11:45 am – 12:30 pm: Free range time
12:30 pm – 1:15 pm: Lockdown
1:15 pm – 3:30 pm: Free range time
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm: Lockdown
4:30 pm – 5:00 pm: Dinner
5:00 pm – 5:30 pm: Out of bounds*
5:30 pm – 9:40 pm: Free range time
9:40 pm: Lockdown

* “Free range time” means any time that we are not locked into our cells, and I use that time to check and send emails through the Corrlinks program in the computer room, or play dominoes and socialize with other inmates.
** Out of bounds means the other shift (there are up to 100 inmates in my unit DB) is eating, and our level cannot access the computer room.

I did my Pre-Sentencing Interview on July 6th. The lady from Court Services came by with my lawyer Troberman, and asked me questions about my past. None of it involved the actual “crime” of selling seeds, it’s just background information like family, addresses where I lived, my siblings, my criminal record, my history of (non-)drug use, my education, my income, etc. Pretty dull stuff really. I thought it was all about what I did and why I did it, but it was so she can prepare a report for the court at my sentencing hearing on September 10th. I can’t imagine it being controversial or even that interesting. It’s boring because I own very little, have massive debts, my family is “ordinary”, I haven’t got a big criminal record – there’s nothing very interesting about it on those levels.

I wrote a letter to my childhood best friend Roy, but instead of telling him about this place in a straightforward way, I wrote a funny sarcastic review as though it were a bad hotel with the worst shopping and restaurant service. I raved about the “21 day all non-inclusive Special Housing Unit” for a spa, and “the clothing store where you can buy the exact same style as everyone else”. After a lot of mockery I ended with, “The motto of New Hampshire is ‘Live Free or Die’. Apparently ‘Live Free or Die’ is on the state license plates. In unsurpassable irony, the license plates are made by prisoners at the state prison in Corcord, New Hampshire. I guess the state motto isn’t worth the license plates they are printed on.” Writing about this place in the form of a package-tour holiday from Hell might be a fun idea. Sections like “Vitamin D is over-rated”, “Special Housing Units: because you’re Special”, “The Sea-Tac Slim-fast diet… as seen on Oprah”, “We’re Known by the Company We Keep”, “Playful Supervisors Keep the Fun & Games Going 24/7”, etc. I think its got endless potential!

Jodie wrote in her July 5th blog about our visits on July 2nd and 4th. On the 4th we got to have photos taken together. I bought five photo tickets, so we were able to get five pictures of us in the visiting room, which I’ll send to Jodie once they arrive (it takes 3 weeks, they say). On the 2nd, I had to take a drug “breathalyzer” test before my visit. I got through 52 years of my life to get to my first drug test! It felt kind of accomplished to blow 0.00. It’s strange though, because I’m not sure how it would detect anything, or how any inmates can possibly get drugs – I haven’t seen any here, and it’s maximum security, so I don’t know how anything could get in.

I was sent a transcript of Jodie’s speech at the Cannabis Day rally in Vancouver on July 1st. Cannabis Day is our celebration on Canada Day, and it’s been happening since 1996 at the Art Gallery downtown. Between 5,000 and 10,000 people take part, with music and speakers, tents and booths selling pipes, bongs, and every type of cannabis and cannabis-infused product imaginable. It’s always a wonderful time! This was the first major marijuana event in Vancouver that I was not part of, but my wife did an incredible speech in my absence. I wrote to Jodie, “I hope many, people see that barn-burner of a speech on I hope that is put on CC home page right away. Promote that heavily on Facebook & MySpace. Put ‘Marc Emery says Mrs. Emery is a wonderful speaker, and this is a beautiful, touching, urgent, loving speech to all Canadians and the Canadian Cannabis Culture.’ Way to show me how it’s done, Mrs. Emery. This is a good one, you do 5 minutes better than anyone I know, including me. You are incredible!”

Jodie will be speaking at Seattle Hempfest this year on August 21st and 22nd, just as she did last year. It will be interesting for me to be so close to the biggest marijuana and hemp event in the world, but while locked up in prison; I’ve never even been to Seattle Hempfest. Jodie will visit me on Friday the 20th, and again in the morning on Sunday the 22nd, so she’ll be able to tell everyone there that she’s seen me and spoken to me that very weekend!

Commissary arrives every Wednesday, along with laundry. Every week we get our commissary form to fill out, and I buy stamps, envelopes, writing paper, and any snacks I want to get, like tuna packs and trail mix nuts. I’ve bought a variety of spices, garlic sauce, other sauces, so I’ve been zesting up the food we’re served. I never eat chips or chocolate, because junk food makes me feel uneasy. Mondays are always a good day because mail comes, and a flood of newspapers from the weekend (Jodie has me subscribed to the New York Times, the Seattle Times, and USA Today). I get fantastic reprints from our wonderful friend and activist supporter Chris Goodwin in Toronto. He sends me these amazing dense printouts with hundreds of neat facts and trivia that are like 200 lines of pure information, and several pages of it. I find them mesmerizing. If I were to go on Jeopardy, they’d be just the thing to read in the warm-up room. That’s what they need here: Inmate Jeopardy, and if you win, you get 6 months off your sentence. That’s a bankable idea!

I’m reading “Hitch 22” by Christopher Hitchens, after finishing “The Armageddon Factor” about Canada’s evangelical Christian government and how the fanatical religious right has infiltrated our Canadian media and legal system. Hitch-22 is a beautifully written memoir; his charm and wonderful use of the English language is very entertaining, seductive and inspiring. He is so clever and “charming” keeps coming to mind. I’d certainly love to have dinner with the guy, that’s my first and constant impression. You just love every sentence this guy writes. The Armageddon Factor is revealing and informative, but I don’t think we have reason to fear (Jodie is always very anxious and worried about it) – we just have to demonize Prime Minister Harper & His Band of Punishment Freaks appropriately at all opportunities. Harper is cold as ice. He’s a lot like Nixon, a lot of getting back at enemies, revenge and punishment; he has no friends, and power/manipulation is his only lust. His wife isn’t living with him anymore after having an affair with an RCMP officer, because he doesn’t care about sex, love, friends – only power over others. He is full of hate. He has no joy in life other than seeing his enemies flail. Nixon was the exact same. Both have and had contempt for virtually any free thinker. We absolutely must get rid of the Harper Conservative government in Canada.

Another book I just received is “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colourblindness”. A number of the black inmates want to read it after I’m done. It’s all about how blacks make up a huge proportion of incarcerated drug offenders. Chris Goodwin sent me a lot of poetry from a book of black poets, lots of Tupac, Black Panther stuff, so the African-American guys think I am different, obviously, from the usual white inmate. One fellow is getting me to read his urban autobiographical work of ‘fiction’ he’s writing. More of them are calling me Prince without sarcasm, and one guy put me in his cool rap song. My “cellie” (cell mate) says all his kids and and their friends are super impressed I’m his cell mate; they all know of me, he says. Many inmates have family and friends who are fans of my work and excited to be able to say their friend or husband/boyfriend/brother is imprisoned with me. Even visitors have recognized Jodie and are eager to share their stories about how they know of us.

I hope my supporters are continuing their efforts to end prohibition and free all the peaceful, non-violent drug war prisoners. As I have said before, as far back as 2004, “Let my incarceration galvanize you to action”. And remember, one person can undo the evil of several thousand people. You should never underestimate your power. Plant the Seeds of Freedom and Overgrow the Government!

– Marc Emery’s prison blogs are compiled and posted by Jodie Emery based on emails from Marc

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



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  543. dragonfly de la luz on

    Section 3: Lawful Activities: Section 11301: Commercial Regulations and Controls: (g):

    “PROHIBIT AND PUNISH through civil fines or other remedies THE POSSESSION, sale, possession for sale, cultivation, processing, or transportation OF CANNABIS THAT WAS NOT OBTAINED LAWFULLY FROM A PERSON PURSUANT TO THIS SECTION OR SECTION 11300.”

    (The key words being, “[c]annabis that was not obtained lawfully…”)

    –And who is “a person pursuant to section 11300?” Read on:

    “Section 11300: (i) …a person who is licensed or permitted to do so [sell marijuana] under the terms of an ordinance adopted pursuant to section 11301.”

    –Thus, the initiative’s exact words–“prohibit and punish… the possession… of cannabis that was not obtained lawfully… from a person who is licensed or permitted to do so”–mean exactly this: ***IT WILL BE ILLEGAL TO POSSESS MARIJUANA THAT WAS PURCHASED ANYWHERE OTHER THAN A LICENSED DISPENSARY.***

    This prohibition also means that even if you are in possession of marijuana that was gifted to you—if it was purchased from anywhere other than a licensed dispensary, you will be illegally possessing cannabis that was not lawfully obtained, and subject to punishment under Prop. 19.

    And there are very few licensed dispensaries in California, by the way. In Oakland, there are four—Richard Lee owns one of them—and a cap has been placed in that city so that there can be no others. (Cha-ching!)

    and that’s not nearly all. read the FACTS at

  544. Oregon_Vegan on

    I have to say I have always respected your advocacy of such a huge part of the finance’s and my life. I’m not a religious man but if there was someone to pray for their well being it would be with you. You have inspired us to take our education in Business Admin and Biology to fight for all of this in our own way. Its an injustice to see you behind bars, but its so inspirational.

    We are moving to Oregon in one week to get a feel for the area and really see how we want to fight for something in a smart and economical way. I’m very tired of how restricted our lifestyle in where we currently reside. Your inspiring people Marc, even if it sucks that they imprisoned you it helps everything you stand for so very much. So thank you for what you are doing, even if its not by choice. :)

    It is infuriating to see a valued citizen locked up for such inane reasoning. My new life and adventure starts in in 6 days, I will continue following your posts for inspiration.

  545. persecutedinalberni on

    I bet the fest was great,I agree we need to get him home and yes primeminister would be nice,kinda.

    We have to remember that when he finaly gets to the top we will probably all turn on him because there is more to being prime than just pot.
    The elite tell the prime what to do and he does it and that is the way it is so when they say we go to war then we go to war.
    We all might hate adolf Harper but there are more people involved in your hatred for him than we know about,he isn’t acting alone.

    So for now let’s hope he gets home and perhaps give us the right to vote for him at least for the marijuana party/movement.

    Was wondering what do you mean by “we are all working hard to get him home”?
    I know I am but it would be nice to know somewhere in this country there is someone else posting signs/banners on a highway on a saturday like I am so I at least know someone else cares about their freedoms and rights as I do.

  546. kelly on

    thanks for sharing with us what your going through and that there are many of us back home here in Canada who believe and support you.Over the weekend we went to the treating yourself hemp was great of course.. would have loved to see Jodie there speaking..
    when you get back to Canada I think you should run for Prime Minister we need you… God Bless… and remember were all working together to get you back home..
    waves from St Catharines , Ontario

  547. persecutedinalberni on

    You bet I am there every saturday,starting early in the day helps beat the heat and a tree and my 8ft by 12 ft sign gives me shade from the sun.

  548. Dave on

    I think because women are closer to our Mother and intrinsically understand her natural gifts. And also, I think people with open minds tend to live longer. Another thing some older women didn’t, like their husbands, have to think inside a box to earn a living. They were able to stay home and could see things from outside the box. Not so today; we need both mom and pop inside the box just so a family can get by!

  549. Dave on

    Don’t worry Jodie just having fun; I hope nobody is crazy enough to do that? It’s like, I’ll see your stupid suggestion and I’ll raise it to an even dumber. Don’t think the other poster will send seeds and I’m definitely not sending bud!

    Sorry didn’t mean to make you nervous!

  550. moldy on

    I’m a MMJ patient too but I’ll be supporting prop 19. I know that MMJ patients are sitting ducks right now. The protection you THINK you have is only a bust away. Anyway, if it wasn’t for the closet pot heads out there you wouldn’t have MMJ but that’s okay. You got yours so fuck everybody else.

  551. moldy on

    This ain’t a bill. You’re a dealer or under 21. Scare tactics huh? You’re a liar (or slow) just like the prohibitionists. Fuck you! You haven’t been around long enough to know what happens in other states or countries. You don’t care about people going to jail or patients paying black market prices for something worth 1/20th of what it costs to produce. This is the closest you’ll get to freedom and you’ll vote no?

    How much time have you served for a pot bust?

  552. moldy on

    I wish all counsellors spoke the truth as you have. Thanks!

  553. Jodie on

    Any seeds or weed that show up in the mail addressed to Marc will be thrown out immediately and Marc might be punished, or the sender could possibly be visited by police. It’s just unwise and ineffective, so please don’t do that. Plant the seeds of freedom in a park or somewhere, so they can come to life and help Overgrow the government! 😉

  554. Anonymous on

    You’re still doing the highway thing in this heat? That’s dedication. Maybe Vic Toews will drive by someday and see the error of his ways. Highly unlikely, but who know?

  555. persecutedinalberni on

    Nice to see you keep up your sence of humour Marc,I guess that is easy to do when you are not in the “HOLE” lol.

    I agree with you Marc about the your older supporters,we were surprised the first time I set up my FREE MARC signs along the highway we had alot of elderly folks(mostly females)who gave us thumbs up and honks.

    I remember one of the other supporters I was with said “woooh man you see them they were a bunch a greyhairs too” lol right after we had a car load of seniors honk and give thumbs up drive past lol.

    Even though there are alot of older “haters” we all wish would hurry up and die so we can heal and fix the planet and ourselves we also have to remember there are alot of older people who are not haters and they know the truth and are good people.

    It really makes me happy and puts a smile on my face when the car load of older people who give us honks and thumbs up drive past and I am quick to give them a thumbs up to let them know I am happy to know they are smart people.

    The older they are the more government lies they have lived through so why would they not support you Marc.

    Jodie,Marc is so right you really are a great speaker, keep up the good work.

  556. Worm on

    I’m misconstrued.

    Peace & Pot

  557. Dave on

    Better yet send bud, the guards might partake and finally see how they form part of this evil machine, we call the “Incarcerate and Punish Ministries”!

    And Marc, recalling that episode of Jeopardy with Anderson Cooper “0” zero and Cheech 10,000 + sounds like a good idea for us but what about the others who are not Cannabis consumers? Won’t they get violent once they see we’re winning most of the matches?

  558. Dale allo on

    jesus christ man what are you smoking?

  559. Anonymous on

    As for anyone that claims 215 and sb420 is protected because it says “paitients have right to consume and posses” please note it conspicously leaves out cultivation and collective association. The two cornerstones of prop 215 and Sb420.

    Also bare in mind that limits for patients were struck down by the sepreme court.

    This new bill may do away with that as well.

  560. Sparkky on

    Everybody in Canada should just start sending pot seeds to the detention centre Marc is in! If they are overwhelmed with just letters now, than to recieve tonnes of benign harmless bird seed then that would really flustered them! Imagine what the guards would think if the got three million seeds delivered to them! The only way it would stop is if they let Marc out! It would be awesome!

  561. Anonymous on

    As a medical marijuana patient… I will be voting NO! I love my rights as a Patient and do not want them infringed.

  562. Anonymous on

    Canada has two progressive parties which together would outpoll the conservative party.

    Why are the Canadian Progressives not screaming for them to merge?

    Also, what happens when California legalizes cannabis in November? Will Marc be in jail for something that is legal in California?

  563. rrvanderhye on

    so that my meanin or words aren’t misconstrued.was born/raised in the usa-christian based democratic society.capitalism is the system which has gotten me this far in life.but taking a house and ruinin it w/dangerous levels of mold and mildew by stealin power off the grid so cannibus can be grown and it in a cafe or on the street,for so called medical reasons or profit is wrong.
    lettin the government of any free society control what we grow on our so-called property for personal use is why not let canada grow industrial hemp and sell it to the usa.let the canadians deal w/potheads.make sense.because the usa is doin such a great job w/the ama and such.maybe it is better to let canada take care of the hemp-unless canada like the usa and most of the civilized world is full of corn
    hundreds of strains of corn gone forever and now we have what we have-corn in almost everything we eat.anyway why grow hemp w/a whole rain forest to cut down.the fiber is not a good as hemp-but so what.its the western way.(if it makes sense-forget about it).in any case,before i write a manifesto.we our suppose to be free.if we grow a tomatoe,the tomatoe police don’t take our tomatoe.believe it or not we can even grow corn,spinach,herbs…in our own garden of course.but indica for pain or sativa to raise the spirit-oh my god call the police and get yerself to the church.
    i am not against making a profit.go to ur local nursery buy seed sprouts plant ur garden.hey share w/the guy next door.bake em some cookies,candy.
    to turn marijuanna into a federally controled,black market commodity is against our most basic rights.industrial hemp is doomed to go the way of the corn and those that are in power will take over ur smoke on freedom fighters and of course make a profit.maybe it will be traded on the commodity market.yee haw!oh by the way,can’t wait to get to bc.smoke some of that toxic,mold/mildewy bud.yum!

  564. Jodie on

    He also he read Dragonfly’s faulty article; that’s what prompted his rebuttal in the form of his widely-read “Why you should vote YES on Proposition 19” article, linked to on the left-hand column of this website. He has seen her claims and found them full of fear-mongering and paranoid “what-if” scenarios. So he will not change his mind after reading that blog, because he already read that blog long ago when Dragonfly was shopping it around to all the cannabis magazines.

  565. Jodie on

    Hempfest is AUGUST 21-22!

  566. Anonymous on

    Love you Marc and hope you get out of our shitty system soon. Also I hope you read this post as it may change your mind on legalization which it was never about but the cornering of the market while striping away the rights of MMJ Patients.

    Sorry but people need to read this bill like everyone tells us people who are voting NO.

    MMJ patients will be loosing our rights if this passes.

    Proponents of California’s Regulate Control and Tax Cannabis 2010 Initiative (Prop. 19) claim it will have no effect on California’s medical marijuana laws, that it “explicitly upholds the rights of medical marijuana patients”.

    The language of the initiative says otherwise.

    Yesterday, Russ Belville stated in a comment to his blog in The Huffington Post that “Prop 19 does nothing to change Prop 215 or your access to your current dispensary.” Belville is NORML’s Outreach Coordinator and Host of NORML Show Live.

    Meanwhile, in an article that is causing quite a stir among proponents of ending marijuana prohibition, Dragonfly De La Luz lists 18 reasons “Pro-Pot Activists” oppose Prop. 19.

    [POST EDITED FOR LENGTH – Full articles from other websites cannot be posted as comments – PROVIDE LINKS, DO NOT COPY & PASTE FULL ARTICLES – This post’s original copy & paste form is considered SPAM]

  567. Anonymous on

    There are a few people who like to make very negative and insulting posts about Marc. I’d like to remind them that were it not for him they wouldn’t even have this website to express their opinions on. He made this website, from selling seeds, and it is a valuable resource for many people. Whatever you may think of him personally, if he did even one thing that was of value to even one person then he has made a positive contribution to the world. That’s more than most of the haters can say.

    The US and Canadian governments have imprisoned him so the haters must be happy now. They needn’t post insults anymore because I really don’t think anything they say is going to hurt him more than his own country’s government already has. So what exactly do they hope to accomplish with their posts, to show the world that there are people out there who derive satisfaction from kicking a person when they’re already down? They’ve certainly done a good job of that. Now they can go tip over somebody’s wheelchair.

  568. Anonymous on

    great reading, brought a tear to my eye. Stay safe

  569. Anonymous on

    – Marc Emery’s prison blogs are compiled and posted by Jodie Emery based on emails from Marc

    ^that is exactly what I was wondering as I was reading.. Thanks

  570. Curtis on

    Thanks, Marc, for taking the punishment that might be levied on so many of us. I continue to write letters to the U.S. Executive Branch requesting your pardon.

  571. A Supporter on

    Thank-you Marc for letting us know what is going on for you. I have always been impressed with you and your activities. I first heard you speak at The Om Festival in Ontario quite a few years ago. Your speech knocked me on my ass! I hope that you can get out from under this and keep it positive. You are the victor not the imperial machine.

    Personally I do not use the medicine and I am a drug counsellor. I do not see very many 4-20 addicts. I do believe people should not be jailed for this. Over 80% are alcohol-related clients.

  572. cybergenesis on

    Good to hear from Mark.

    Sounds like he is keeping positive minded.

    I think I will send him a letter at some stage, though I have never communicated with him before.

    Feel sorry for him having NO WEED behind bars, or then again maybe he has got some, we probably won’t find out for a long time.

  573. suze on

    The dates that were quoted for the seattle hempfest are incorrect, well actually only the month It is on AUGUST 21 and 22 not JULY! Please make a note of that so that there is no confusion. Thanks!