Marc Emery Imprisoned: Monday, Sept. 28, Vancouver

I am not looking forward to this day at all, so I hope there will be a strong group of friends and fans to help support me and Marc in this very, very difficult time.

Marc Emery will be taken into custody at the BC Supreme Court on Monday, September 28th. Come out and show your support from 9:00am – 11:30am, Smithe Street between Howe and Hornby, downtown Vancouver.

Marc is going to be committed for extradition on one count (the same one as the plea deal is based upon) by the judge, and will be taken into custody that day.

He will remain in jail here in BC until the federal Justice Minister, Robert Nicholson, signs the extradition order to turn Marc over to US custody. That can happen a week after September 28th or up to 60 days later. (We still urge people to call the Justice Minister and tell him to NOT extradite Marc Emery — go to for the contact information.)

Marc would then be sent to a Seattle jail to await his sentencing hearing in the federal court of judge Ricardo Martinez. We have been urging people to send letters to him explaining why Marc should not serve time in the USA. (Go to for Judge Ricardo Martinez’s contact information.)

Marc’s plea deal is for a 5-year sentence, and he will be given that sentence as the result of a joint submission, which means all parties agree on the same sentence. The time would be served in the US, with no parole — a mandatory minimum of 5 years, 85% with good behaviour (that’s still 4 years and 2 months).

Foreigners stay in their own prisons, though. Canadians are not housed with American prisoners; they are imprisoned with illegal immigrants and drug cartel members from Central and South America, and people from elsewhere in the world. There are no work camps, no rehabilitation, no education, no “benefits” that American prisoners receive.

There are also violent gang-related incidents that often leave the prisons on lockdown, in which inmates are kept to their cells for 23 hours every day. See the video and news story about the Canadians experiencing that here:

Marc will apply for a prison transfer as soon as possible, but the Conservative government is refusing to bring Canadians home from the US if they are imprisoned there for “drug offenses”, claiming that they may return to “organized crime” if brought back to Canada. The Minister of Public Safety is in charge of that decision, and we will need to lobby him relentlessly to return Marc Emery to Canada.

The US prosecutor has said he won’t oppose a transfer, but he could renege and refuse to recommend transfer. In that case, we need people to relentlessly lobby the US Corrections, as well as President Obama to pardon Marc Emery.

Contact the White House
1-202-456-1414 Switchboard
1-202-456-1111 Comments

The goal is to bring Marc Emery back to Canada as soon as possible so he can be released on day parole as a “first-time, non-violent offender”. It’s absolutely necessary to keep his story alive and in the headlines, to remind people that this is as an affront to Canadian sovereignty.

Please come and show your support at the BC Supreme Court, 800 Smithe Street in downtown Vancouver on Monday, September 28th at 9:00am.

Bring signs too: “FREE MARC EMERY”, “Marc Emery = Political Prisoner”, etc.

Here’s some Skytrain based directions: Take Millenium/Expo line to Burrard Station, walk south on Burrard to Smithe, turn left (East) on Smithe. Take Canada Line to Vancouver Centre, walk west on Georgia to Howe, turn left (South) on Howe, walk to Smithe, turn right.

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. Anonymous on

    I hope everything works out for Marc even if it doesnt it will only bring us closer together. Happy 4/20

  2. josh from the uk on

    i didnt even know this dude existed fair play to the guy but it sucks that yet again america seems to wanna prove whatever point they think there proving my veiw on it is if the whole world was high then there wouldnt be war there wouldnt be hate everyone would be to stoned yeah there may an influx of babies but that aint to bad much respect for marc and many applogies to his wife jodie im sorry to see a fellow weed smoker thrown into those stupid wanker yanks jails best of luck josh

  3. Anonymous on

    LMAO….well then…you just keep believing in what you believe….

  4. Anonymous on

    You should keep up with science when making statements like this. THC creates brain cells.

  5. Anonymous on

    Seriously you need to stop drinking the work coolade.

  6. Anonymous on

    You absolutely have no brains if you think No One gets addicted to marijuana…..

  7. Anonymous on

    Nope…not getting a new job anytime soon… convenient for you if they legalized pot….so for now go back and hide in your garage and burn out a few more brain cells….

  8. Anonymous on

    shane matthews is a peice of shit.

  9. brian c on

    my prayers go out to you and your family.

  10. Anonymous on

    Have you ever smoked Marijuana? it’s not a gateway drug, alcohol is the gateway drug. If anything people are more cautious when high NOT experimental. If you work in a treatment center and do not know this….. I feel sorry for the people at your addiction center…get a new job.

  11. investigator (MB.) on

    Dear Jodie, I am writing today to make you aware that there is a man out Boulder Colorado by the name of Shane Matthews who goes from Marc Topic blog, to Marc topic blog, spreading anti Marc propoganda, and misinformation. He is very well spoken and has excellent spelling and grammar. He is always very adamant in his position against Marc, legalization, decrimininlization and often argues against what is modern conventional wisdom on the topic. He will not accept any information one presents as credible, and is frustrating to deal with as any Zealot out there. Shane Matthews is a very dangerous religiuos partisan he argues on blogs against blasphmey and wants government to regulate swearing, just to give you an idea where he is coming from. I have asked him many times, while he is posing under many names, why it is he hates Marc, or what is it specifically that Marc has done to him,no response, he cannot be reasoned with. The blogs are overwhelmingly in support of Marc, and this guy sticks out like a sore thumb when you realize all negativity is coming from him under several names. With all of his ridiculous perspective, and many different names it can be disorienting so one has to look for simiLIARities in the writing.
    Mr Matthews made the mistake of using his real name to post very anti Marc blog inserts and by studying his writing I have been able to expose him already at several blogs where he posts many times in order to generate support, for his ludicrous position.
    Lunatics are nothing new but this guy has such seething hatred for Marc and makes such a great effort to misinform, and stop our progress that I wanted you to know. In the future when someones Emery blog insert seems to be from a very odd perspective for a Canadian it may be him under another name.
    I have posted in several blogs today exposing him with people he is argiung with, Today he posted the first two blog inserts here, where he called for twenty years for Marc. The man is a dangerous monster, I hope this helps Marc if even in some small way

  12. Anonymous on

    so do drug dealers and dope pushers

  13. David Dickinson on

    It is not a good idea to turn fugitive. A small-time drug dealer by the name of Rodney Jackson went on the lam for over a year in Hazelton BC. The rcmp found him, called in SWAT team, blew him to bits. The funeral was yesterday. Don’t run, turn yourself in. There’s lots of people who want all the marijuana smokers to be murdered. When Rodney’s death was published in the Sun, most of the commentators said it was a good thing because it will save tax payers money. Don’t play into their hands, these bastards mean business and will kill you any chance they get.

  14. rabitski on

    From you comments I can infer that you think “pot” is a gateway drug. This is a myth which you seem to want to perpetuate. Working in a treatment center, surely you’ve discovered that these “addicted” young people have big problems from which their addiction to drugs is only a symptom. No one gets addicted to marijuana. You do a disservice to human kind for trying to perpetuate this lie. Your final comment was insensitive and ignorant. Marc has always been willing to martyr himself to the cause. He is not a whiner.

  15. Anonymous on

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    Pray daily. Think appropriately. Impart these charecteristics upon your children. Too many are confident, unaware of the God’s awesome powers or their status as antients. Others may fall prey to their positioning.
    Be humbled, God-fearing and beware of the God’s temptations, for everyone is tested to evaluate their worthiness.

  16. Doug on

    … and so you make a living on the status quo drug policies, as do many others… dealers, judges, cops .. and the rest of the industry. When and if kids try nature’s pot and figure out the lies about it, they look to see what else they’ve been lied to by their government …. but what is really important, is determining the root cause of addictive and destructive usage. How about looking into that ? Wouldn’t anyone want to know what motivates kids (or anyone else) to destructively take drugs in the first place ? Let me lead you a little further down this road…to a lrge extent, its actually government policies. Policies which promote and cause …fatherless homes, unemployment, lack of family time…and on and on… So destructive drug usage by kids is a HUGE SIGNAL that there is something wrong with society, and that’s what we need to fix.

    And that’s what we need to fix.

    … but you might lose your job, along with legions of others who benefit from the staus quo …

  17. Crystal on

    Just wanted to say you have my support 100 percent.
    I’m very sorry that you guys have to go through this.
    Obama seemed like he was going away from a tough stance on cannabis in the US..I wonder if you could speak to him somehow?

    What kind of world is it where seeds in the mail gets you jailtime.

  18. Anonymous on

    Cannabis is addictive.Pot is the gateway to drugs and the problem is that people start of with some weed now and then and then it leads to drinking oh and then a much bigger world of drugs…ask any recovering addict…I talk with them everyday.Where there is pot,there is normally a whole lot of other drugs…and then it becomes a problem.Withdrawal from pot is not normally a bad physical thing but mentally people are very anxious,irritable and depressed and end up going back to it.Many people use pot to mask their problems instead of dealing with issues that are going on.Oh yeah,and by the way, I am not brainwashed by the government…it is completely fucked….I worry about my children and their future….those are my worries…but I think having it legalized is saying that it is okay….so what does that teach my children??I don’t want them thinking it’s okay or drinking is okay ….as for organized crime,they are still going to have a problem regardless whether or not they legalize pot…and yes…I will educate my children…

  19. greazysdnative on

    All i know is that if out goverment doesn’t shape up.Iam ready to jump the border to canada.I’am sick of see my tax dollers being wasted.

  20. Annie Oakley on

    But when your so-called ‘opinion’ is actually just propaganda created by the gov’t to keep it illegal for the sole purpose of continuing to fund Organized Crime which in turn fuels the political careers of the people in power……think about it. It’s not really your opinion, now, is it?
    You are just repeating lies that you heard because you are gullible enough to believe the lies the gov’t told you. Sad that you are so complacent. Try getting educated and learn the TRUTH.

  21. AnnieOakley on

    Hi Char,

    If cannabis is addictive, prove it. What are the terrible withdrawl symptoms then? There are none. The few that seem addicted would be addicted to anything, no matter what. In fact, I would consider it a safer, alternative addiction replacement herb. Don’t they use methadone to replace herion addiction? That is a dangerous narcotic. Pot is not in any way a narcotic.

    As for your propaganda regarding it leading to other drugs…..
    Solution: Take it out of the drug dealer’s hands and into doctors and pharmacists and it will be regulated instead of being available to youngsters. Organized crime is fuelled by pot money, amongst other things. Legalizing and regulating (like cigarettes and alcohol) is the most sensible thing to do.
    Cigarettes and alcohol kill millions annually, yet Cannabis has NEVER KILLED anybody, EVER.

    Annie Oakley

  22. Anonymous on


  23. Shadrach on

    I’m here in Lincoln, Nebraska. I know countless people that distribute pot, and smoke it, locally and nationally. For the government to go outside its boarders and inflict it’s flawed statutes on aliens is the strongest form of hypocrisy. My country’s constitution starts out as “We the people” but those people are now dead, and the government pays homage to them still. Our congress does not hear the people, our senators have turned a deaf ear to our cries. Our schools are indoctrinating our children with unsubstantiated lies, perpetuating the injustices that retard our social consciousness. Marc Emery is no criminal, he is no less than a friend to every American that desires peace and freedom. Our prisons are full, not with murderers, nor liars, nor rapists, nor thieves, but with people that believe that a plant has no jurisdiction by any government. If addiction is a problem, blame the user, not the plant. Use responsibly and nobody gets hurt. The real criminal is the DEA which purchased the seeds with my tax money. Could we call this taxation without representation? If the DEA feels that they are above the law, then I really don’t feel like I need this government anymore. Is there any room in Canada, or is it just as messed up, up there?

  24. Anonymous on

    Also,I don’t work in a treatment center….I work in a medical detox center so I watch all these individuals go through absolute hell from withdrawal….but then I also see them when they are sober and get to see how amazing they are when they are getting clean….so yeah,I guess I am biased when it comes to this,but I see it all…and I don’t believe making pot smoking legal is a good thing.

  25. Anonymous on

    didn’t say i was a pro,but I have a right to my own opinion…

  26. greazysdnative on

    lets chat sometime i would like to put ur theory to a test. Just because u work in a treatment center does’t make u a pro.

  27. Concerned Cannabis Citizen on

    So awful that this day has finally arrived! My heart goes out to Marc and Jodie. I can’t believe that the Canadian Government would allow this farce to continue and not step in to do something about this after all the support through protests and letters and phone calls. Some from me. I have met Marc several times and Jodie a few times. Just recently on a cruise with the 1st annual Vandsterdam Bowl. I had a “bowl” with me from one of the Tokers Bowls and Marc recognized it right away and had to look in it to see what “goodies” I keep in it! Also at the Vapour Lounge the first day of the Vandsterdam bowl. Marc recognized me from the Tokers Bowls and brought his bong over to start sampling the various strains we had just received.I’ve been to all the Tokers Bowls and talked to Marc at all of them. Such a great guy…easy to talk to…gracious…I would like to write to Marc and contribute some $$$ to him during his prison time.

  28. char on

    Seriously….Your husband ,I agree is a non-violent offender but what is he teaching our young???I work in an addiction center and these addictions to pot lead to much bigger and much more serious addictions and I deal with very young people that are so screwed up at such a young age and are spending their young lives in treatment centers instead of living their young lives….he has made his bed now he needs to lay in it.

  29. Mitch W on

    Hey, we need to vote. If we could get like NDP, Liberal, Green, in we could get him back.
    We could get it legalized.
    Man, like 90% of old people vote.
    and like 10 – 20% of like late teens and early twenties, think voting is pointless.
    We need to vote.
    We’re letting people who do think voting is worth their time impose the will of the oppressive Conservative Government, who is, of course Pro-American Gov’t, Pro Corporations, Bad for the environment.
    If we’re having another election, lets freakin make it count, K?
    Like seriously. They’re expensive.
    And like it’s always been freaking Blue or Red. At one time there was blue red, I think (Haha).
    We should trying something different, and if not, something not freaking Blue.
    I could be wrong, I don’t think so.
    anyways, please vote man, Everyone else should vote, and we all need to write everyone we can for Marc. He’s done so much for the Marijuana Culture.

  30. Anonymous on

    how can the canadian government even consider sending any canadian that has commited non sexual/violent crimes in canada to the u,s,a ??? im baffled by this!

    what the fuck kind of leader is harper?? i mean, clinton went over in korea to save some dumb rich chicks! harper cant keep marc and company in canada??

    they better have a last minute change of plan because if anyone from marc;s X companie gets time ( us or canadian time)
    im done voting and paying taxes,, fuck this machine that locks up my brother

    with ya marc and everyone,,,

  31. slartibartfast on

    i am so sorry for what is happening to you…your government and by extension, your fellow canadians have let you down

  32. Anonymous on

    Thank you Jodie!

  33. Anonymous on

    But eh, keep it peacefully eh, Life is sacred remember?

  34. Anonymous on

    Wrong, there’s an whole army of people like Marc out there, You are one of them, everyone on its own individual way.
    Marc is the one doing PUBLIC RELATIONS for us.
    Jodie is his compagnion,accosiate,wife, public relations manager, prospective barer of a whole lot of new little markys and marcys.
    Lets Go get them guys and galls, if they think they’ll be fucking us,we’ll be fucking them.

    Don,t underestimate ourselves, we have power, even more while everyone beeing an individual of our own.

    Did you ever consider that nothing, no star stone piece of dust or atom would have existed if YOU would not have existed?

    do the maths, it´s a fact.

    Do you see now how much power WE have?

  35. greazysdnative on

    for the people by the people has been lost along time ago. OUR GOVERMENT HAS TUERNED INTO A BULLSHIT COUNTRY CLUB EITHER UR IN OUR UR NOT ANARCHY FOR EVER…

  36. Anonymous on

    Feel so bad for Marc. Only one with courage to fight for whats right, best thing to do is continue with his cause.

    Disposable helium tank

    Seeds in balloons
    Helium in ballons
    Balloons go pop
    Seeds come down

  37. Anonymous on

    Nice 🙂

  38. jodie on

    Yes, I will post the address on our website when I know where Marc is. The address will change as he is moved around, but I will certainly keep everyone informed.

  39. Herb on

    It’s spelled Marc.

    The “c” is for cannabis.

  40. Over 50% of America on

    I am sorry that the USA is doing this to Marc. As an American who feels it is a crime to keep terminally ill Americans from feeling better no matter what and that the war on drugs is a civil war against generally non-violent and mostly likable people. I say to Marc, Please accept my apology on behalf of the majority of the people of the USA who feel the war on drugs should end.
    America is a violent nation and our government doesn’t care about our rights any more so why should yours matter. Hard to believe your own people are giving you up to the Nazi invaders.
    Once again on behalf of the more than 50% of the people of the USA who feel our government of the people, by the people and for the people, might want to listen to the people, I apologize.

  41. Anonymous on

    P’haps thisone will do the trick on Ya for a sec Jodie: Rhymes And Reasons by John Denver

  42. Anonymous on

    Higher spirits will be at his side in jail, they are real entertaining and enable one to speed up cognictive awareness and deal with the linearity of time.
    Take a break in the big wide open marc, just think outside the concrete, We,ll be there for ya, You can bet yur ass on thatone.

    Love man! as much as I can give, you are our equal! we are all connected, what happens to you out there will be simultaniously happening to us in here.
    No worries man.

    Still I keep the hope that it all just will go a little bit different as expected, just cant help myself from thatone.

  43. Anonymous on

    Cannabis Defense activists are planning on packing the courtroom here in Seattle when Marc is sentenced. I was at court for Michelle & Greg’s sentencing..I will also be in the courtroom for Marc, along with the CDC (

  44. Anonymous on

    well it´s all about the Judge now. He´s always got an option to quit his job wich Marc Emery does not have.
    I´ve tried sending some positive vibes to the both of them yesterday. Hope it helps.

  45. greazysdnative on

    i got caught selling .18 of an oz, and u know what happened?
    45days in jail and 3yrs probation, and if i violate iam lookling at 4-5yrs in prison.ya if he get sent here they will fuck him real good I think he talk to much on marijuana nation about how canada wouldnt extridet him.

  46. Anonymous on

    Kind of sucks to do THAT much time, considering I’ve done 19 months myself. Time will be his worst enemy and it ticks by slowly. He better be ready mentally because 85% of his time is 52 months…damn. I will think of him as I cultivate my cannabis:)

  47. Anonymous on

    Earth is cylindrical= he’s got to run infinitly.
    If earth was infinite, he’d stand a good chance getting away.

  48. Moscheijuana on

    I never knew that!!

    made 15 million bucks shilling pot – it figures, so no wonder he is so sensitive to being chased by pot nazi fascists and tortured in their prisons of death, and why he gave money to the israeli pot liberation party — because he actually is but secretly one of the chosen people just like he says- the last days of babylon as marc emery gets taken away into captivity in chains -he is misunderstood a new age profit of the herb of wisdom. and an awesome successful rebel businessman

    .Can’t MOSAD break in and swat team rescue him?
    They do everybody else Jewish who is being fucked over
    it’s not too late to ask

  49. Al on

    Can”t mark just run?

  50. Subcoolonline on

    Having served time in both Canadian jails and US jails for Cannabis crimes I can tell you that the hardest thing to deal with is boredom. Marc will be housed with mostly non violent inmates and while it will be a long stay its not as bad as some people think. Just a waste of life time IMO.

    If he does wind up in Seattle bet we will be making trips up to see him and keep his canteen full.

    The best we can offer is to be here for him and we will!


  51. Anonymous on

    This day will be Yom Kippur, the day of atonement (or judgement). The choice is his.

  52. Anonymous on


    I cannot imagine what type of sitauation you are going through. Please know that they are many people in this world that knows this is a complete injustice to everything human. Our thoughts go out to you and Marc.

    We support Marc every step of the way.

    Take care!

  53. Anonymous on

    It is heartbreaking to see this happen. What a terrible action on my governments part. I can not be there due to financial considerations, but you can bet I’ll be lobbying my congressman in Marc’s behalf. God bless you both.

  54. Anonymous on

    we will all be right beside you!

  55. Anonymous on

    We’ll be here Jodie, we’ll be here for ya.
    Verry touching pic you put up.

    Now go get them bastards 😉