Never Get Busted: Understanding Police Drug Dogs

The world of police canines (K-9s) has been shrouded in secrecy and mythology since the first drug-smelling pooch was released to battle drugs in 1969. Authoritarian and tyrannical governments have used highly trained search dogs since the Nazi regime. This article is the first in depth report made available to the public to help lift this heavily guarded shroud, and in it you will learn:
• Why dogs are the preferred law enforcement animals for detecting odors
• Exactly how drug dogs are trained to seek out and find marijuana
• Critical errors made by K-9 teams
• How police manipulate dogs to false alert in order to conduct a vehicle search

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Barry Cooper, ex-narcotics officer in Texas. I recently released a DVD that has gained worldwide attention because it teaches citizens secret law enforcement tactics that will greatly reduce their chances of going to jail for marijuana. It’s called “Never Get Busted Again Volume 1: Traffic Stops” and will be followed up with more volumes to address other situations. During my eight-year narcotics career, I made more than 800 drug arrests, raided over 100 homes across Texas, bought and sold kilograms of cocaine undercover, trained 500+ drug dog teams, and taught narcotics officers at various police academies how to do the same. I have worked joint operations with every agency imaginable including the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms), DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), US Customs, US Border Patrol, and the US Military. During these endeavors I became known as an expert in the field of drug detection and police K-9s, and am now releasing this information to you.

Before we discuss the training methods of K-9s, we must first take a short class in the K-9’s ability to detect odors. Dogs have about 25 times more olfactory (smell) receptors than humans. These receptors occur in special sniffing cells deep in a dog’s snout and are what allow a dog to “out-smell” humans. Dogs can sense odors at concentrations nearly 100 million times lower than humans can. Here’s a comparison to help you appreciate the vast difference in olfactory ability between humans and dogs: if all the sensory epithelia (skin tissue) in the average dog’s nose were laid out flat, it would cover an area of about 450 square feet, and contained within this nasal tissue are more than 200 million scent receptors, some 15 million of which have infrared capability. That means a dog can literally smell heat! If a human’s scent sensitive skin tissues were laid out flat, it would only cover about two square feet and contain less than five million scent receptors, none of which exhibit infrared capability. Also, in the brain of the average dog, more than 12 percent of the cerebral tissue is devoted to processing olfactory information. In humans, less than one percent of the brain is devoted to the same. Tests have proven dogs can detect one drop of liquid in a fifty-five gallon barrel of water, and some tests suggest dogs can even smell cancer cells.

Dogs can also separate odors, and that makes them a formidable weapon in the unconstitutional war on the privacy of the US citizen: the “War on Drugs”. When teaching other police this principle of odor separation I would begin by stating, “Dogs smell like we see.” For example: when presented with a bowl of stew, humans see each individual ingredient – i.e. potatoes, carrots, and onions – but can smell only one odor, that of delicious stew. A dog, however, cannot see very well; images are black and white with no depth perception. But they smell like we see, separating mixed odors, so they smell the potato, carrots, onion, pepper, salt, and even the container holding the stew! Everything has an odor that dogs can pick up on, even when mixed with other smells. This is why masking odors does not work. While inspecting loads of seized marijuana, I always noticed the smugglers wrapped pounds of pot in elaborate mixtures in an attempt to fool the dogs. I have found pot wrapped in plastic, layered next in mustard, followed by a tinfoil layer, smeared with grease, re-wrapped with more plastic and finally blanketed with scented dryer sheets and dropped into coffee grounds! A cop dog can easily separate all these odors with a few sniffs, and is communicating with his “handler” cop at all times. If the dog could talk, it might say, “I smell plastic, mustard, tinfoil, grease, dryer sheets, coffee, and marijuana!” The dog alerts to the marijuana, and that’s when people get busted.

Some police, however, fail to properly guide the drug dog during an “air sniff” of a vehicle’s exterior. After interviewing captured cartel members I learned they had great confidence in their masking techniques because they had seen US Customs and Border Patrol walk their dogs past a trunk full of sticky Mexican bricks without alerting. It must have been the excellent packaging, right? No. Those people drew an inaccurate conclusion from an accurate observation. The truth is – and many expert K-9 trainers agree – that only one out of ten K-9 teams in America are efficient enough to reliably detect contraband. Said another way, most K-9 teams in the US just suck at their job, so the load of green slipped past the police because of a poorly trained dog, not because of any special masking efforts used by the smugglers. Another reason contraband is undetected by dogs is the handler’s failure to present the drug detecting dog to permeating “scent cones” that emanate from the marijuana’s hiding spot.

The permeation scent cone principle can be understood by answering this question: “How does a police dog smell through a metal gas tank, through gasoline, through plastic PVC pipe, and detect the marijuana stashed inside?” Well, dogs cannot smell through anything, but rather, odors permeate from everything, creating a scent cone outside any and all containers. It is generally accepted by working dog trainers – such as those in the military, the Department of Defense, US Customs, and police services – that over a period of time, scent emanates from a static location up and outwards in a conical configuration called a scent cone, which can be distorted or influenced by heat, moisture, air currents, sunlight, shade and topographical features. You see, the transfer of smell is an exchange of actual molecules in the air, not a gas or vapor. Odor is the detectable (i.e. “smellable”) evidence of molecular movement from solids and liquids into the atmosphere. To illustrate this principle during K-9 academies, I would place tuna fish in a plastic baggie and allow the students to take a whiff of the sealed bag. The fish odor could not be detected at first. As decomposition hastens, the molecules move faster, and the smell becomes more rank and offensive. That’s why later in the day, when the bag of tuna was passed around again, the smell was easily detected; the tuna molecules had passed through the pores of the plastic fabric of the baggie, creating an odor outside the bag. The very same thing happens when hiding your stash: the odor (airborne molecules) of marijuana eventually passes through – or permeates from – the hiding spot, leaving a detectable scent cone near the contraband source. This is why a dog can alert cops to marijuana, even when its floating in a fuel tank, because over time the odors create a scent cone outside the automobile of metal, gasoline, PVC pipe and marijuana. The dog will alert to the marijuana smell.
May 22, 1994: I seized over 500 pounds of marijuana that dayMay 22, 1994: I seized over 500 pounds of marijuana that day
So, when traveling, put your marijuana is an airtight container made of metal or dense plastic (Tupperware) just before you leave in your car. It takes time, heat, motion and vibration to develop a scent cone that rises from its source. Keep your joints hidden high up above your head and near the centre of your vehicle. Weed attached to the bottom of a car, or by the bumper, is directly in the smell zone of a K-9 – a bad place to hide your stash. And of course, never have joints or roaches out in the open (obviously), or in your ashtray or the glove compartment, which are the first places investigated during a brief consenting search.

Now that we understand how a K-9 separates odors, we can examine how they are trained. The first thing to remember is it is easy to train a drug dog, but hard to find the right dog to train. Police like to start with a K-9 at least one year old that hasn’t grown out of the puppy stage of extreme energy, and has an insane drive to chase thrown objects. Most dogs have this drive when they are young, but it decreases with age. You’ve seen the type of dog that doesn’t stop jumping up and down enthusiastically even in 100-degree weather, as his slobbery, gnawed ball is thrown over and over again; the dog with puppy-like energy and an endless desire to play fetch – cops want a grown pooch with those characteristics.

Once the dog with a desirable eagerness is chosen, the trainer simply scents a toy with marijuana and the training begins. The ball, which has many different odors, is thrown into tall grass and allowed to settle before the new K-9 cadet is released with a command of “find it!” The dog will locate the ball using its nose to seek out the odors attached to it. By repeating this process, the dog learns to associate the toy with marijuana. When a baggie of marijuana is hidden in a drawer and the dog passes the scent cone, the dog thinks his toy is nearby and begins to scratch near the location. To encourage a stronger scratch, the handler begins using verbal commands such as, “Get it, get it, get it – get it out of there!” This training process is very easy, resulting in most dogs learning to alert on the scent of marijuana in one day.

The harder and more critical part of training that is overlooked by most K-9 teams is teaching the new marijuana-detecting dog to not alert on ball, human or any other odors attached to the marijuana-scented toy. Let’s go back to the zip-loc baggie of marijuana placed in the drawer: the K-9 smells marijuana and a plastic baggie, so the handler should train the dog to not alert on zip-lock bags because they are not contraband. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled the alert of a certified trained police dog is probable cause for a search, but our courts should be alarmed that most active police K-9s alert on tennis balls, plastic baggies and handler odors because little or no discrimination training is conducted to keep the K-9 focused on contraband alone. Thus, you could be searched because a dog alerted on legal items in your vehicle that it associates with marijuana.

Let’s discuss how unscrupulous police officers use these drug-detecting animals to illegally search your car by using false alerts. When pulled over by the police, the driver does have the right to refuse consent to search their vehicle. Upon hearing a refusal to allow a search, police have the right to bring a K-9 out to conduct a non-invasive air sniff of your auto exterior. But if the trained drug dog alerts on your auto, the police can then search without your permission. Knowing this, police who maintain suspicion that you have narcotics will often command their dogs to false alert if the K-9 hasn’t indicated the presence of drugs during the legitimate outside air search of your car. A false alert is done simply by whispering the ball-fetch command, “Get it, get it – get it out of there,” which triggers the dog to begin scratching. Now that the dishonest handler has a visible K-9 alert for all to see he announces, “My trained drug detector dog has alerted to the odor of a narcotic, so we will now search your car without your permission.” If the cops find drugs during the search the police claim the K-9 is accurate, but if no drugs are found the police claim the dog “must have alerted to residual drug odors”. Either way, the unsuspecting motorist loses.

During thousands of hours of formal police training, I was bombarded with state and local laws and taught how to use these laws to jail American citizens, but during all that training I never had an instructor ever speak of the United States Constitution and its importance regarding police conduct. How strange, to be a fully licensed “peace officer” and have no idea what the Constitution said or meant – only being told about laws and how to use them against Americans! I slowly became disenchanted with law enforcement and realized the importance of maintaining the integrity of America’s fundamental laws. I was very troubled by my years of police work, willingly trampling citizens’ guaranteed protection against unreasonable searches and arrests as outlined in the 4th Amendment. My first whistle-blowing act can be seen when I explain what you have read here in the K-9 portion of my movie. Viewers witness old videos of me making pull-over busts and searches for marijuana, but also see a trained drug dog being taught how to false alert. As far as we know, this is the first time a drug dog has been filmed false alerting for the public to witness! My efforts to expose police abuses of power generated calls from criminal defense attorneys around the US, asking me to review the videos of K-9 searches that put their clients behind bars. Before long, I was testifying as an expert witness regarding these breaches of the 4th Amendment.

In my first attempt to expose these K-9 secrets in court, the DEA made an effort to block my testimony by faxing a highly sensitive document to a civilian in an attempt to harm my credibility. The information contained in that report outlines an operation I was involved with and compromised the safety of citizens named in the document. The DEA is conniving and ruthless, especially when they have a personal grudge against you. The underhanded attempt worked on the first case, but failed on the second; I testified as an expert witness in Texas State District Court during an evidence suppression hearing. The Court released their ruling but the wording of the order has not been made available yet, so even though we know the judge suppressed the evidence (meaning we won), we’re not sure if it was because of the K-9’s false alert, or the unreasonable amount of time it took for the K-9 to arrive to the scene. Either way, we kept a non-violent man from going to jail by testifying that police K-9 handlers can and do abuse the amazing odor-detecting skills of dogs to breach the 4th Amendment.

Police K-9 academies across the US are now alerting their officers to stop the long-time illegal behavior of inducing false alerts, or face the possibility of being exposed in court by one of their very own ex-instructors – me. I am currently retained as an expert witness in a federal civil rights suit involving a physically handicapped man who was handcuffed after a police dog was influenced to false alert. A search of the vehicle resulted in no drugs being found, but left part of the elderly gentleman’s arm permanently paralyzed. We will soon be adding a page to our website that will show the actual videos of these two false alerts, my testimony in court, and the Judge’s decision. The new web page will also contain footage of genuine K-9 alerts that could not be fought against in court.

Understanding how a K-9 police dog behaves is helpful in protecting your stash and freedom by eluding police detection and staying out of jail. Even though dogs can be menacing and are used against citizens by police, please respect these extremely sensitive animals and remember that it’s not the dog out to hurt you – it’s the police officer and dog handler that pose a threat to your liberty.

Be smart, and stay safe!



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  418. Anonymous on

    Shut up. you are ignorant. there are way too many cops out and about to make hell on innocent people just becasue they have had a background of such things….do you want to get arrested becasue a drug dog and a crooked cop dont like you? thats what i thought, asshole!

    Youre a great man for helping us nonviolent law abiding citizens that get fucked over becasue small towns have nothing better to do!

  419. Anonymous on

    Look at all of the brothers trying to betray the constitution .All of of you swore under oath to uphold and defend it .You should be so asthamed of youre selfs .You are traitors .Any that work this way should look at history back to 1776 when the constitution was formed and why .Think of it this way you are the reason that the country is heading in the direction it is .If you cared for youre family you would not do these things .When it comes time to repeat history and you and youre family is starving .When the people stand to resist tyranny .YOU CAN TAKE SOME BLAME !!!

  420. Anonymous on

    That made no fucking sense at all.

  421. Anonymous on

    Fucking pig. You are a true American that’s for sure. And by true “american” I mean a bitch to the most disgraceful institution in the world the American “government.” (from its tireless crusades to “save” the world to its rape and murder of millions of human beings.)You betrayed your fellow citizens and the human race as a whole. I wish your dad digs himself out of his filthy fucking grave and sticks his rotting bones in your fucking asshole and your false sense of identity. oh! and what are you? a fucking clan? “brothers and sisters?” No more than a bunch of uneducated, resentful, little girls trying to have some power.

    The man giving us this information is a good man. And even if he were not, I am sure a lot of people would rather see you go down than him. Lets not forget the blood that has been flowing into the gutters of the world drained by the intrusive finger of your so beloved association of criminals.


  422. Anonymous on

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I have just spent the past few hours looking up drug dog laws for alerting and could find absolutely nothing. I knew it wasn’t right when my friend said the cops quit using the dog and continued to search the vehicle for 15 more minutes till they finally found something. It’s funny how all the people who have something negative to say are mad because their little secret is out.

  423. mark on

    yeah!! your a disgrace to corrupt cops everywhere!! how dare you see how corrupt cops abuse their power every day!! and i cant believe how you show people how the evil police gang really operates?!?!? what are you thinking? telling people how to fight the evil police forces, you must be crazy!!

  424. Anonymous on

    Sounds like you guy’s are mad the cat’s outta the bag.Brothers and sisters huh?Just goes to show you feel different and above the rest of population.Most would be sick that their co-workers are crooked but not you and your bros and sisters.187 on a motherfucking cop -bradley nowell

  425. morallycorrectindiviudal on

    Let’s get right into it…
    FIRST OFF who the hell that supports police officers and commonly visits a website with the name “cannabisculture”. If you don’t like the web topic stay off the f***ing site.
    SECONDLY all this man is trying to do is stop corrupt egotistical jackass police officers that are seemingly MUCH too common now-a-days.

    Simply it seems all cops want to do today is give people tickets and punish innocent citizens. I am from Eugene, OR where in September 2009 I was handed a citation at a common “smoke spot” with a friend, where the officer told us, “we should stay away from drugs,” because as he explained, they left a homeless man allegedly overdosing on narcotics to ticket us.
    So what I gathered was, they left a man clearly in need of medical assistance (note: a policeman’s job is to “protect society”) to patrol a spot “known to be a hangout for marijuana smokers” to ticket a couple of innocent college students for smoking, instead of possibly saving a man’s life.
    The even funnier part of the ticketing was that I was asked by that police officer to search my backpack and that the pure fact I declined to be searched would be justification for search. I was approached in a different scenario by the same officer, who because my friends and I were not doing anything wrong, told us that if a cop demands a search and the person declines and the cop searches anyway, that the evidence obtained from said search would be nullified in court. WHAT AN ASSHOLE COP!

    Anyways, to the point, this man is an extremely strong willed and amazing individual for having the courage and audacity to do what he has done, after being on the complete opposing side. The openmindedness and character of MR. Cooper should not be questioned but celebrated as he had the conscious mind to figure out that the government and police have been corrupt in their demand for power and the realization that no one entity should have the power or voice to decide what is best for anyone else. PROTECT OUR RIGHTS!!!

    So opposing commenters STICK THAT IN YOUR NON EXISTENT PIPE (because your a closeminded, egotistical, arrogant, ignorant fucking idiot) AND SMOKE IT!!!

  426. Anonymous on

    Just wanted to thank you for your article, and apologize for the other assholes who posted retarded-ass comments. I actually do respect most police officers, as MOST of the time they are protecting people. Honestly tho, I just wish that I was able to smoke in peace. Outlaw booze instead of weed imo, nobody ever beat their wife or kids while high because they’d be too damn lazy

  427. Anonymous on

    He’s sitting here explaining a corrupt system and how to fight it. He’s not generalizing all cops and he’s not saying they’re bad. He’s simply letting civilians know what to watch out for, so we can protect ourselves from unlawful searches and abusive behavior by police officers. And of course he’s happily collecting his retirement. That’s what retired people do. He clearly wasn’t happy with the corrupt system he worked in. There are a lot of reasonable police officers out there too. He’s simply stating what shouldn’t be a secret anyway. So back off.

  428. Anonymous on

    what will they do when it is legal cops will not be able to get these nice new dodge chargers with weed money anymore and the goverment could end all these drug wars and murder on the border by making it legal put the cartels out of busniess that would be great because they can use that money by making it legal to getting our country out of debt

  429. Anonymous on

    can police dogs detect marijuana when baked in cookies

  430. Anonymous on

    fuck pigs

  431. Anonymous on

    I smoke weed everyday as well as over half the ppl in my school smoke it, ya im only 16 smoking an illegal plant but fuck it! Im young and im going to have fun and since i cant wake up every morning hung over for school i smoke reefer because it doesnt drag you down it simply just chills you out and makes you relax with friends. One of my best friends is the biggest stoners in my school but has the best marks outta anyone,and the ones who just drink there faces off every weekend are the ones struggling to get by so anyone who disagrees with this article can go fuck them selves cause weed has no effect on you like alchol or cigaretts do. It was put on this earth for a fucking reason to be smoked. And in the 40s it was mandatory to grow weed. its a natural plant and has no chemicals added. If it was just simply made legal it could be treated as alchol and no one would care. So all that is left to say is fuck all u cops out there that play dirty to catch ppl like me, i cruise around my town all the time high and have seen more crashs because alchol or simply ppl dont no how to drive…. im outta here

  432. Anonymous on

    he IS NOT a DISGRACE! He is helping out people who he feels he wronged in the past! there’s nothing wrong with helping people who aren’t violent and just want to sit and smoke and relax. I don’t go around shooting people and stealing/robbing people. It has the same effect as alcohol, why not ban alcohol? Oh, Wait the Government tried that and look what happened? its the same thing that we do with mary j!. It’s bullshit!

  433. Anonymous on

    I’m glad all of you people in your Ivory Tower think that this guy is a traitor to his fellow officers, when in reality is fights for all our civil rights and even though he isn’t still an officer, he is doing a much better job of protecting the constitution than police do.

    I’m glad all of you stuck up people have never had to experience such a violation of your civil rights, like I did.

    I was stuck in the worse most possible situation, I was a White male, with a Black male, in a car with a broken back window, it’s been broken and I don’t have the money to fix it being a convertible top, I was pulled over for the window and asked if the car was stolen, he took our ID’s and goes too his car.

    When he returns he asks me to step out of the car, and proceeds to do an illegal search of my person. Patting down is legal for the search of weapons; however groping the inside of my leg and my privates is not kosher. Looking in my pockets without my consent is also illegal and corrupt. He finds a couple hundred dollars and a clean digital scale.

    He asks what it’s for and I tell him that since the economy is bad and because my Step-dad is a jeweler, I buy and sell gold. Frankly after running my passengers record with It wasn’t too great. He asks me how long I have known him and why I hang out with him, and I said that everyone deserves a second chance. He asks me to search my vehicle. I said No

    He says that he is going to get the drug dog, and makes me wait in a squad car. They detained me for over 30 minutes during which they circled my vehicle twice before the handler sets the dog off. They enter my car and start tearing it apart. They try to threaten me with dumb intimidation tactics, but I had nothing to worry about. I had nothing in the car.

    At one point I could read the handler say, there’s nothing in this car. They give up and come back to me pull me out of the squad car and proceed to search me again without a warrant. Pulling my shoes off and grabbing privates and running fingers through my ass.

    So all you people that say “I didn’t do anything wrong, so it’s no big deal.” They gave me my scale back and the money because I was all legal. All they accomplished was illegally detaining me and getting a good sexual violation.

    These dirty ass cops need to be taught that NO ONE is above the law. I am talking with the ACLU and getting an attorney, perhaps I’ll give Barry a Call.

  434. Anonymous on

    Yes I agree with you weed is not bad for you, but opium is also a plant grow from the earth and opium is basically heroin so don’t use that angle.

  435. Anonymous on


  436. Anonymous on

    It is true most cops abuse their power, I was 17 when I got arrested for climbing a tree during the 4th of July to see the fireworks. WTF is that? The damn cop arrested me because he was having a bad day because his girlfriend dumped his sorry ass when she found how much of a loser he was. He had to take his anger out on a “17 year old punk”.

  437. Anonymous on

    The smuggling of drugs is a problem, however if weed was legalized there would be no need for smuggling. I believe that what politicians are afraid of is the domino effect; they fear that if weed became legal the more EXTREME drugs would follow. But what has to remebered that drugs like crack, acid, pcp would never be legalized due to the fact that they are an extreme drug. If Barry was defending people were the evidence against them was severly increminating than yes, i believe u have a good excuse to call him a disgrace. But exposing a cop because they were violating the LAW? That does not make him a disgrace.
    I will say this to those politicians; the domino effect with weed has already happened, california for one place. And other states will follow. Worry about more important matters such as cocaine, crack, basically any drug that can kill just by doing it, and let’s see, there’s something else i know i’m forgetting, oh yeah, i hate to say this, and i know people r gonna give me shit, BUT JESUS CHRIST TAKE CARE OF OUR VETERANS AND TROOPS

  438. Anonymous on

    You’re sad. I bet you’re just another corrupt cop who aids in branding every police officer a PIG. Don’t worry though, karma works in mysterious ways and I have no doubt you will get yours. I wanted to be a police officer until I realized I would have to work with worse criminals than I arrest.

  439. Anonymous on

    Although what he did was completely wrong and it did break the 4th amendment at least now he is fighting for it to be a human we make mistakes and he at least has the balls to say what he was doing was a wrong and now is helping us learn what to do and how to avoid and catch on to these false alerts..I’m pretty sure all of you are perfect who say this man is a disgrace..Anyways when are we gona stop being arrested for the most harmless plant and most helpful plant in the world..people against marijuana need to smoke a damn blunt so they realize everything around them is bull shit..Makes you take a step back and look at whats going on ..nothing made since before i i know why everything in the world feels wrong..Why can’t we just live and be happy..ARE WE FREE OR ARE WE FREE TO PICK WHICH PATH OF SLAVERY WE WANT TO GO IN TO..where is our revolution???

  440. Marcus F (K9 Handler/Kennelmaster) on

    Although this guy might have some experience, I’d be willing to bet my paycheck that he’s HIGHLY inflated his career milestones and experiences to seem like a more profound expert than he really is. I guarantee you that any dog handler (team) worth their weight can and WILL bust you despite what this guy is trying to sell.

  441. Anonymous on

    The people that are saying he is a disgrace are probably police officers.

  442. Anonymous on

    I live in the most corrupt county in Virginia. Stafford. I had to cops pick a stem up off the floor of the car i was riding in and i got a possesion which here means 15 days suspended a 400 dollar fine and even though i wasnt drivin i lose my license for 6 months. Now i have to walk to work. You should need more than a high school diploma to become a cop. They just get picked on in school and come out with a chip on their shoulders and take it out on teens. Karmas real though and theyll have to answer to someone but for now F**K the PO-Lice! I wish cops would worry about real problems and stop taking potheads money and making it harder for them to get jobs. Why dont u work on a cure for ur little dicks and bust real physically addicting narcotics with ur extra time. And its not a gateway drug because i smoke tons and i never did coke mef or herron, thats a personal choice people blame on weed to make themselves feel better. Its pathetic ………………………187 FTP PIGGIES!!

  443. Anonymous on


  444. Anonymous on

    A disgrace? The U.S governments immoral and unwinnable war on drugs is a disgrace. Those who condone a system of law enforcement that allows police officers to blatantly and intentionally decieve American citizens about their Constitutionally protected rights against illegal search and seizure and self incrimination are a disgrace.

  445. Anonymous on

    for all you cops leaving comments on this page i shit in all ur momas n grandmamas mouths u dirty faggets rot in hellll

  446. Anonymous on

    some people are just stupid idiots that dont know shit like the ones who say your a Disgrace wtf is wrong with u dumb asses u guys are only saying that cause hes telling the truth and hes one of the only one with balls that came out and said it how it really is and the ones who said hes a disgrace are probably stupid police officers that are just hating on him man i hate stupid people with stupid comments

  447. Jay on

    I could not agree with you more. and you seem extremely well educated on this subject. and yes i smoke it every single day and i can still stop when ever i feel like it. and it doesnt mess up my body in any way. the government needs to be worring more about those drugs you listed: heroin, LSD, and Meth. other than a plant that is grown from the earth with no chemicals added that gives you a good feeling. cigarettes, no effect just death and severe addiction. alcohol, yeah youll feel drunk but yet still addicting. and your right, im 16 and i can get it anytime i want. and it takes a long time to try and find someone 21 that will buy some alcohol for a minor. and again if it was legal there would be no drug wars for who has the better pot, cause if it were legal i would definatley grow my own, and im on your side screw the american government im still smoking it cause i believe its not bad at all.MAKE IT LEGAL ALREADY YOU PIECES OF SHIT!

  448. Cat Caywood on

    Barry is working for YOUR rights, idiot.

    On another note, however, I’d like to thank you for revealing this to me, I was unaware.


  449. Anonymous on

    Hell yeah brother

  450. Anonymous on

    You’re the one that shouldnt call yourself an American bitch!

  451. Anonymous on

    Wow way to be a completely corrupt and fucked up person. It’s nice to have a true AMERICAN in a position of power to uphold our rights; unlike you…. At least he’s a real American and not a bastard like you.

  452. drake on

    I’m just one more citizen that represents so many of the people in America that read this and don’t reply. Thank You, for being one of the few left to uphold and protect our rights as defined in the constitution. most people get into law enforcement for power, you got in it for justice. I only hope more people like you exist. Speak out America, don’t let your voice falter

  453. SlipperyPete on

    The Problem That I Have With The So-Called “War On Drugs” Is That #1: It’s Failing Miserably(Time To Get Off Our Glory Horse United States, And Admit That We Can’t Parent And Use Scare-Tactics To Coerce People To Do “The Right Thing”, Nor Is That What This Country Was Ever Meant To Be To Begin With.The Government Has WAY TOO BROAD OF A SCOPE OF POWER, And Right Now In The Current State That We’re In, We Have Them To Blame For It;So Maybe The Government Isn’t Always Right.In Fact, They ARE JUST PLAIN WRONG! Every Day In Fact, Police And Law Enforcement Commit What I Call A War Against The Constitution And Against The American People), And #2, It’s Sending NON-VIOLENT Offenders Into The Judicial System, Where As A Criminal Justice Major; I Feel They Don’t Belong..Period End Of Debate.Everyone Knows That Marijuana Is Far Less Dangerous Than These Alcohol-Drinking Assholes That We See Everyday Killing People.Somehow Becoming ‘Shit-Faced’ Is Considered A Social Norm, And Smoking A Joint Is Considered Illegal…Sounds Like Pure American Bullshit To Me.We Have Ads Constantly On Our TV’s Promoting The Use Of Alcohol,But When It Comes Time For A Serious Debate About Marijuana;We Have People Who Have Never Smoked A Joint In Their Lives Telling Me What To Do With Mine; It’s All Wrong.Answer Me This:Since When Did It Become Illegal To Smoke Something In Your Private Home As A Law-Abiding Tax-Paying Citizen…Oh Yea About 1937.To Me It’s Hardly A Crime At All.Marijuana As Is, Is Easier For Someone To Get Whose Under 21 Than Alcohol Anyway Right Now,So This Illusion That All Hell Would Break Lose If Somehow It Were Legalized Isn’t True.The Reason That Law Enforcement Blame Marijuana Use On Violence Is Because Of “The Mexican Drug Cartels”.Well Shit, If It Were Legal, There Wouldn’t Be Any Fighting Over Who Has The Best Buds To Sell, Because It Wouldn’t Have Any Monetary, Or Capital Value, And B There Would Be No-One To Supply It To Because Everyone Could LEGALLY GROW IT, As It Should Be Right Now.It’s Not A Crime In The True Sense Of What A Crime Really Is, And These People Who Say “Well It Will Corrupt The Youth, And Make This Country Dumber”; I Would Say Don’t Kid Yourself…
    This Country Is Already Dumb As Is With Or Without Laws Thrown Into The Mix.With The National Deficit Somewhere In The Trillions,A War In Iraq That’s Lasted 8 Years, And A Black Man As Our President Who Can’t Give You An Honest Answer About A 1,500-Page HEALTH-CARE BILL, Which Is Far More Important Than Marijuana, Do You Really Think We’re Going Anywhere?I Don’t…If We’re Really The Wealthiest Nation, Then Why Are We In The State That We’re In, Oh Yea Because We Borrowed Money That We Didn’t Have.I Personally Am Considering Moving Out Of The United States Altogether.Take That America.I’m Going To Smoke Weed Regardless Of What You Say I Can Do With Or Without You.By The Definition Of What A Schedule I Drug Is, Marijuana Shouldn’t Even Have Been Put On That List To Begin With.

    What A Schedule I Drug Criteria Is As Stated By The DEA:

    • The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.
    1.As Other Drugs Such As Alcohol, And Tobacco Don’t.These Are Drugs.

    • The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.
    2.Marijuana Has Tons Of Proven Medicinal Uses.
    • There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.
    • Examples of Schedule I substances include heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana, and methaqualone.
    4.Examples Of SCHEDULE I Substances Include Heroin, LSD,Marijuana, And Methaqulone.Wtf..
    Like Marijuana Belongs On That List, Right Alongside With Heroin,LSD,And Meth.Right..Fact:Marijuana Is Far Less Harmful Than Any Of Those.A Fifth-Grader Could Tell You That..

  454. Anonymous on

    how bout this you fucking pig…you stupid cops get to hurt non violent people all the time and not get away with it which pisses me off..i do agree there are good cops out there but the majority that are commenting on this site are the corrupt assholes who have nothing better to do but hate on other people who are unlike them..guess what pigs no one likes you you are going to be very lonely in this world..its a shame that cops nowadays are so much pussys they gotta let dogs do all the work…

  455. Anonymous on

    WOW….this man worked hard for his retirement just like anybody else. He then probably realized how corrupt his “fellow brothers and sisters” actually were. So stop talking bad about things you dont know about.

  456. Anonymous on

    WOW….this man worked hard for his retirement just like anybody else. He then probably realized how corrupt his “fellow brothers and sisters” actually were. So stop talking bad about things you dont know about.

  457. Anonymous on

    You are a disgrace to Law Enforcement, You are a disgrace to America and all it stands for. You are a true thug at heart. So I wish you would not even say you are a ex cop, because you dont even deserve to call yourself a ex-cop or an American.

  458. Anonymous on

    Thank you very very much,

    I learned quite the handful of knowledge because of this article.

    generally, people do find it appauling to emerge loudly truthfully.
    Im so sorry for that

  459. Anonymous on

    law enforcement is a disgrace to the people of the us fuck you!

  460. Anonymous on

    anyone that hands out tickets to make others pay when the economy is already shit is a piece of shit and i would blow your fuckin head off if i had the chance to get away with it

  461. Great read on

    I guess if I were a corrupt cop Id call you a disgrace too for putting a thorn in my corrupt activities. Seriously why would anyone be angry at what you said unless they wanted to continue to break the law?

  462. Anonymous on

    Thank you for all of the insight of the experience of your work. You deserve a medal. I don’t know you, former K-9 cop, but I love you.

  463. Anonymous on

    PS: Turning against abusive police practices isn’t damaging to law enforcement. Keeping one’s mouth shut is what harms the reputation of all cops, including the honest ones, which is most of them.

    If honest cops don’t root out the ones who are only in it for the power, then somebody else has to. In a perfect world, abusive cops would be afraid to act out for fear that the honest ones would shove them in a locker with a bag of dog shit.

  464. Anonymous on

    Of course, because loyalty to your fellow cops is far more important than your dedication to the actual spirit of the law.

    I’d tell it to shady cops like they tell it to anybody who doesn’t want to be forced to submit to an illegal search: If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about (from hard scrutiny).

  465. Anonymous on

    Thank you for being a friend to the constitution of this country and exposing the dirty cops that guy was right when he said you didn’t leave the police the police left the constitution and became a bunch of thugs…thanks for all you do i really appreciate it .

  466. Anonymous on

    Awesome advice man. Don’t let the other commenters get you down, they want to generate an atmosphere of paranoia and reestablish the police state. You didn’t turn on your fellow cops. They turned on you when they stopped upholding the rights of the citizen.

  467. Anonymous on

    You ARE a disgrace to law enforcement!!!!! How dare you to turn on your “brothers and sisters!” Rot in hell!!!!

  468. Anonymous on

    It’s a disgrace that these things happen. The minimum sentence for officers caught abusing our rights should be so harsh. To often they are allowed to skate by.

  469. Anonymous on

    You are a disgrace. Just because you operated willingly and happily in a corrupt law enforcement entity doesn’t make every law enforcement entity corrupt. I bet you are willingly and happily collecting your retirement. You make me sick.