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  1. Anonymous on

    Does anyone know how I would go about doing some modeling for CC Magazine, who do I send photos to?

  2. Crocodile cannabis tears on

    No one cares about growing weed except criminals.

  3. Paulo on

    Michael Enright, host of CBC’s Sunday Edition announced at the end of today’s show that next week he would be tackling the issue of marijuana policy reform and the failed war on drugs. Here is a link to his website.

  4. art on

    hi im from cache creek area it gets pretty hot here in summer over 40 and hi 30s and hot till end of oct . i would like to know what kind of seed is good for my area .and how to germinate it and what type of soil mixture i plant it in .i want to order your seeds please help bye for now.

  5. Anonymous on

    Bud Dite

    What state do you live in?

  6. Casey C. on

    To whom it may concern,
    I am a long time reader first time commenter. I am an american living in nebraska, and bud is not only expensive, but also next to nothing to brag about. I saw an ad for legal buds on your website, and i know you wouldn’t ever lead on a fellow utilizer of a god given plant on to government sites. Is this business legitimate,and are there any legal downfalls to it? Smoking is my outlet more so than any other relieving substances. It is the only thing i can think of that is the cureall to constant depression and would like to say this is a legal thing to do on your own…but alas it is not. This seems like something that is a good substitute for the meantime though, please help me and say this is not just a scam.

  7. Anonymous on

    I am a midwestern american, constantly put down for smoking a plant that comes from the earth! I love to smoke but it is expensive and not as readily available as i would like. The other week i stumbled on “legal buds” and was wondering if it was legitimate, actually legal, or even if it works the same. I would love to try it, and i would but it seems a bit skeptical. Could you please help me out…anyone?!

  8. Anonymous on

    That still does not answer the first question :)

  9. Anonymous on

    Its Marc, not Mark – Thanks!

  10. Anonymous on

    hey if you can’t read the stories cuz there too wide just switch to a wider display setting 1000 somthing by 700 whatever works fine for me 😀

  11. fish on

    hi has anyone out there ordered anything from visc vancouver how was your luck iv been waiting for over 3 weeks npo and can not get a hold of them dose anyone have any way to contact them

  12. Bud Dite on

    this is the third time i’ve tried to type and send this…. damn computer. well here goes.. alot of u.s. citizens think that cause they got busted that they can no longer hunt or shoot. WRONG. I know because I got my gun rights back and i did’nt give no 3 to 5 grand to no atty. it cost me $110.00 for court fees to get a hearing. The best part was serving papers on the pross. atty.Remember pot is a non violent crime.(the only violent ones are the pigs)You have to wait five yrs,ten if you had a second felony within a certain time frame. You can get the correct forms thru you local courts or by contacting your state gov.,pay the court cost then wait 60days for your hearing. they check and make sure that you kept your nose clean for that 5 yrs.and if everything is good you get it back. It’s kind of funny cause you automatically get you voting rights back after your fines and probation period is over,but not your gun rights..go i’m going to vote for the prick that fined me $2000.00 and gave me 50 days in jail for my medicine. I also sued the county here and got all 64 firearms back. Of course i could not have them in my possession for five yrs.The funny part about the guns was the pigs had already split the guns up between themselves. My bro in law went to pick them up with the court order and had to wait several hrs while the pigs brought them back to the court house in there personal cars.Don’t get me wrong I was very happy to get them back’ but i did ask him why he did’nt call a news crew in and get it on tape. taking things out of evidence is illeagle or is that word just a sick bird to them. any how I take my hat off to good people like mark emery and the good folks at norml. keep up the good fight and keep your sights on our freedoms…..Bud Dite

  13. puff_tuff on

    I see things are still screwed up.

    Does a webmaster or anybody read these posts?

    What is the point of having them here?

  14. Anonymous on


  15. Richard Banigan on

    Jan. 30, 09

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I am in favour of the legalization of marijuana in Canada and will vote for that if elected. Some conditions may apply. Please note that this is my personal position and not necessarily that of my Party or Caucus, although I feel that you could expect a more positive response from them than from any other political party in Canada except the Marijuana Party itself. I have not been asked for my position, rather I offer it freely for the edification of your supporters.

    I do not use marijuana myself, and I am not advocating for its use except for scientifically proven medical purposes. To me its a freedom of choice issue. There are far more dangerous substances that are controlled more rigorously by government, but you all know that.

    Now I dare you…ask the other candidates, starting with those in my riding, where they stand on the issue, especially Liberal Steve Clarke. BTW, he owns a bar!

    Yours in Legalization,

    Richard Banigan
    NDP Candidate for Simcoe North

  16. Anonymous on

    That is not how Mark Emery did it!

  17. Anonymous on

    There is a site selling seeds called bcseeds but there are alot of strains they claim are over 30% and they want your name and credit card info and will not responded to emails is legit. or a FBI B>S site Not A BCSEEDS site?

    Credit Card / Debit / Check Card / Payment Use

    If you are paying with a credit card, you agree that the card is valid and you are the cardholder. Third party credit card payments will not be accepted. All credit card orders will receive a telephone call from the billing department and may be asked to provide a photo-copied Drivers License as well as front and back of the credit card accompanied with the cardholder’s signature. If your order was determined by us to be fraudulent, all information will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities for investigation. Debit cards and check cards may have daily spending limits that could delay the processing of your order substantially.

    this does not sound right to me that is not how Mark Emory did it!

  18. puff_tuff on

    There is no contact link for this website (webmaster?), the world news links are all screwed up, try here for MAP topics and area links,

  19. puff_tuff on

    There is no contact link for this website (webmaster?), the world news links are all screwed up, try here for MAP topics and area links,

  20. puff_tuff on

    There is no contact link for this website (webmaster?), the world news links are all screwed up, try here for MAP topics and area links,

  21. Jeffrey on

    What is up with the new format for the website or is it still under construction?? scrolling to read everything is a definate pain. Please fix this as i am a huge fan of the site and do not with to look elsewhere for the information you supply.

    Thank you for you help