Pot Puzzlers

Salutations, book-smart stoners! Welcome back to the Pot Puzzlers. Once again, we?re offering 4 custom-made CC logo Hot Box vaporizers courtesy of Hot Box Vapors for 2 crossword and 2 word search winners.
Here are the CC readers who won the issue 60 (May/June) puzzlers:

? Zack in Montana
? Christina and Paul in Michigan
? Craig in North Carolina
? Mystery Reader in Texas

It could be you next time! If you complete and send in both puzzles, you have two chances to win, but PLEASE mail your completed word search and crossword separately from each other. This will make the chances of winning even better! Include your name, address, and phone number or email with each entry.

You must send in your puzzlers no later than October 15th, 2006 to qualify. The winners from every issue are drawn at random and announced in a show by Jodie for Pot.tv online. Tune in at www.Pot.tv!


Find and circle every Vaporization-relatedword listed, and use the 11 leftover letters to complete the phrase. Write your answer on a piece of paper and send it to:

Pot Puzzlers Crossword
15 – 199 W. Hastings,
Vancouver BC , V6B1H4

Only one entry per magazine, please!




1. A harm-reduction device that gets you very high without smoke
6. Smoking pot can make you feel great, and the taste and smell is a ____
9. Cannabis Culture magazine publisher, on a first name basis
12. The US attempt to extradite the BC3 has become a matter of Canadian ____
15. A meditative exercise so beneficial it is almost as good as having a joint
16. The soaking phase of hemp fibre production
17. If you?re buying anything in Canada, get ready to pay this ?tax on goods and services?
18. Do not use this toxic pesticide, especially not on your pot garden
21. Important to know before watering your plants
22. Don?t leave your stash out in your hotel room or it may become a tip for the ____
26. Atomic Haze
27. The broadcaster that does ?60 Minutes?, which twice aired the Prince of Pot story
29. The King James Bible mistranslation of ?kaneh bosom? (cannabis) in Exodus 30:23
33. A form of politics featuring cunning, deceit, and expediency, named after a person in history
35. Special K (the breakfast cereal, not the drug) is made by this company
36. Professional players in this league like to kick back and relax with a spliff after burning up the court
38. If you borrow cannabis or money from a friend, you?d better write an _ _ U!
39. When a cop busts a kid with pot, he might let the kid go but he?ll definitely ____ the weed
40. Get rid of the black market in drugs! Just say ____ to prohibition!
42. Yasser Arafat headed this organization
46. Gross National Product
48. ?Blue God? is the result of crossing Blueberry and ____ Bud
50. If pot were legal, we would see cannabis ____ growing beside white picket fences in the suburbs
52. A bar that has malt liquor, as porter, for sale
54. US Department of Agriculture film from 1942 called ?____ For Victory!?
55. Some say there are only two strains, Sativa and Indica, and every other strain is just a mix of the two with a new ____
56. Smuggling weed by boat? ?____? is to the right and the left side is ?port?.


1. Pot users and growers are ____ in the war on drugs
2. It seems the reasons why cannabis remains illegal are simply ____ and not scientific at all
3. The quick onset of a powerful high is called a ____; also, Canadian rockers Neil Peart, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
4. Jodie Giesz-Ramsay has changed her last name to ____
5. Finding a pure, unchanged Sativa strain is very ____
7. Just recently, Dr. Donald Tashkin, Professor of Medicine UCLA, found that cannabis does not cause any cancers of the ____, head, throat or neck, and in fact, it may hinder cancerous development
8. ____, named after the Scythians who invented them, were specifically for harvesting hemp
10. 4-letter shortened version of ?retired?, which many older cannabis users are
11. One hundred and one, in Roman Numerals
13. A solvent (butane, isopropyl alcohol, methyl hydrate, etc.) extract of the active ingredients in cannabis
14. Abbreviation for teaspoon
19. Pot-puffing president John F. Kennedy was assassinated in ____, Texas
20. Original ?Haze? is a pure stabilized sativa hybrid of Columbian, Mexican, South Indian and ____ varieties
23. The police are assigned to give lectures in ____ about the ?dangers of drugs?
24. As with any substance or plant, keep your ____ in check so you don?t overdo it



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