Jason King’s Favorite Bud

From the man who brought us HP13 comes a brand new creation, Sour P. It?s one of those strains that you will never forget if you ever get to try it. This feminized cross of HP13 (Cannabible 1, page 74) and Sour Diesel (Cannabible 1, page 163) ? arguably the two tastiest strains on the planet ? is, as could be expected, insanely flavorful. Brilliant tastes from both mothers, including everything from intense salty skunk to sour tangy fuel, can be distinguished even when melding together on the palate.

The high from Sour P is extremely medicinal and does the trick every time, regardless of anyone?s tolerance. It is euphoric and almost numbing at times, and a couple tokes are all that most people need. Too bad it tastes so damned great ? the puffing seems to go until there is none left, even though people are almost tripping after two or three hits!

Unfortunately, the plants are hermaphroditic due to the feminization process, and will only be released to a few people to grow. In the meantime, the grower is doing the proper breeding work required to make Sour P a hermaphrodite-free reality. That final release is highly anticipated!



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