Jason King’s Favorite Bud

I?m told a wicked old-school Hindu Kush female was crossed with a white-label bubblegum male, creating Bubba Kush. This highly sought after West coast indica-dominant clone is finally becoming more available, thank the goddess! Apparently there are two or three different versions going around; the pure Bubba Kush and some crosses made to increase yield. Most people are growing the cross, though they are unaware of it.
The pure Bubba Kush is a very small plant. In a garden of plants all sown at the same time, she will be the smallest by far. She simply will not get very big!

The ?avor of this exquisite herb is among the best I?ve ever tasted. It?s incredibly complex, a ? zzy and pungent blend of lemonlime soap and a crazy outer-space spiciness that is quite different from the haze spice many of us know and love. It leaves an incredible skunky aftertaste in your mouth for what seems like weeks.

The high is devastatingly strong, turning me into a redeyed happy retard almost instantly. This herb will get you very high regardless of tolerance. That alone makes it very special medicine. If you can ?nd the real deal, get it ? no matter what it costs!

This sample was grown organically outdoors in Northern California.



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  38. redd foxx fan on

    looks good but ive always preferd sativa strains like lambs bread, super silver haze, and burmese because they give you a sky high intelligent stone that doesnt couchlock you like this indica domint kush.good if you cant sleep though.

  39. Kenny on

    When i was in washingtion state I was fortunate to sample some of that sweet bubble kush and yeah i can agree more instant high and no matter how much you smoke you still higher everytime you do. something to get alot of and plan a vacation to the mountains…. hahaha