Harvest Master

Technology. Some say it’s a dirty word, but when you decide to grow pot indoors, you have to become Mother Nature to your babies. Fresh air, clean water, bright light, nutrients, Ph, humidity and temperature: these conditions must be replicas of a perfect day outdoors. The more precisely you can control these factors indoors, the more favorable your results will be.
When I started growing, I wanted everything to be as simple as possible. I’ve embraced technology from when I was a kid working on vacuum tube radios and TVs. I have engineered multi-million dollar industrial operations. I’ve programmed everything from security systems to 100-ton chillers, and retrofi tted everything in between. I still want my grow room to be simple.

This is where the Harvest Master technology comes in.

When I decided to upgrade to CO2 supplementation, I was faced with a question: should I buy a simple CO2 controller for up to $1500, or a Harvest Master for a few hundred more? A standard CO2 controller turns the gas on and off at regular intervals, and it can cycle your fans to be off when the CO2 is on.

But the Harvest Master does much, much more.

I purchased The Harvest Master from www.Harvest-Master.com. This is truly a plug-and-play device, a very smart piece of technology. Not only does it control the CO2, it controls the lights, the fans, the humidifier, the dehumidifier, the air-conditioner, the heater ? there is also room for an alarm or watering timer. Did I mention that it learns?

Yes, I said, “it learns”. After it is all hooked up ? it took me less than an hour, including installing a light-rail to move my lights to and fro ? all you do is plug the power-cube in and the Harvest Master turns on, and boots up. It asks if you want Vegetative Grow (18/6), Full Flowering (12/12), or patented Fast Flowering (6on, 12off, 6on, etc). Once I selected Full Flowering, it went into diagnostic mode.

The instructions say go have a beer or a coffee, and come back in an hour or so.

During this time, Harvest Master turns on the lights, then the CO2. Temperature and humidity sensors feel the room and time the temperature rise and checks for fans and other equipment. Then it checks if there’s CO2 enrichment, and makes a multitude of calculations such as how long it takes to fi ll up the room, and how long it takes for the CO2 to get used up or leak out. Harvest Master will control more devices than I’ve even got! I don’t require a humidifier or heater for my application.

It now knows this and won’t try to use the heater or humidifi er because they are not present. It uses what it’s got and makes the best crops you’ve ever seen.

With CO2 enrichment, it is necessary to increase the temperature. Take a standard “automated” system and imagine the tank runs out. The system will maintain all your “HOT” settings and you will essentially cook your poor plants until someone either lowers the temp manually, or buys more CO2.

If my CO2 tank runs out, Harvest Master automatically lowers the temperature to 72-74?F (22?C) and continues on business (budness) as usual.

Harvest Master will cycle the lights off to keep everything cool if it has to ? like in the actual case of a guy who went away for the weekend, accidentally leaving the vent fans unplugged.

Without the Harvest Master, this lucky bastard would have come home to cooked crops. With a manual reset thermal shutdown, the plants would have been watered and in total darkness for 3 days and most likely ruined.

There are many ways to automate your crop with technology, but it is hard to compare any kind of manual on-off Ladder Logic or Relay Logic to Harvest Master’s ability to learn and include variables in calculations, Fuzzy Logic.

An X-10 pro with a computer, for example, is a fi ne security system, but it can’t learn what your room needs on a minuteby-minute basis. I give full credit to anyone who tries to utilize whatever method they can to get the job done, but the Harvest Master has done all of this for them. It takes all the guesswork out and has made my life simple.

The Harvest Master Pro Plus model has 8 outputs and 8 inputs for closedloop monitoring, and an optional wireless telephone modem that text-messages you with pre-programmed or programmed messages. Harvest Master will tell you anything from “out of CO2,” to “your backyard motion detector has been triggered.” If this were the case, you can then respond back to tell Harvest Master to “ignore CO2” or “release the bear spray” depending on your particular situation.

Harvest Master has come up with a wonderful, easy, and economical tool for growers to produce better harvests, and these guys also have the best customer ser vice that any inquisitive tekmeister could ask for. Harvest Master is definitely “Jef Tek Approved,” and I’m going to upgrade to the Pro Plus with Modem soon.

Happy Growing!



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  269. Anonymous on

    I know this is an old article but does this controller do what it claims? Much faster flowering times and bigger harvests?