Very late planting

I won’t be able to get to my land until mid-July. Is it too late to plant? I have lots of seed from an accidental cross of Trainwreck with an unnamed Indica. We have good weather here through November.
Wassung II,
Pasadena, California

You can still make it work. Start the seeds as early as you can. Let’s say July 14, Bastille Day. It would be easiest to start seeds indoors to make sure they don’t dry out from the hot summer sun. After they germinate, the young plants should be adjusted to the sun by increasing the length of time they stay in direct light over four or five days. The soil must be kept moist. Mulching protects the roots from the hot sun so the soil stays cool and remains moist longer. If they show any signs of burning or distress, shade them. Another way to help them adjust to the more intense outdoor light is to place a lace-like cloth over them for a few days to create partial shade

The plants will be in the ground under full sun by July 25. If you plant late season varieties they will have time to vegetate and will ripen in October. Mid-season varieties will vegetate for only a few weeks before they start to flower. Early season varieties may flower as soon as they are placed in the ground. To prevent premature flowering, just shine a bright light on your plants late each evening to interrupt the dark cycle. You could leave a “porch light” on for instance. As soon as the night light routine is ended the plants will start to flower.

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