Partial harvest

I have an eight-foot wonder that is alone; there are no males to pollinate her and the buds are coming in large and pungent-smelling.
She weathered a bad storm, which split her in half, and several branches broke from the weight of the buds. I repaired the damage using duct tape, which holds broken branches nicely. In spite of the accident she has thrived.

The sunny side of the plant is far more mature than the more shaded side. Also, some branches have ripe buds near the trunk, and unripe buds at the end.

Can I harvest the ripe buds and leave the rest to ripen?

Tucson, Arizona

Yes. There are at least three good reasons for removing the buds. The first is as a safety precaution. Should something happen to the plant, you still will have some of its produce. Second, with the ripe buds removed the light reaches the immature buds that were previously shaded. With more light they will grow more, mature faster and be more potent. Third, the plant will concentrate its energy on the remaining buds so they will receive more water and nutrients than when they had to share these resources with the other buds.

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