Beautiful budder

Thousands of years ago, the hashish revolution was born when humans learned that the marijuana plant’s sticky resin glands contain the highest concentration of its active ingredients, called cannabinoids.
Fast forward to 2004. Most of the world’s hashish is still manufactured using primitive methods that involve sieving or thrashing dried plants and collecting whatever falls off, but new processes and technologies have also developed.

In Holland during the last two decades, hashish heroine Mila created an automatic tumble-sieving device called the “Pollinator.” She also created a water-bag extraction method based on earlier discoveries by hashish researchers.

An enterprising Canadian, Bubbleman, visited Mila in Amsterdam. Intrigued by water extraction, he began making and marketing “bubblebags” that contain different pore sizes through which resin glands filter after marijuana is soaked in ice water. The resulting “bubblehash” is potent, and it often bubbles when flame is applied to it.

Another modern innovation is using alcohol, chloroform, butane and other solvents to chemically extract cannabinoids. The extracted cannabinoids are often called hashish, but they are not hashish in the traditional sense of the word ? they are “cannabis concentrates.”

Since the 1960’s, solvent-manufactured cannabis concentrates have been available as “honey oil,” “red oil,” “jelly-butane hash,” and similar concoctions. The cannabinoid percentage and purity of solvent-extracted products is almost always higher than that of hashish, but many solvent extract products are polluted by solvent residues. Also, making cannabis extracts with solvents can be a dangerous process.

The king of kind

A Canadian man named BudderKing has gone public with a bold claim: he says he has created a new, powerful and safe solvent-extract cannabis product.

“I make something called ‘Budder,’ and it’s the strongest, cleanest, stoniest stuff in the world,” BudderKing proclaimed when I met him at Da Kine cannabis caf? in Vancouver. “It’s virtually all THC. There’s nothing better than Budder.”

BudderKing isn’t the only person who claims to have created a uniquely potent new cannabis product. Tens of thousands of people manufacture solvent-extract cannabis products. Somewhere on earth, there could be a cannabis product that is stronger and purer than Budder. Still, people like Cannabis Culture editor Dana Larsen, who has sampled some of the best cannabis extracts from around the world, say Budder ranks at the top of the list.

“BudderKing gave me two hits at the ‘Beyond Prohibition’ conference in Vancouver, using his propane torch and hot knife in the parking lot on the hood of his car,” Larsen recalls. “It hit me real hard. It was the among the very highest pot highs I’ve ever had. It was very clean, but I also almost felt like I was on a psychedelic.”

In the Vancouver cannabis scene, quality imported and domestic hashish, waterhash, bubblehash, kif, and solvent-extracted products are always available, but Budder is causing a stir because of its appearance, taste, potency and superb high. The word on the street is that Budder is more potent than any other cannabis product.

According to Dr Paul Hornby, a chemist and plant analyst who runs a company ( that tests cannabis products for purity and potency, “Budder is the cleanest, most potent cannabis product I’ve ever tested.”

Marijuana contains various cannabinoids, Hornby explains, with THC usually predominant. Hemp has barely a percent or two of THC. The best dried marijuana bud generally maxes out at about 27% THC. Sieved hashish averages about 45% THC. Bubblehash averages about 53% THC. Solvent-extracted products usually have more THC than bud, water hash or sieved hash, but none have tested as high as Budder, and Hornby says Budder is further distinguished because it does not contain any heavy metals, radioactivity, or other markers associated with inferior fertilizers used on source bud.

“The top Budder sample was 99.6% pure,” Hornby explained, “which means if you had an ounce of it, only a tiny fraction of a gram would be anything other than cannabinoids. We also tested Budder for toxins, solvents, molds, diseases, heavy metals and other contaminants. There were none. It’s essentially just pure cannabinoids. I’ve tested a lot of cannabis materials, but this is the most impressive.”

Hornby’s tests also found Budder contains 80 to 90% of its cannabinoids as THC. It contains much smaller percentages of two other cannabinoids: cannabidiol and cannabinol. Of these two, cannabidiol (CBD) is most important because it has medicinal effects and moderates the stimulative effects of THC.

After Hornby’s Budder tests became public, some water-extract enthusiasts challenged his results, asserting that Hornby’s test equipment, expertise, and objectivity are flawed.

“They don’t know what they’re talking about,” Hornby said of his critics. “I’ve done test trials with other labs to check my results and calibrations, and my lab is spot on with other labs, including one of the biggest in the US. I test all kinds of plant products and provide specialized services that are respected by experts in industry, science and medicine.”

Budder churning

Cannabinoids are tricky substances. In the cannabis plant, they exist in an “acid” form that has no effect on humans.

Internally, the plant uses one cannabinoid as a precursor to another. Externally, cannabinoids altered by temperature, light or other factors can molecularly mutate into different, possibly more or less effective cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids have to be heated or otherwise altered so they will produce psychoactive effects in humans. Depending on how plants are processed and ingested, individual cannabinoids can exist in different chemical forms, and can interact with each other to produce a wide range of effects.

Solvent extraction involves combining cannabis with alcohol, ethanol, acetone, chloroform, butane or other solvents that extract cannabinoids and other byproducts from raw marijuana. Then, the solvent, byproducts and cannabinoids are separated and further manipulated. The goal is to create a finished material that only contains essential cannabinoids, especially THC.

The processing of cannabis into concentrate often involves multiple steps, but at minimum the manufacturer must use temperature controls and/or “wash” the cannabinoid-solvent mixture to remove solvent and other impurities. Products containing traces of solvent cause negative health effects, and can be detected by testing, taste, and odor. The degree to which solvents are absent is a key factor in judging the quality of a cannabis extract.

The details of solvent extraction are voluminous and complex. The process usually involves heat, volatile chemicals, lab equipment, meticulous record keeping, safety vigilance, and patience. Careless or inexperienced experimenters have been injured or killed when their labs blew up or caught fire.

BudderKing says Budder is the result of a decade of research that began with the making of liquid cannabis honey oil. Later in the 1990’s, he and his colleagues in Surrey, British Columbia (near Vancouver), carried honey oil manufacturing to new heights, eventually creating a product called “Glass.”

“It was refined oil made with a multi-step alcohol process,” BudderKing explains. “Then we took it further, and it hardened into something that looked and felt like amber. We liked it because it was very strong and easier to smoke than oil.”

BudderKing continued to experiment with Glass and other extracts, seeking to make a purer, tastier product.

“It was hard work, trial and error, a lucky fluke that we discovered the Budder process,” he said. “We found this way that made a crude kind of Budder, then we worked it, tooled it, baked it, over and over, until we had what we wanted.”

The Budder process starts with choice varieties of marijuana specially bred by BudderKing. He uses Advanced Nutrients products to grow his crop; he avoids using insecticides, fungicides and herbicides because their residue could affect Budder’s taste and quality.

“You only make Budder from kif, hash, or high-crystal organic buds like what we have bred,” BudderKing said. “The bud has to be literally covered in crystal on top of crystal. Our favorite strain is a dark, short plant, almost purple, that comes from a Berry variety mixed with some Bubblegum and White Widow. Budder is strain-specific and base material specific. You can taste different strains of Budder, kind of like how you can taste in honey what flowers the bees used to make the honey.”

Budder heart and soul

Water-extracted hashish existed before Bubbleman began marketing bubblebags, but most people credit Bubbleman with popularizing bubblehash and bubblebags.

The same kind of buzz is happening around BudderKing. Although hashish oils and other concentrates have existed for many years, nobody has been willing to publicly promote a solvent-extracted cannabis product. Until now.

When BudderKing first granted me an interview, he offered to have his face on the cover of Cannabis Culture, along with a huge plate of Budder. He says he’s on a mission to “spread the Budder high across the world.”

The high is uplifting and unique, he says, because Budder contains such a huge percentage of THC, and because a hit of Budder contains only pure cannabinoid vapor instead of the harmful byproducts of combustible materials found in a hit of regular marijuana or hashish. Indeed, when pot smokers inhale burned marijuana, part of the “high” they feel is actually not a high at all ? it’s a set of unpleasant toxic effects produced by inhaling burned plant material along with cannabinoids.

“I didn’t create Budder so I could make money; I created it so people could inhale pure cannabinoids,” BudderKing explains. “I see Budder as a spiritual THC high and a harm reduction method. One Budder hit gives you two joints worth of cannabinoids all at once, and it’s kind to your lungs.”

BudderKing has been a marijuana cultivator for many years. He’s fought police and prosecutors. He’s lost tons of money and peace of mind because of his involvement with marijuana. Now that he is debuting Budder, he is finding that the marijuana industry can be vicious and overcompetitive.

“We’ve had people who have never seen Budder try to slag us on the Internet,” he says. “People trying to guess how we make it. Some people who know us and who think they know how to make it are threatening to pirate our formula. People saying there’s no way we’ve created something unique. But nobody else has the genetics we have, and nobody else has the process we have. When we meet people from around the world who are trying Budder for the first time, they all have the same reaction: ‘This is the strongest. It tastes so good. I’m so high. I’ve never had anything like it!'”

Top of the mountain

After BudderKing saw test results indicating he’d created the purest cannabinoid product on earth, he set out to create a way for people to easily use the gooey stuff. Most people use Budder by placing a miniscule amount of it on a knife heated by a propane torch or stove, but this method is cumbersome and sometimes impractical.

BudderKing created a small hand-held butane-fueled device that heats up a tiny, attached surface on which Budder is placed and inhaled. This device will soon be commercially available.

BudderKing is also determined to make Budder on other continents. He wants it in Dutch coffeeshops. It’s hard to make, he says: it takes an ounce of prime buds to make about three grams of prime Budder. Three grams of Budder provides about 100 hits, and each hit will get you as high as if you had just smoked a joint or two.

At Da Kine cannabis caf? in Vancouver, currently the only place Budder is commercially available, weed customers quickly switch over to Budder when they hear about it from Da Kine’s staff.

“Budder makes more sense,” says Carol Da Kine. “You inhale one tiny hoot of Budder and get super high without any the harmful byproducts of smoking a joint.”

I met Da Kine customers who traveled to Vancouver because they read about Budder on the Cannabis Culture website. An electrical engineer named Jim, from Raleigh, North Carolina, agreed with other customers about Budder.

“I’ve never felt anything so nice,” he said. “It put a big smile on my face, so I came back today. This is one experience you can’t find anywhere else.”


Budder, created and manufactured by BudderKing, Surrey, Canada, 2004.


Pure cannabinoids, mostly THC, solvent-extracted using alcohol.

Method of ingestion

Heated and inhaled.

Appearance and texture

Ranges from greenish-brown to golden in color; semi-hard, like putty. The blonder and smoother the Budder, the better it is.


May harden or liquefy, depending on temperature. Ideal storage temperature between 50-70?F (10-21?C).


Soaring, clear, cerebral, relaxing, glowing, very euphoric. Few body effects. Lasts four to six hours. Does not interfere with speech, social skills, coordination. No couchlock. Minimal hangover.


Smooth inhalation; does not produce coughing. One hit equals several joints of cannabinoids. Easy to transport. Great taste. Unique, empowering high.


Only available at Da Kine. Melts easily. Best inhaled off a hot knife, which creates problems for public use, safety and logistics. Dangerous to manufacture. Secret formula.

Flight advisory

Budder creates an immediate rush that starts in mouth, face and sinuses, and then travels to legs and arms. The high is mildly psychedelic. Budder should be used sparingly, perhaps once or twice a day, at most. Hold inhalation at least 15 seconds. Novices should be sitting down when they take their first hit.

* Da Kine Smokeshop closed down on October 6, 2004, after two police raids. [email protected].

For more information:

? BudderKing: [email protected]
? Da Kine: 1018 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC; tel 604 215 1018; [email protected].

Further reading:

? Cannabis Alchemy: The Art of Modern Hashmaking: Methods for Preparation of Extremely Potent Cannabis Products, by D. Gold
? Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medical Use, by Greg Green
? Dr Atomic’s Marijuana Multiplier, 2nd Edition, by Larry S. Todd
? Marijuana Chemistry: Genetics, Processing & Potency, by Michael Starks



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  1051. Anonymous on

    You’re completely lying and you and everyone else knows it.

  1052. Hyerdanu on

    I’ve had a few batches of this superb product from my favourite MOM. I have taken to putting a tiny nugget into my Iolite and it works like a dream. No need to fuck around with knives and torches. Get an Iolite and go to Budder heaven. It’s only slightly less healthy than breathing oxygen.
    As for all the nasty comments about Budder and its maker, all I have to say is goddamn, stoners can be prissy little bitches. Just because you can’t lay your hands on the real thing, don’t slander a man’s reputation out of jealousy, and don’t talk shit about a product of which you have no first hand experience. Budder knocks everything I have ever tried into a cocked hat…and I used to live in Amsterdam. It’s even better than Katsu’s Crystal Clear, my previous favourite.

  1053. Anonymous on

    Its funny because all these people keep saying “it cant just be whipped honey oil” well, guess what? it is. I make budder all the time and thats exactly all it is. whipped oil made over gentle heat. I dont know why it took the guy 10 years to find out how to do it. My friends and I figured it out in less than a month. and guess what else? Dr. hornby tested ours and it was MORE potent than the Budderking’s stuff. Ours actually registered at 100%. and it isnt gooey like the budderkings. its more like the consistency of a sugar cookie.

  1054. pepa (seed) on

    hey fellow stoners of the earth, I hate to say this sh*t… but this article is from 2005…. BudderKing says he invented budder it in 2004. So maybe all this time the sh*t was wide spread, he was just adding mysticism to his invention in the moment it came out.

    he just adds that the weed needs to be organically grown and to have lots of crystals.

    stupid stoners. read dates first.

  1055. rizlabushman on

    Super-critical fluid extraction… nuff said.

    then copy any random you tube video… budder baby.

    people pray on the weak minded too much. this “budderking” is simply a diluted profiteer.

  1056. David99 on

    “I have since spoken with a few chemists etc” I am a chemist and I can tell you that you don’t know any chemists. Hydrogen sulfide smells like rotten eggs. My BIC butane lighter gas has no smell, sweet child, nor does yours. From url:
    “Hydrogen sulfide is commonly found in natural gas, biogas, and LPG. It can be removed in a number of ways.” This is a possible origin of the false urban legend that a poisonous substance is “added” to a household product. If you have a natural gas stove, you may smell rotten eggs, if you are lucky.

    REALITY CHECK: why would anyone “add” something poisonous and toxic to a consumer product when something smelly would work? Let me guess, you believe that chemtrails are a government conspiracy. Sounds like THC psychosis.

  1057. Anonymous on


    Myself and 3 Other Patients have HAD SEIZURES From Smoking Budder

    Im sorry to let you know that Injecting a toxic gas into Marijuana to extract the THC, Wasnt such a good idea.

    BUTANE is an odorless gas, TO odorize it, They inject Hydrogen-Sulfide, Which does not boil out, and remains in the Final product for you to smoke….

    About 30 minutes After taking a rip of budder, I got dizzy and a bad headache, i then fell to the floor convulsing and vomiting, (or so ive been told, i dont remember a thing) and woke up in the hospital not remembering the past few months of my life…I never thought that budder was the cause and the doctors had no idea what caused it,

    So i was smoking alot of weed for a while because i took a break after the seizure, then back to water hash, then eventually i took another rip of budder…

    40 minutes later i was in another ambulance convulsing and spitting and woke up again in the hospital.

    …… I have since spoken with a few chemists etc, and They werent surprised in the least, introducing me to a wiki page for “Hydrogen sulfide” Made me instantaneously realize that budder CONTAINS A POISONOUS GAS, THAT HAS BEEN KNOWN TO CAUSE SEIZURES.

    over the next few months, i found THREE MORE PEOPLE that had been HOSPITALIZED due to SEIZURES FROM BUDDER……… and its a relatively small community….


  1058. Anonymous on

    your a douche. get a iq? wtf?

  1059. ling on

    Cheap Links of London Charms are offered at our online store.

    We’re sure you won’t be able to find such fantastic collection

    of Links London Charms anywhere else. Our Links of London are top

    quality and affordable price. Just watting for you.

  1060. Anonymous on

    Actually after buying a nice chunk of budder and watching how to make it on youtube with a coffee mug warmer and honey oil being stirred until it turns into budder is no different

    mine was just as dank, just as potent the same color and burned the same.
    I used one full vile of honey oil and got a nice pebble sized ball

    HAH budderking is a tool on a power trip, its honey oil warmed and stirred and nothing else. I have done it many times and will continue to keep doing it because it works.

  1061. Anonymous on

    That’s not the recipe at the bottom. Just the way the resin was extracted. from there its a long and somewhat dangerous process. I have found only one or two links that contain what could be the right way to make it. The cannabinoid conversion process is not an easy one. This is not just whipped oil.thats just where it think it took 10 years to make whipped oil? please.

  1062. facehouse on

    Whats all this secret recipe nonsense?
    At the bottom of the article there is a “Further Reading” section and listed is the book with the recipe.. Right there! Dr Atomic’s Marijuana Multiplier, 2nd Edition, by Larry S. Todd… the first edition came out in the 70’s.

  1063. Anonymous on

    Dude just use a deep fryer filled with water,in a well ventalated place of course.

  1064. Anonymous on

    could you please explain process to me much love norcal ca toker

  1065. Anonymous on

    Attitude is why people starve

  1066. Anonymous on

    I disagree that THC unheated and fresh from the bud will not get you high. The future will be in fresh whole plant extracts. The high is similar to budder but not as concentrated and is functional. The flavor is the best part but it takes a lot of herb. Try making Bhang tea. It’s the best before yoga. I’ve tried it on non smokers and they love it.

  1067. Anonymous on

    i smke budder evryday im from NL,i wouldnt share budder for free,or the recipe,money makes the world go around,check your self son,get with the times

  1068. Anonymous on

    you sound like a douchebag. how is it capitalism to share shit for free, that’s just love bro. spread the love

  1069. Anonymous on

    I’m not bragging or anything.. but I am in Ontario, and I get budder every week.

    it’s not too hard if you’re intelligent enough to pursue and find vendors…

    sure, it is expensive, no doubt. worth the price for sure though, I love my budder, an excellent addition to all the high grade weed I vape.

    A little vape, a few hits of budder on the charcoal and im freaking buzzing like mad, i feel all numb and my vision goes nuts. budder IS THE BEST.

    and if i studied up and put my time and dedication into making budder, i would not release it either for free. all of you are the capitalist pigs, if you think he owes the world?

    get an IQ, read some books, become educated.

  1070. Anonymous on

    Is why you won’t die a wealthy man.

  1071. Anonymous on

    i smoked budder once i took 2 hits and i felt normal until I started noticing the effects 5 to 10 minutes later the high was clear, mildly psychedelic and it just getting more intense as time was going on it’s very spiritual and relaxing i loved it budder is definitely worth a try for the world

  1072. Canosco on

    If as you said,you didn’t do it to make money then why are you keeping your formula secret?

    DON’T COOK IT ON A STOVE.It can kill your buzz

    I can give the rest of you a couple of tips though.
    -When you make your oil don’t leave the plant material in the Iso or whatever you use for more than 20 seconds(the longer you leave it in the more chlorophil you will melt with the crystal and this ruins the taste.)
    -The colder the Iso is the longer you can let it soak. If you put your iso in the freezer for several hours prior and put your bud or shake in the freezer for several hours you can stuff a jar withit add iso return it to the freezer to drip out, this can be done over night.
    -Don’t squeeze too hard to get every last drop of oil from the plant or you’ll squeeze the crap out of it. instead run more iso through it as you watch the color that it doesn’t drip green. GREEN IS BAD!

    The most important thing I can tell you is
    -If you have time to wait then leave it somewhere safe and well ventilated preferably outside.(If you leave it outside to evaporate the sun will make it turn red. kinda cool we call it cherry oil)
    -If you don’t have the time to allow natural evaporation then your next step is to find a hair dryer and a ceramic baking pan. Go outside and blowdry your oil.(Much Safer)
    – When most ov the iso is gone and you almost have oil you may see an orange milk come out of the yellow oil.If the oil is sticky then wash of the orange with water.(cold water)
    -spread the oil around with a flat blade until its done.

  1073. Anonymous on

    AGREED. First thought that came to my mind. Share or your a capitalist pig like the rest of us.

  1074. zerodegreeburn on

    “Does not interfere with speech, social skills, coordination. No couchlock. Minimal hangover.”

    I agree about the hangover but no couchlock??? Definitely not in my experience this stuff knocked 3 friends and I to the floor for 2 hours. Not complaining though 🙂

  1075. IGotTheCottons on

    “When BudderKing first granted me an interview, he offered to have his face on the cover of Cannabis Culture, along with a huge plate of Budder. He says he’s on a mission to “spread the Budder high across the world.””

    If that were the case, he wouldn’t be keeping the recipe a complete secret like a stingy little bitch. If he REALLY wanted to “spread the Budder high across the world” – he would allow other people to have the recipe instead of hoarding it. Seems to me he really just wants the money associated with being the only one with the actual recipe.

    Hell… If I came up with a recipe like that – I’d share it with everyone. Not keep it to myself like a greedy asshole. I’d want EVERYONE to be able to experience it. Not just those who are fortunate enough to come to my shop and buy it.

  1076. Anonymous on

    you must be insane if you think that by taking iso oil which is about 70% thc and just whipping it will make it more potent in THC.

    what you are describing is called oxidizing the THC and it will not make more THC if anything you are breaking the THC down to CBD a lot quicker then it would normally hapepen. you have not made budder. budder requires isomerization sorry if you have been lied to by youtube.

  1077. Anonymous on

    wow, how difficult does the self proclaimed ‘king’ make this simple process seem..
    hash oil gently heated and whipped with air is all you ever need to make budder.
    the same way you only need a worktop washer and a lingerie bag to make bubble. a fancy sticker does not make it any better.