Loose buds

My buds are coming out short and loose, and the cured weed is powdery with the consistency of dead leaves. The loose leaf gets you plenty stoned but it doesn’t feel or look like the hardened buds you’d find in a good eighth-ounce. It is a dull, pale, yellow-green color and smokes harsh. It just doesn’t match up to higher quality weed.
I grow the plants in a good commercial planting medium, have a 1000-watt HPS light with a super reflector, use a recommended fertilizer solution and I keep everything just right and dandy. The seeds are from some good Thai weed. Why aren’t I getting great results?

London, England

The reason you aren’t getting the results you would like is the genetics that you are using. Thai weed is a sativa with a very high light requirement that is difficult to supply indoors under lights. Thai buds tend to be small and grow on lanky stems outdoors. Indoors they perform worse. If your set-up is in good shape as you say, you will find greater success with a commercial variety adapted for indoor life.

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