The pH(x) Trinity waterpipe

The pH(x) precision-engineered Trinity waterpipe is described by its makers as a “revolutionary smoking experience.” This complex device is the brainchild of pH(x) president Chris Carstens, a graduate of UC Berkeley’s mechanical engineering department.
The Trinity pipe gets in name from its three chambers, stacked one on top of the other, which provide a pure and smooth toking experience.

Triple filter

In a traditional waterpipe, smoke bubbles travel through the water. Where water and smoke interact on the surface of the bubbles, heat and water-soluble chemicals are drawn out.

The Trinity design takes this smoke-water interaction and multiplies it. At the end of the stem, where smoke enters the first chamber, there is a diffuser that breaks what are typically large bubbles in a regular waterpipe into many small bubbles. The result is a much larger surface area to volume ratio, so that much more of the smoke is actually interacting with the water. Consequently, heat dissipation and chemical filtering are increased.

This process is repeated two more times in the subsequent chambers. The result is smoke that has traveled through three chambers, with a diffuser in each, that comes out cooler and purer than in an average waterpipe. The last chamber near the mouthpiece contains a splash guard, so the user’s lips aren’t wet with bong water.

With the growth of medical consumption, people are looking for ways to reduce the harm involved in smoking. This is a fantastic tool for those who prefer bongs to other safer tools like vaporizers.


The Trinity is made from chemical-grade Pyrex, extra thick to better resist the inevitable knocks and bangs of frequent use. All the interfaces between the bowl, stem, and pipe are made with the same ground glass joints that users will recognize from high school chemistry class.

The Trinity, like a beaker, is very clear and plain with simple brand lettering on the pipe. It is this simplicity in design that brings such enjoyment when smoking. The user can watch the sweet smoke fill the chambers and marvel at how smoothly it is drawn into the lungs.

How it works

To fill the pipe, pour water into the base chamber until it is about 2/3 full. Pull out the bowl piece and inhale hard through the pipe until the water rises into the other chambers. The pipe is properly filled when all water levels are about 1/2 full.

To clear or adjust the chambers, simply remove the bowl piece and exhale or inhale gently through the pipe. The water levels will lower or raise accordingly.

Smoking the pipe is very easy. Hardly any lung pressure or suction is required as the smoke travels quickly through the purifying chambers.

Once filled, the smoke hovers just below the clear lip, waiting to be inhaled. Then, with a slight lift of the bowl piece, all the smoke vanishes out of the pipe and into the lungs.

The cool, pure smoke is easy to inhale. No pain, no coughing, just a clean, happy high.

High praise

The Trinity won 3rd place at the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, and has been featured in Headquest magazine’s Quest for the Best section, as well as their Best Products of 2002 list.

Though the pipes are pricier than average (ranging from $250 US for a two-chambered 20″ model, and up to $400 for a 33″ model) there is wild demand for these pleasure pipes. Customers can get a Trinity of their own through the pH(x) website, or at the more than 50 authorized resellers listed there.

? Ph(x) Precision Engineered Pipes:



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  376. FellowHerbLover on

    You should be among the greats in the history books. I like the screen idea…brilliant.

  377. Anonymous on


  378. fivepoint0cj on

    I made these twenty five years ago…we called them boiler bongs because of the small bubbles and they would foam up sometimes ,I did it a few different ways such as drilled little holes at the bottom of the stem and restricted the end so bubbles went into little holes, we also tried a screen in the tube submerged just above the stem so the bubbles broke up passing through the screen ,A tea ball attached to the bottom of the stemm was another way

  379. Anonymous on

    it is spelled RooR, not ROORE, u idiot.

  380. Anonymous on

    These bongs are lame! If you want the real then only go with a true piece by ROORE!!