Marijuana tea

Can marijuana leaves be boiled to make a tea? Will I get the magical properties that I am looking for? I am looking for a chamomile type of relaxation.

Marijuana leaves can be boiled to make a weak tea. Even the leaves of immature plants have a slight effect. However, the leaves of mature plants have a stronger effect.

THC is only very slightly soluble in boiling water. Adding either some alcohol or some oil to the mix will help the THC dissolve. An ounce of whole milk or a half ounce of hard liquor to a cup of boiling water increases the tea’s potency quite a bit. A chai-type drink, made with marijuana leaves, spices, butter and milk would dissolve even more of the THC.

Making tea by just boiling the leaves will not release as much psychoactive THC. Since marijuana’s pigments and terpenoids ? the components responsible for its flavor ? are water soluble, this tea looks and smells more promising than its effect will be. However, these non-cannabinoids may also have medicinal properties, as could other water-solubles.

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  117. Anonymous on

    Hey, the first time i made pot tea i was so insecure because i was looking for THE perfect recipe and the only one i found was ok, consist in simple and easy steps: simmer 2 cups of whole milk with a generous portion of stems, buds or only the leaves (if you don’t find the other things) for 30 minutes. How much pot? Well it depends on how high do you want to feel… I presume pretty much, like me.. so add just the same portion that you will use in a joint but THE BIG ASS JOINT, the effects last from 4 to 8 hours depending on how much weed you want to add, and the time you boil the tea.. i’ve tried 5 times and i don’t have anything to complain about it.. Better than smoking it!
    PS.: sorry if i made some mistakes but i haven’t finished my english lessons 😉

  118. Anonymous on

    Yes, I have made marijuana chai tea with soymilk and it was quite potent.

  119. Anonymous on

    Actually any type of nut milk will work because of the fat. I made a tea by blending raw sunflower seeds with some water and then strained it and put it into a boiling pot of water and then added a couple tablespoons of dried leaves and stems. I also added about two or three tsp of earth balance and let it simmer for 30 min. I tasted it and it was okay so i let it sit for another 2 hours and when i tried it again it was great and a pretty shade of green. I had about 3 or 4 cups over the course of 3/4 hours and I kid you not I was unbelievably high from around 5’o clock in the afternoon until i went to bed at 12 and woke up still fuzzy headed.

  120. Anonymous on

    I made some tea using a small jar of stems, and the buzz was great and it lasted for at least 4 hours. I boiled the water then poured it into a tea cup already half full with stems, added honey, vanilla,2% milk,butter, and cinnamon. Let it steep for 15 minutes, and bingo, great tasting chai-type tea with a great buzz. My advice is add the butter and milk right after pouring the hot water, this gives the THC time to leech out and activate.

  121. Anonymous on


  122. Anonymous on

    I am wondering if coconut or soy milk have enough soluble fat to make an effective vegan non alcoholic THC drink?

  123. Anonymous on


    I have never made weed tea, but I’ve smoked with a vapourizer which is steam and made brownies. I think it would be possible for you to get high off the vapour if you were boiling the marijuana at a high enough temperature. Wikipedia says:

    “When one considers that there are at least 60 pharmacologically-active compounds in cannabis and that the aromatic terpenoids begin to vaporize at 126 °C, but the more bio-active cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabinol (CBN), and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) do not vaporize until near their respective flash points: CBD 206.3 °C[6], CBN 212.7 °C[7], THC 149.3 °C)[8] then it becomes apparent that the only way to get a full spectrum vapor inhalation is to extract and deliver rapidly from a small sample at a time.”

    Water boils at 100 C so its not really possible for the water to get hotter then that unless the pressure is much higher, but that doesn’t happen to a large degree in a kettle or stove pot. The thing is rum, butter, and honey all boil at temperatures higher then 100 C. For example olive oil will not start to boil until around 300 C. Butter, rum and milk also both have higher boiling points then water. The boiling points for these products have a range though because they are made from mixtures of fat, water, proteins and other stuff. So if the liquid mixture you were boiling reached over 150 C then I think its possible you felt the effects of the cannabis from the steam.

    One thing though is that I’m pretty sure the point of boiling the marijuana in butter is to get the THC to absorb into the butter (or whatever mixture it is) so that it doesn’t escape into steam, therefore making your brownies/tea less potent. That would mean some of the cannabis was escaping the tea you were making.

    I hope that helped a little, or that you get this answer. I’m interested to try making some tea soon. Also if you cannot inhale smoke because of you laryngitis you could possibly try using a high quality vapourizer (such as a Volcano) since vapour is not the same as smoke. Studies show that inhaling the vapour is much less harmful then cannabis smoke from combustion. But, I`m not a doctor or anything, so I would ask yours first to make sure, or at least do some research.