Cannabis Common Sense #203

Hemp News, with Paul Stanford, then Paul, Dr. Phillip Leveque, D.O. Ph.D., and Don Dupay, retired police detective and social worker, take viewers telephone calls. Tonight, Paul has a 1920s era medicine made from 43 and 3/4s grains of extract of cannabis indica, made to remove corns and bunions, and a new product from Switzerland, made with cannabis flower extract. Tonight’s film clips include a clip from the 1942 US Department of Agriculture’s film, “Hemp for Victory,” a clip from a local TV news show that interviews Paul Stanford as he says why the narcs don’t need more money, a clip from the Australian TV documentary, “Hemp: Billion Dollar Crop,” and more clips from New Jersey Weedman, Ed Forchion, who sits in jail awaiting a hearing on a parole violation for making these TV ads.