Nova Scotia Marijuana Party leader gets 6 years

After spending millions on a marijuana investigation that involved phone wiretaps, bugs in his home, and a GPS tracker in his car, RCMP found no marijuana in his home, no marijuana in his car and no marijuana on his person. Regardless, in 2000, Nova Scotia resident Mike Patriquen, holder of a medical marijuana exemption, was bullied into pleading guilty to conspiracy to traffic in marijuana and convicted.
Mike Patriquen is a well-known cannabis activist who founded and lead the Nova Scotia Marijuana Party, and helped found the Federal Marijuana Party. His wife, Melanie, also ran as a candidate with the Marijuana Party.

On September 10, Mike Patriquen appeared before Supreme Court Justice Hood, to argue that provisions should be made for him to use medical marijuana in jail before he was sentenced. Justice Hood denied his request, saying in her ruling that there was no proof that he would be denied his medicine until he was actually in prison. Then she announced a six-year incarceration, and Patriquen was sent away. He now languishes in jail without cannabis.

Get the next issue of Cannabis Culture for a more detailed story of how RCMP, judges and prosecutors conspired to arrest and imprison Mike Patriquen with flimsy and circumstantial evidence, tarnishing the already blackened reputation of Canada’s justice system.

Contact: Melanie Patriquen – (902) 865-8606
See also Letter writing campaign to free Michael Patriquen



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  175. Luke on

    You we’re kicked out of your own home for being a little shithead and you go try to be a fucking rat on somebody just so you get attention you little shit!
    Grow up and do something positive with your life! Free everyone from cannabis crimes!!!

  176. Anonymous on

    mike patriquen is none of the above you moron.

  177. KWH on

    You know, people like you who tend to pry into other peoples businesses tend to go missing…or found washed up on the beach chained to cement blocks, wrapped in duct tape. Dont you watch CSI?

  178. michelle on

    hey im 18 years old, and this summer i got kicked out of my house and was living with Raye Patriquen, Mike’s daughter. i knew everything and anything that went on in that house. mike was up at all times in the night and day, doing some type of drug, most likely herroin or however u spell it because his arms always hard bleeding scabs all over him, and i would catch him pciking at them and eating them which is really sick but yeah, he still has about 28 plants in his basement… and his daughter is 17 years old, she got one of her friends to deal for her dad, he would always come to the house for 10 mins then leave. he also always bragged about how sweet it was that he got the hook-up from mike for dope. anyways if your interested in knowing anything else just email me. the things i witnessed when i was there were unbearible…. i hate that family with a passion… they are all fucked on drugs.