Pot Cures Hiccups

According to a report in the January 1998 Lancet, marijuana may be a cure for hiccups! Although only an occasional annoyance for most, “intractable hiccups” can be a rare and unpleasant complication of AIDS. The report described a patient who suffered from severe hiccups for a full week. Pharamceutical drugs like nifedipine, valproate, lansoprazole, and intravenous lidocaine all had no effect, and neither did “glabellar acupuncture”, removal of hair from the tympanic membrane, or “irrigation of marcaine into the external auditory canal.”

Yet when the patient smoked a joint for the first time ever on day 8, the hiccups vanished for the day. The next day the hiccups came back, and so on day 10 the patient smoked up again, and the hiccups went away for good.

The report explains that a double-blind study of marijuana’s effectiveness against AIDS-related hiccups would be difficult to do, as it is a very rare condition. But they do acknowledge that cannabis should be tried for hiccups uncurable by other means.