Ganja Beer, Imported & Domestic

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Ganja Beer, Imported & Domestic

Beer piss

On July 18, trend-spotting euromag The European reported that bottled beer containing cannabis is to go on sale in Europe for the first time. The beer is legal, even though it includes a minute amount of THC.
Gary Wuschech, head of Swiss brewery Waedenswil, has started selling the beer in Switzerland, and has said he has received many requests from British and German pubs.

Wuschech claims that the intoxication effects are likely to come from the alcohol and not the hemp, but admits that
the beer does taste like slightly sweetened hash.” The beer uses cannabis from hemp plants with a low THC content, but it has a 5.8 per cent alcohol content, making it one of the strongest beers on the market.

Meanwhile, San Franciscans in the know are drinking Hi-Brew
, colloquially known as The Wacko One. This fine mead also contains cannabis, but in healthier amounts than the Swiss version,
enough to send you soaring” according to the brewers. The label warns consumers to pour slowly and not drink the
sediment, but at CC we always thought the sediment was the best part!


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