Just say “non”

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Smoke Signals

Just Say “Non”

Pink elephants never die

On June 24, France’s only cannabis culture magazine, l’Elephant Rose,
officially went out of business. It was aimed at “young people who smoke
or want to smoke cannabis,” and the last issue was published in
May. Editor Gerard Jubert decided to stop the magazine after he was
brought before the Paris Court and sentenced to a fine of 300,000 F
(about cdn $80,000) and 18 months suspended sentence, for violation of
article 1630
of the public health code which prohibits “instigation
to use cannabis substances.”

We’ve heard rumours that a new pot mag has already hit the streets, called
Fais – netour
, Paris street slang for “Pass it on.” Get your copy
quickly though, since they’ve already had a visit from les thought police


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