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Dana and friend

from the editor. . .

“the ball is rolling”

It’s been a very positive season for Cannabis Canadians and our siblings around the world. We are beginning to see our efforts paying off, and can look forward to the possibility of even more dramatic changes coming in the future.

The victory of the medical marijuana initiative in California and the more comprehensive controlled drug prescription law in Arizona are the most significant victories the North American movement has ever had, and both signal the beginning of the end of the US drugwar.

In Canada our Parliament has begun a review of our nation’s drug policies, and although they are hesitant to embrace decriminalization and harm reduction, the review does present us with an excellent opportunity to educate our government and our media about the harmful effects of prohibition. Our government’s official lies and misinformation have been refuted by scientific study and cool logic time and time again. Polls show that most Canadians support a more tolerant system than the present regime, so it’s the politicians that need educating, and the people that must teach. Let the truth be heard.

There’s been plenty of good news from the international hemp front as well. Industrial hemp is springing up in Jamaica and South Africa, while it’s already big business in Europe and is just getting bigger. Canada’s experimental hemp farms are poised to make the transition into industrial and commercial reality, and the election of hemp activist Brian Taylor as Mayor of the BC town of Grand Forks should be cause for great joy and anticipation in the hearts of hempsters nationwide.

Unfortunately, we haven’t won yet. Both Hemp Nation and Hi Times in London Ontario were raided as this issue went to print, as was David Malmo-Levine’s Harm Reduction Club here in Vancouver. We can’t expect our government or our police to end their vicious war against us, we’ll have to do it all ourselves.

Although we have got the ball rolling and inertia is now on our side, we must continue to push even harder to take full advantage of the opportunities being presented to us. Please write to the papers, meet with your MP, shamelessly smoke pot and actively work to end to Canada’s war on higher consciousness. Because prohibition hurts, and marijuana heals.

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Dana Larsen – Editor


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