What’s What and Who’s Who in CA

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Victory in California!

What’s What and Who’s Who in CA

The San Francisco Cannabis Buyers’ Club (SFCBC) is located at 1444 Market Street in the heart of San Francisco, within sight of the federal building.

The club was made possible when 80% of San Francisco voters passed passed an ordinance directing all law enforcement agencies in the city and county of San Francisco to assign the lowest possible priority to enforcement of laws against medical marijuana possession or use. (See Cannabis Canada fall 1995 for background.)

The club had about 12,000 members when it was raided by State Police on August 4. California narcotics officers reportedly seized three vans full of material, including medical marijuana-initiative campaign information, 11,000 patient records, doctors’ notes, between 40 and 150 pounds of marijuana, and about $60,000 in cash.

Proposition 215 provides a defense for patients and caregivers who possess marijuana on a physician’s recommendation, and offers protection for physicians who recommend it. It evolved at the SFCBC, and the club served as campaign headquarters before and during the signature-gathering drive. Dedicated volunteers and paid workers, collected more than enough signatures to qualify 215 for the ballot. It passed on November 5, with 56% support.

Californians for Medical Rights (CMR) is a non-partisan committee formed in 1996 to protect the legal rights of doctors and patients who find marijuana useful in medical treatment. CMR’s paid signature gatherers were crucial to the success of the effort to place Proposition 215 on the ballot. CMR also handled the Proposition 215 electoral campaign, and is now launching Americans for Medical Rights to push for nationwide access to medical marijuana.

The Los Angeles Cannabis Buyers’ Club is another succesful Californian buyers’ club raided by agents of Attorney General Lungren. On September 16 it suffered a raid by the State Sheriff’s department, thought to be planned by Attorney General Lungren. The raid was carried out without the participation of city officials. Four club employees, including two cancer patients and an AIDS patient, were arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to sell.


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