From the Editor

I remember it clearly: I was hanging out in the back of the hemp store, sitting on the couch and flipping through an early draft of this very magazine, marking off spots where I thought it could use some editing.

Conversation was being held around me, I was only partially paying attention when Marc Emery raised his hand and pointed a finger at me from behind his desk.

“I’ve got an idea,” he said, “why don’t you edit the magazine?”

I was taken aback at the offer and said something like “Uh… yeah, sure.” and from there to here has seen this issue go through four computers, three offices, many sleepless nights, countless revisions, and at least sixty grams of cannabis. If nothing else, this issue is a tribute to the ability of the human body and at least some of the human mind to continue functioning after extended periods with large infusions of cannabis vapours substituting for sleep.

Tim Reid is our production editor although neither of us seems to know exactly what that means. So far he has programmed our web site, set up our computers, and worked with me on editing and design. David Cheong did some excellent work for us, including the front cover. Thanks also to Alex Grazer for the gracious use of his time and computer.

I’d like to take this space to express my fevered excitement and frothing anticipation at what this magazine means both for myself and the Canadian cannabis culture.

For me, it is a chance to do what I do best and enjoy most (writing about cannabis and prohibition) and to continue learning how to do it even better. For the Canadian cannabis culture, this magazine will provide a unifying forum for information about all aspects of cannabis and actions aimed at ending prohibition.

I hope that you enjoy this issue of the Marijuana & Hemp Magazine. This could also to be the last issue produced under that name, as I think we need something a tad more subtle. So we’re having a contest. Think of three good names for this publication, write them down on a sheet of paper with your name and phone number and get it to Hemp BC. The faster the better because this contest has no deadline- the first suggestion that we really like will be the winner. This also means that if we don’t get any great responses this could remain the Marijuana & Hemp Magazine. The winning entrant will receive a lifetime subscription to our magazine and a $50 gift certificate to Hemp BC. Other runners-up will also receive some nice items.

We welcome any submissions, letters, shipments of fine buds – whatever you want to send us.

So, kick back, have a bowl, and have yourself a read through this issue of the Marijuana & Hemp Magazine.

Dana Larsen,

Senior Editor



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