Liberal-Lies: Pot Tsars, Profit Shares and Project Gator’s Death Roll

Young voters resurrected the Liberal Party during the last election and part of the deal was marijuana legalization. Yet today, nearly 18 months later, two of the loudest anti-prohibition advocates, Marc & Jodie Emery, are facing a possible life sentence…for allegedly selling marijuana. Trudeau and Jodie Emery in the lead-up to election December 15, 2014

When They Try to Bury Us, They Forget That We Are Seeds

Hi there. I’m DanKres (pronounced: Dank- Rez). I am the new Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine. I accept this job with full respect for the effort it demands, the sacrifices made by our movement’s trailblazers and the relentless joy of inclusion in this tribe. You are all badasses and I am happy to be counted

Police Execute Nationwide Assault on Cannabis Culture

Photo credit [email protected] In a nationally coordinated raid codenamed “Operation Gator,” Cannabis Culture locations across Canada were singled out and attacked. At least five people including Marc Emery, Jodie Emery, Chris Goodwin, Erin Goodwin and Britney Guerra were taken by force and are being held until bail hearings can be held in Toronto. Locations in

Dear Donald… Be Our Guest

An open invite from The New Smoker to President Trump and Attorney General Sessions.   Dear President Trump, I read the recent comments Attorney General Jeff Sessions made about recreational cannabis, and I was alarmed that your administration may be planning on putting hardworking American farmers, and many ancillary businesses, out of work, especially at

Jodie Emery Denounces Government Policy and Opens a Marijuana Dispensary in Ottawa

Supporters greeted Jodie Emery with cheers on Parliament Hill Wednesday morning in a surprise spontaneous rally. Jodie Emery, otherwise known as the Princess of Pot, spoke to an enthusiastic crowd. Like minded local citizens joined her in protest holding up signs against the steps of Parliament Hill. Here are some excerpts from Jodie Emery’s speech,

Call to Action: Cannabis Culture Under Attack

Friends, the time has come to act! The Cannabis Culture location at 248 Colborne Street West in Brantford Ontario has been raided and sealed off by police. All staff have been arrested and people in need of medicine are being turned away by force. Please do what you can to express your discontent with the

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