Cannabis Culture Opens Ten New Marijuana Dispensaries in Montreal

CANNABIS CULTURE – Canada’s largest recreational marijuana dispensary chain will open ten (yes 10!) new marijuana stores in Montreal this month, with eight opening on the same day on Thursday, December 15. The other two locations will open before the end of the year.

The Hidden Hash Master of the 19th Century: Paschal Beverly Randolph

CANNABIS CULTURE – Lately I have been working on my new book, Liber 420: Cannabis Arcanum. This will be my 4th book detailing the fascinating history of cannabis in magic and religion. In this new book the focus will be on the use of cannabis in the occult traditions, such as alchemy and magic, from

Fourth Ontario Cannabis Culture Location Raided by Police

POT TV – Police raided another Cannabis Culture marijuana dispensary location yesterday – at 365 King Street West in Toronto – shuttering the location and arresting four staff members. The location opened for business again this morning.

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