Dear Norm Coleman

A couple of years ago, our mutual friend, Norman Kent, who we have both known for decades sent you a letter gently suggesting that you reexamine your position regarding marijuana.

I’ll sue you for calling me sane!

In what has to be one of the wackiest stories this election, BC Liberal candidate Kash Heed (formerly one of the few brave police voices in favor of ending drug prohibition and now apparently rethinking that position in a bid to get elected) is threatening to sue NDP candidate Gabriel Yiu for claiming that Heed actually wants to end drug prohibition.

Chuck’s Overgrow Part I

Dear folks, I promised you a second installment of my horticultural grow videos. But due to problems that were truly beyond my control- depending on other people- I was not able to produce the second installment yet.

Jodie Emery’s Election Blog: April 29th

On Thursday, April 23rd, I started my day at a BC Green Party press conference outside City Hall, where candidates gathered with BC Green Party leader Jane Sterk to support “livable cities”. Our transportation expert candidate, Stephen Rees, spoke about transit and making communities more welcoming.