Sayten’s Overgrowing the Government!

"On Earth Day we planted these cute li'l clones with the intent of giving all the buds to an Oakland dispensary so they can hand them out to patients who can't afford their medicine. Here's the article"

Brave New World Alert

Gil Kerlikowske, Obama’s Drug Czar, said that he wants to eliminate the accurate name of the government program “The War on Drugs”, which people really know as a war on people since its hard to put a pound of marijuana away for a year.

Kyle’s Ovegrowing the Government!

The strain is Norther Lights, they are sitting in 3 gallon SmartPots and there being flowered under a 400w HPS and three 18w LED panels.

Will Foster Update

Will Foster has been in jail for over a year now fighting charges related to his personal medical marijuana grow.
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