Will Foster Letter Campaign

Below is a copy of the letter we would like you to send to Sonoma County D.A. Stephen Passalacqua regarding the medical marijuana case of William Foster. Please let the D.A. know that you think his case is a burden on the taxpayers of Sonoma County as well as inhumane.

A Tale of Three Eras – Testimony on Organized Crime

The material below (with the exception of the bulk of “The Third Era”) was the essence of my presentation to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights’ inquiry into the issue of organized crime.

Jamie’s Overgrow

OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENTS is coming along well. More and more people are sending in photographs, setting up gardens, and planning to overgrow their governments.

A little legal advice…

From : AL X: im 18 and i have my medical card but this weekend on Saturday i got 2 possession tickets 3 hours apart from each other.

Schwarzenegger to Begin Dialogue on Pot Legalization

Sometimes life is so strange that if you wrote it as fiction it would be panned as unbelievable and absurd. On second thought, it is dealing with American politics and the weirdness of that which encroaches on the vagaries of calling 1-6 on a particular throw of a die.
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