Toronto Trip: The Global Marijuana March, Vapor Central, and the Mernagh Case

One of the great things about being a professional pot journalist (and believe me, there are many) is enjoying the opportunity to travel to foreign metropoleis to conspire with likeminded cannabis activists and sample fine strains of marijuana.

Photos of the 2012 Global Marijuana March in Toronto

I was fortunate enough to be one of the (at least) 20,000 passionate potheads marching through the Toronto streets for the world's largest chapter of the 14th Annual Global Marijuana March. Check out my photos!

Conservatives Importing Drug Violence From Mexico With New Crime Policies

Politicians created drug prohibition. Drug prohibition created the gangs and cartels. Now Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada have passed new laws guaranteed to give the gangs more power.

Marijuana Will Kill You And Its Smell Will Give You Cancer (Or So I Heard)

The pot community is pretty used to politicians and hack journalists playing fast and loose with the truth to scare people about marijuana, but this month has been a fear-mongering doozy.

Why Did Vancouver Police Destroy This Private Property?

Last month, for the first time in Vancouver's history, police raided a medical marijuana dispensary within the city limits. During the raid, for reasons unknown, members of the VPD drug squad destroyed some expensive property.

Conservative Vic Toews Dodges Vancouver Protesters

About 40 protesters gathered outside the River Rock Casino to decry Public Safety Minister Vic Toews and the Conservative government's most recent crimes against the Canadian people.

Protest Vic "With Us or With the Child Pornographers" Toews Today in Vancouver

Vic Toews, the guy who told Canadians they are "with the child pornographers" unless they support the government's plan to spy on the Internet habits of all citizens, will be in Greater Vancouver today. So will protesters.

Ghosts of Mississippi: My Trip To See Marc Emery in Yazoo

Marc Emery – the former publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine and Pot TV, founder of the B.C. Marijuana Party, and my former boss – spent his 54th birthday yesterday locked in a medium security prison in Yazoo, Mississippi.

Cannabis Culture Celebrates Christmas

I had a lot of Christmas fun, ate a lot of Christmas food, and smoked a lot of Christmas trees at the CCHQ holiday staff party last weekend, and on the LIVE broadcast of A Cannabis Culture Christmas on Pot TV yesterday.






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