Cannabis Culture Celebrates Christmas at the BCMP Vapor Lounge

CANNABIS CULTURE - The best way to celebrate the holiday season is to light up a fat Christmas Tree with a circle of family and friends, then kick back with a spiced eggnog and a huge plate of festive baked treats. This was the scene at the 2012 Cannabis Culture Christmas Staff Party, held on December 12 at the BCMP Vapor Lounge.

'Pussy Toking' Goes Mainstream

CANNABIS CULTURE - Obscenely popular singer Rihanna, who's been known to smoke a blunt or two for the cameras, is again showing love for the cannabis community with a recent Instagram photo (and tweet) calling columnist Mamakind's book Sex Pot: The Ma

The Kush Cup 2012 Results

CANNABIS CULTURE - We smoked bags and bags of fine marijuana strains at the first-annual Kush Cup in Vancouver last weekend. Some of Canada's finest growers competed for the custom glass award cups designed by Redbeard; CC has the winners and full strain lists!

Someone Tell the CBC We Don't Need Medical Marijuana Inspectors

CANNABIS CULTURE - Mainstream media companies have a habit of framing issues in a way that helps their corporate or political masters, and Canada's public broadcaster is no exception.

Take, for example, the video clip below.

In their report, CBC journalists never ask if we actually need medical marijuana growing inspectors, they just parrot the police and government line claiming we do, and assume it is true.

Another Rebagliati Fails A Drug Test

CANNABIS CULTURE - Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati probably thought his drug-testing days were behind him after a 1998 scandal that saw his Olympic gold-medal taken away, then returned to him because he tested positive for THC.

Broken Bong Blues: The Death of a Princess

The last photo of Princess and I together.I'm really going to miss her.

She was beautiful – tall and slender, with curves in all the right places – and she sparkled like a crystal. Anywhere we went people commented on how lovely she looked. Though she could be dirty at times, she was always classy, graceful and elegant, and she made this chump look like a somebody whenever we were together.

Toronto Trip: The Global Marijuana March, Vapor Central, and the Mernagh Case

One of the great things about being a professional pot journalist (and believe me, there are many) is enjoying the opportunity to travel to foreign metropoleis to conspire with likeminded cannabis activists and sample fine strains of marijuana.

Photos of the 2012 Global Marijuana March in Toronto

I was fortunate enough to be one of the (at least) 20,000 passionate potheads marching through the Toronto streets for the world's largest chapter of the 14th Annual Global Marijuana March. Check out my photos!

Conservatives Importing Drug Violence From Mexico With New Crime Policies

Politicians created drug prohibition. Drug prohibition created the gangs and cartels. Now Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada have passed new laws guaranteed to give the gangs more power.






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