The DEA Has Completely Run Out of Good Anti-Pot Ideas

CANNABIS CULTURE - Yep, it's official: the US Drug Enforcement Administration has completely run out of good anti-pot ideas.

Not that many of their reasons for opposing marijuana have ever made that much sense, but they must have scraped the very bottom of the barrel to find their latest propaganda theme:

DEA chief Michele Leonhart said that there was one consequence to legalizing pot in Colorado and Washington that wasn't expected: more dogs getting high.

Leonhart cited an article that appeared in USA Today saying that veterinarians in Colorado and Washington state are seeing an increase in the number of dogs needing treatment for exposure to marijuana.

"Again, it goes back to the edibles, it goes back to products that are in the household that are now made from marijuana, and it's impacting pets," Leonhart said. "We made a list of the outcomes we thought that might happen in these two states. We never thought of putting pets down."

Everyone should, of course, be very careful not to let their pet pooches get into their ganja goodies, but arresting nearly a million people a year as a preventative puppy protection seems a bit excessive.

Besides, there is evidence medical marijuana can actually help sick pets, so healthy ones probably won't be too much trouble if they get a little stoned.

Now that a majority of American support legalization (check out the latest poll) and 75% of them think marijuana will one day be legal, the DEA is scrambling to say anything they can to convince weary citizens to spend billions making harmless flowers illegal.

Marijuana activists and other intelligent people are saying that it's time for Michele to go.

I'd go one further and say it is time for the DEA to go. And while we're at it, we should also abolish the CIA, ATF and all the other US government agencies that engage in secret criminal activities - including drug dealing - in countries all around the world and at home.

Huffpo LIVE has a video about why the DEA thinks we should continue to spend endless cash and imprison thousands of humans so just so Rover doesn't get too ripped:

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Doggy dopers

Following the DEA logic means that all chocolate should be prohibited and chocolate makers thrown in jail, since chocolate has also been shown to harm Rover.

Don't forget the chocolate

Don't forget the chocolate users.

There is no such thing as chocolate "use"

You mean chocolate abusers, don't you!? Theobromine is a known gateway drug, and as the Mayans practiced human sacrifice, this is proof of the dangers of chocolate.



sometimes i wonder

sometimes I wonder if the dea really just passes on bad jokes from the people actually in charge of things


This just in.....
DEA has LOST ITS MIND, gone to the DOGS, stay tuned - film at six o'clock.....

Maybe there should be a support group for dogs

I thought the DEA was too

I thought the DEA was too busy shooting dogs to care about them getting high.



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