Justin Trudeau ZIG ZAG Rolling Papers SLOW BURNING 100 Cigarette Papers

CANNABIS CULTURE - Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are planning to target Justin Trudeau at the upcoming Liberal convention with “more gimmicky ideas,” such as distributing ZigZag rolling papers screened with Trudeau’s face and the Liberal logo to put a focus on the Liberal leader’s comments about the legalization of marijuana. The note makes clear that the Conservatives see Trudeau’s position on marijuana as a wedge issue they hope to exploit. “There is an opportunity to keep the focus on this poor policy decision. Research shows that full legalization is not popular,” the note says. The Conservatives say one possibility is to have Justice Minister Peter MacKay hold a news conference to restate the government’s opposition to legalization. “This could at least set the table for further driving of our anti-legalization message throughout the weekend,” the note said.

This is a carefully orchestrated campaign to disrupt Liberal communications, highlight disunity in the ranks and question his leadership abilities. The six-page note says the Conservatives’ goal is to “drive our narrative” which it lays out: “Trudeau in over his head, has poor judgment, only interested in legalizing marijuana VS. PM’s strong, stable leadership, focused on what matters most to Canadians.” http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/02/10/leaked_memo_from_conservatives_targets_justin_trudeau.html

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@JustinTrudeau ZIG ZAG Rolling Papers SLOW BURNING 100 Cigarette Papers #liberals #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/7sMRnBAJki

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Actually ... a higher percentage of Canadians supports legalization - 40% - than any of the other options (decriminalize - 26%, or status quo - 20%, increase penalties - 11%). 
See: http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/01/17/majority-of-canadians-support-le....

And... Policy Resolution #117 passed at the 2012 LPC convention clearly calls for Legalization and Regulation - not decriminalization 
see: http://bc.liberal.ca/files/2013/01/DRAFT-Marijuana-Policy-Paper-Jan-13.pdf..


very childish but expected

I was always taught that if you don't have anything intelligent to say don't say anything at all. The rest of my message is being monitored by big bro. LoL.

Reject "papers"

Trudeau would be best advised to ENDORSE the idea of a 25-mg single toke utensil or vaporizer and roundly condemn the idea of the Cons identifying him with 500-mg H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide "joint" smoking which causes health and behavior issues blamed on the cannabis.

Where's your proof?

Chris Goodwin is creating hemp papers with the Trudeau image on them.

Where's your proof that hemp papers cause the problems you cite?

How many musicians have never partaken?

The dictator shouldn't knock it until he's tried it. Please do before you play music in public. It couldn't hurt the music. That's for sure. lOl.



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