Impairment of Memory: A Response to the City of Vancouver’s Proposed Medical Marijuana Regulations

CANNABIS CULTURE - If we settle for irrational rules now, we'll settle for irrational rules later. The City of Vancouver is relying on two out-dated, discredited reports to justify treating cannabis more like hard drugs such as pharma and alcohol, rather than the soft drug that it is. These reports – the City will have us believe – are enough justification to do the following:

Learn To Grow In Jamaica at Hotbox Jamaica

Cannabis school is in session in the beautiful relaxing surrounds of one of the leading doobie destinations enthusiasts dream about. Jamaica is a marijuana mecca and plenty of potheads have the sunny island home of Bob Marley on their bucket list. However, legalization in USA has many people pushing it a bit further down their cannabis adventure list. Recently Jamaica relaxed their marijuana laws and will probably continue to follow the US’s lead towards legalization. Their tourism does rely on tokers.

420 Toronto 2015 Hash Mob Doobie Dispatch

Monday April 20 2015 March Vapor Central to Yonge Dundas Square 11am - Noon Rally Yonge Dundas Square  Noon - 6pm The ninth annual Toronto Hash Mob marijuana legalization rally returns to YD Square Monday Apr. 20 promising more stoner satire, comedic antics and cannabis inhalation than ever before. The activist group has successfully used stoner showmanship to raise awareness to the harms cannabis prohibition has created for over a decade.

Recap TMZ 198 Secret Toronto Marijuana Experiments Exposed

The Mernahuana Zone stepped back in time with Doreen Brown to learn a great deal about Toronto’s cannabis history. The story Brown told is almost too unreal to believe - smoking cannabis for 98 days in a hospital environment to determine cannabis effects on people. She was a Yorkville hippie and was chosen to partake in a study involving actual marijuana. Every night Brown and nine other women smoked marijuana and the government researchers studied its effects on their productivity. Researchers continued to make their cannabis stronger until the participants refused it.

Hash Mob Psyched 4/20 Smoke Out Toronto

Loveable toker terrorists Toronto Hash Mob are excited to bring an incredible 4/20 Smoke Out to Yonge and Dundas Square. We’ve added twenty booths this year to cover costs and renters are promising to pitch in on creating a spiritive 4/20.

Fashion Designer Wanted By Toronto 4/20 Host

Under pressure to have amazeball outfits for Toronto 4/20 Smoke Out, I think it’s time to leave my decisions to a pro. After nine years of outdoing myself - not content with just one outfit I now do multiple outfit changes - I seek fashionista(s) who want to work with my ‘Lady Gaga of Ganja’ style. People are really into developing their own sense of style for 4/20 and I think my decision to go with fun costumes and not a suit has had a great impact. Media use our rally for cannabis b-roll and photos all year long because they can snap so much variety.

Three Government Lies Told at The Allard Medical Marijuana Trial

CANNABIS CULTURE - I managed to catch the opening statement by the government lawyer in the Allard vs. Canada medical marijuana trial. What I heard had me wishing they allowed the vaping of the stinky, stigmatized herbal antiemetic in the courtroom itself because the lies he told just about made me throw up in my mouth a little.
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