March with - Vancouver Pride Parade 2010

This Sunday is Pride in Vancouver!

We want YOU to March with us! Meet at 11am, Nelson and Thurlow!

Halton Regional Police 'We don't have that (medical marijuana) in Ontario'

Halton Regional Police Sergeant Lina Crawford tells the Free Marc Emery campaign that Ontario has no medical marijuana, and that taxpayer funded MP offices are private property.

CKNW Interview on the Vancouver Insite Decision

Video of me at the BC Supreme Court of Appeal for the courts decision regarding Insite, Vancouver's safe injection site, and then a radio interview on CKNW's Bill Good Show.

C-15 is Dead!

Had it not been for the hard work of everyone in lobbying the Senate, C-15 would have passed into law. That's right, we campaigned politically and won! C-15 has been stopped!

Beyond Prohibition Foundation: McGill Study shows no damage to adults from extreme marijuana use

Adults that use marijuana daily face no brain damage or neuro-chemical changes a study from McGill University suggests. Researchers at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre gave daily doses of an extremely potent and highly concentrated synthetic cannabinoid agonist. Cannabis is a weak semi-agonist, meaning the study used something dramatically more powerful than natural cannabis. Despite this, adult rats in the study showed no ill effects, even after 20 days of daily exposure to this extremely potent chemical.

Senate Committee amends, passes C-15, 9 months for 1 plant in a home still applies

Senate Committee has passed C-15. Bill now proceeds to Senate for final vote. Will become law before or shortly after Winter break.
If you produce 1 plant in a residential neighbourhood, C-15 still prescribes a 9 month sentence.
If you produce 1 plant in a rented property, C-15 still prescribes a 9 month sentence.

Systemic Racism in Canada's Justice System: 2 Vietnamese Canadians sentences to 5 1/2 years for marijuana

The fact is there were no weapons, no booby-traps and no criminal records, just a couple of Vietnamese people running a medium scale grow facility. This kind of systemic racism, common in BC, seems to have spread to Ontario.

Jacob responds to John Martin Op-Ed

Why would Mr Martin so blatantly misrepresent the facts? You'll have to ask the RCMP.

Jacob responds to Jon Ferry on David Nutt firings

Mr Ferry... why do you not come out strongly when the RCMP (Or, as it was last week, the OPP) issue press releases with unsubstantiated and alarmist statements about the danger of marijuana cultivation facilities?






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